The Shadows Between Us Readalong: Day 3

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Hey friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! We are in for a treat with today’s section and I can’t wait to dive in!

But before that, we have our semi hush-hush giveaway to cover before that! What’s that? Oh just a chance to get your next FairyLoot for free as a reward for reading! Doesn’t really get better than that! And your chances are so good too! We don’t really announce this anywhere else as we truly want the person from the readalong to win! If you’d like to try your luck, all you need to do is follow these steps!

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With that said, I know everyone struggled to stop reading yesterday so let’s dive in to today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 14-17!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for The Shadows Between Us Chapters 1-17! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


The night ends with Alessandra with a bruised face and Leandros with a bruised ego after she rejects his advances. But she’s here to win a kingdom, she needs to keep her mind on the bigger picture! 

Oh no Kallias is waiting for her in her room! How long has he been there!?! Thank god she didn’t let things go further with Leandros!

Aww he was going to take her out for the evening! But Alessandra is right, she’s not just going to sit about doing nothing just in case he wishes to spend time together when he hasn’t had the time for until now! 

Uh oh, has she really ruined her shot this time?

sad big brother GIF by Global TV

I feel like Kallias may have instructed the servants to leave her things be but where are they going?

Oh what wow!! He can make himself intangible on demand! That’s what the shadows help him do!! But if he ever touches someone skin to skin when he’s not in his shadow form he’ll solidify forever!

This could make it a bit more difficult for Alessandra, could he really end up falling in love with her knowing that it could potentially mean his death? 

Aww they’re off for a picnic! And what a perfect time for Alessandra to quiz Kallias on his shadows.

“And should I fear you?”


But little does he know, he should be fearing her!

Is anybody else super hungry after hearing about all of that delicious food??

Ahh they’re actually going skinny dipping! How very scandalous!!

surprised hip hop squares GIF by VH1

I actually love the King and I’m gonna be super sad when she has to kill him as they do have fun together!

And the King is trying to give women equal rights?!? Can’t help but love a feminist man.

They’re really opening up to each other, which would be nice if we didn’t know Alessandra just wants to get close enough to kill him! They’re both so similar!

Uh oh, is telling him about Hektor the best plan?

The masked bandit is bold!! Stealing directly from the king and right in front of him! And how did he manage to get past all the guards that were with them?? 

OMG they were distracted because Alessandra was naked ? ahh Kallias just killed one of the guards!! Well to be fair if the bandit had wanted to kill them instead of just stealing food he probably could have since they didn’t do their jobs but wow! This is the first time we’ve properly seem him act like a King. Oh wow and he’s going to kill the rest of them once they return to the palace!

shock wtf GIF by Nick Jonas

Luckily their plan to distribute fake coins is almost ready to be put into place so they should be able to catch the bandit soon!

I love how quickly the ladies of the court divulge their exploits after being told it’s okay to! They’ve obviously been waiting for this change for quite a while and this is only the start of Alessandra helping them!

Oh no! Hektor’s father has now written directly to Alessandra and all but threatened her to meet with him! I wonder what has made him so sure she has something to do with it! 

Luckily, a small lie to Kallias and he is ensuring that the Baron will not be permitted into the palace! Hopefully that will deter him a bit…or will it make him think it’s a bit suspicious…

Ahh is he falling for her?? He definitely knows how to charm her and he’s not doing it for the sake of the council!! He’s so fun when he’s in a good mood!

Excited Comedy Central GIF by Broad City

I love that Rhoda has devised a system of ranking men! It does make me laugh that she’s using it to try and find a future husband and I’m glad she’s finally coming out of her shell a little more!

Yay Eliades doesn’t want to marry her anymore!! So at least one part of their plan has succeeded!! Now can they get him together with Melita!

I can’t help but laugh at the thought of Kallias shooting daggers at Leandros when he tries to get close to Alessandra ?

Aww he cut his meeting short to spend time with her! This definitely isn’t about keeping up a rouse anymore and they’re so cute together ? and he’s letting her throw a ball just so she can show off her new dress!! That is just goals!

Oh my god Kaliias has been shot!! And he was solid when it happened so it’s actually hurt him! How did the assassin get in? Surely the palace must be heavily guarded! 

The assassin tries again but this time Kallias is prepared and it goes right through him!

Duelling with him must be pointless since there is no way to kill him if he’s surrounded by his shadows! The assassin realises this and attempts to flee but Kallias manages to knock him down!

Oh wow, so if he shifts in time, the shadows can heal him before his wounds become fatal. And it seems, the assassin was hired to make it look like it was someone from a different kingdom but why?

Stressed Abbey GIF by Australian Survivor

Upon reaching a door, Alessandra realises she has been led to the Queens rooms!! Kallias wants to keep her near after she basically saved his life and now she lives next door to him! This could definitely help her plan!

Alessandra’s plan seems to be coming together quite well now and things are starting to get exciting!

Who do we think the assassin is and is it the same person as the masked bandit? Why does someone want to kill the King?

See you tomorrow to hopefully get some answers!


71 thoughts on “The Shadows Between Us Readalong: Day 3

  1. Wow. It’s the only thing I can express now, after I reached the last chapter of the day.
    We started with Kallias in Alessandra’s chamber, angry and jelous. After he invited her for a pic nic and in the middle of it they go for a naked swim. Okay, guys: This made my day.
    The best part wasn’t only the view, but also the speech between them. The topic of the virginity, confessions, each other complicity and spirit of challange with a little of jealousy.
    But obviously that moment of joy wouldn’t last. May you be damned Robin Hood! Even if you might be Leandros.
    After Kallias was robbed I was a little surprise when he kills one of his soldier. I though that he was a quite kind king, but with a strong will. He did it for Ale? Or he did it even in the past?
    Thing are changing. If we didn’t see the Shadows King yesterday, today we could enjoy his presence. A bless.
    He had breakfast and lunch with his fiancée and reached her when she was drawing soma new dresses on her scrapbook. They are enjoying each others company when… may be damned you too hit man. He shoot to our king! I was quite hoping that Ale could shield him, only to see Kallias mad. I know, I’m mean.
    Luckily king’s shadows healed him, thanks Ale’s help. But who hired him? My suspects lay on Leandros’ uncle: Ikaros. In greek mythology Ikaros wanted to fly too high and the sun melted the wax of his wings. A coincidence? I think not.
    Ikaros was also present when Kallias’ parents died. So maybe he can be him the guilty, with the help of the old lady that never forgot the betrayal of the previous king. She admitted herself that was better the death against the knowing that the man you love has chosen another woman.
    Now Alessandra is very near to his king. Kallis moved her in the queen’s suit. What will she do now? Help him because she love him, or she will poison him how her plan foresaw?

    I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s reading!
    Also… but the plan about Rhouben? I’m worried. Things going always so fast, but this little things isn’t settled yet. Hmm…


    Oh! I will take the photo in these days and add the enter in the reply here when done! Can I?

    1. Okay! I will post my photo tomorrow. My instagram handle is Underthebooksveil

    2. I love how open they were with each other when they were swimming! I know, people keep interrupting them when they’re in the middle of lovely moments! There’s plenty of time to enter the giveaway 🙂

    3. Your thoughts and ideas are amazing! I am curious if anything you wrote could be true.

      And you are right. I want to know if her plan works. Everything is happening so fast, except this one.

  2. Finally Kallias is back and we know what the shadows are all about!!
    I can’t help but thinking the bandit is Leandros. Don’t really know why, it’s a feeling……
    Alessandra and Kallias are much alike, both seem to have no problem in killing anyone….. though I don’t think she’ll go and kill Kallias in the end.
    I still haven’t got a clue who wants to kill Kallias. ?

    I’ve entered and put a photo on Instagram (I’m beppie125) and love a chance to win a free box ??

    1. Oooo interesting that you think it could be Leandros! I would be super sad if its true cos he’s been such a good friend for Alessandra so far!

  3. Today’s chapters were just *insert excited screaming gif*

    I love how the relationship between Alessandra and Kallias is growing, I think the chemistry between the two is very well developed by Tricia. That’s even more impressive considering the fact that she discover-wrote almost the entire book!

    The Queen’s chambers look like a dream, I feel the urge to do renovations in a similar fashion, because I want to be a woodland queen too ✨
    And I suspect things are gonna get steamy since now they are closer and with direct access to each other’s chambers? *fans herself*

    P. S. I posted my photo, my Instagram handle is also sputnik.books ? good luck everyone!

    1. Yess the Queens chambers sound amazing! And them being closer could definitely help Alessandra!

  4. I can’t believe the bandit interrupted them, it must be someone close As I think he knew where the king would be/followed them. I’m not sure if the assassin and bandit are linked though. The queens rooms!! I think the king is really starting to appreciate Alessandra and enjoy her company but he’s obviously worried about losing his power

    I will post my photo shortly my ig is @katcandyfloss

    1. Yeah I was wondering how he knew where they would be! Must have someone on the inside giving them information, or are they on the inside? I gotta know!

  5. Ahhhhhhhh, this book… I’m just having so much fun reading this, excellent pick, Fairyloot! And I ship Alessandra and Kallias so hard, their relationships is developing nicely! ANd I love it when the authors take their time to let the romance grow!!!!!!!

    Also, the fact that Alessandra actually had the courage to attack that assasin is cool, especially as she mostly uses her mind, not her body to fight. And I love how she actually is flawed, that her hands did shake after such a scary event as would be normal. And i love that Demodocus (the best doggy) finally appeared again, and omg Kallian is totally a dog person and an animal lover!!

    I’ve posted my photo to enter the giveaway, my instagram handle is faerieskyee!

    1. I’m so, so happy to hear you’re enjoying the book! Yeah we got to see a bit of a softer side to Alessandra, seeing that she too has some fears!

  6. So this is getting intense. I was kind of sad that Alessandra and Kallias killed everyone on their teip. I mean the man driving the carriage was just getting flowers and probably didnt even look. I know it is supposed to be a slytherin romance and everything but still I was a bit shocked and sad that this had to happen without another thought ?. Otherwise I am loving it soooo much. Im not sure if the assassin has anything to do with the bandit. I dont know who to trust right now!
    I would love to participate in the giveaway. My instagram name is: warnar.books And I will post a photo later this week!

    1. Yeah I was super sad that he had to kill them all 🙁 But I guess a King has to show his people that he is in control maybe?
      I’m so glad you’re loving it! I’m excited to see your entry!

  7. OhI loooove this book so so much! The relationship between Alessandra and Kallias shifted in these chapters and I looove the way they’re going. The lake scene was so so cute. I really hope that one of them uses the door that connects their bedrooms.
    I loved that we saw a new side of Kallias here. He seems to have some feelings for Alessandra. I am so excited to see how Hektor’s death will eventually ruin everything. I bet that Kallias wouldn’t mind if he knew. And I hope she won’t kill him but both are not the relationship kind of types.
    Furthermore, I am quite convinced that Leandros isn’t one of the good guys. I mean he met Alessandra a few minutes before the assassin came out of nowhere…

    1. Also I will post the picture soon at my Account @pandabooklove

    2. Yess one of them will have to use that door at some point! A few people don’t trust Leandros and its making me question him! He’s been so nice to Alessandra though so I’d be sad!

    3. True. Interesting thought. Why was Leandros even there? It is too much of a coincidence. Besides the assassin has to have some connection to the palace. How could he have gotten inside otherwise? But I still hope that it is not Leandros. He seems so nice and I like him.

      1. Yeah! I bet that Tricia is in for a surprise and it’s someone in the palace we didn’t even think about.

  8. I just read three days worth in one day to catch up and now I’m not sure if I can stop.
    I’m loving the interactions between Alessandra & Kallias, I so need more of them.
    Anyone else think the adds in might be Leandros?! I just think he might be trying too hard to get Alessandra’s attention.
    I can’t wait to read more, especially loving the details of all the dresses.

    I’ll post my pic in time my insta is: books0507

    1. Adds* Assassin* ?

    2. Ah yay! So glad you could catch up! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

  9. Oh this book is gorgeous! Finally more from Kallias. They went for a picnic and endet up swimming naked ? damn that hooded robin hood for the interuption! But who is he? I have no idea. And I don’t know who hired the assasin. Maybe the council, The one that killed Kallias parents?
    And Alessandra is now living right next to the king! In the queens room. Oh the love is blooming! I like it! They are so fun together! I want to know what happens next! And I’m so lokking forward to when Kallias is finally touching Alessandra!

    I will post the pikture tomorrow. My account name is @lunas_book_page

    1. Yeah I don’t trust the council!! So many questions though!! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

  10. I am loving this booooook and can’t stop singing from happiness!!
    I appreciated that Kallias is more involved now, and you can feel how he is trying to really make this situation work whether it’s friendship or more (c’mon dude, nobody can deny Alessandra).
    It is also nice to see Alessandra slowly showing genuine interest in the king but for some reason it makes me anxious like does this mean a happy ending or will it be another heartbreak and she’ll turn into Miss Cold Hearted Biach?
    And I have to agree with everybody regarding Leandros that guy is fishy just for the fact that he conveniently shows up when Alessandra seems to be in a good mode or something. Also Rhouben and that fiancee of his seems suspicious as well I don’t know why!!

    As it’s too late and my light will not make a good picture I will post mine tomorrow but my handle is @reiiasbooks ?

    1. I’m so, so happy to hear you are loving it! Yesss Alessandra is maybe opening up a bit! I’m hoping for a happy ending but I’m reluctant to let myself be hopeful really!

  11. I’m so happy Alessandra and Kallias are spending more time together, they’re cute and I’m happy to see their relationship developing. I’ll be posting my photo within the next few days when I have some time off work, my handle is beccainwonderland_

    1. I’m loving their relationship just now!

  12. I love this book so much – yet another fabulous choice by Fairyloot!

    In fact, I love it so much, I can’t comment on today’s chapters, because I had to just carry on reading, and now I’m finished!! (This is the first time in months that I’ve been ahead on the readalong, which says LOTS for this book!)

    Looking forward to reading tomorrow’s thoughts and comments from everybody xx

    My instagram is @tinasparkle04

    1. Ahh I don’t blame you for reading on! I’m so happy you loved the book!

  13. These were some awesome chapters.

    The relationship between Alessandra and Kallias is back and in full swing I mean skinny dipping nice and I love how he doesn’t mind she is not a virgin one last thing for her to worry over.

    But dammit their skinny swimming interrupted by ” Robin Hood” and than the assassin geez things are getting serious with this culprits. But I did love the fight scene those shadows come in handy

    I love the dress Alessanda was sketching it sounded dreamy and she can plan her own ball to show it oooo how sweet of Kallias to let her do that

    And that room boy I want to have one like that it sounded sooo dreamy and romantic

    But most of all I don’t think she will go through with her plan to kill him because girl you are falling for him well unless he does something to hurt her then he might end up like Hector but first he needs to propose to her

    1. I will also participate in the photo challenge my Instagram id is danica.brnot

    2. I know its so annoying that they keep being interrupted! I really hope she doesn’t go through with the plan cos they are so cute but I’m still worried!

    3. I definitely don’t think, after hurling herself in front of the assassin, that her plans are fully developed anymore but I am deeply interested to see which one of them will cave first in terms of being vulnerable!

      1. I think so too. She did realize a bit that she is falling in love with him. She mentions that he makes her feel like just one person did before (Hektor). And the way she is remembering that she will kill him, feels for me a bit like she is telling herself over and over again what she thought before, because she is actually not that sure anymore, but afraid to fall in love.

  14. Loving this book so far and really enjoying the readalong!!
    I’ve taken a photo and posted on IG!! <3 my handle is @treasuredfibers

    1. I’m so, so happy to hear you’re enjoying the readalong! I’ve been loving it!

  15. This book is so amazing!! I can’t put it down!!!

    I posted under @joybookish

    1. I’m so, so happy to hear that!

  16. I posted! @jenny_readss

    1. Thank you for entering!

  17. OH MY GAWD this book is everything I needed right now! The only thing is: am I the only one who thinks that she will fall in love and not kill him but have him for herself and live happily ever after? Who knows! Also I’ve posted on instagram under @tulpytj3 <3

    1. I am a romantic so I’m hoping for that but I’m reluctant to let myself think that since she is so power hungry…

    2. I am hoping that…

  18. This book is…. sooo good!!
    I have no words!!

    I’ve posted on Instagram

    1. I’m so so glad you’re loving it!

  19. Such an amazing book so far! I posted my photo on instagram at @Alwaysbookishbecca

    1. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it! Thank you for entering!

  20. So I finally caught up to this point today, and had to stop myself to write some thoughts before I continued onwards. I’m legit unable to put down this book.

    THE QUEEN’S ROOMS! I am really loving the back and forth between Kallias and Alessandra– despite the fact that they’ve both got secrets, I appreciate the honesty between them on things that really matter. That’s a huge problem I have with a lot of budding romances in books. Plus the whole “let’s deceive the world together” trope is kinda one of my favs.

    Okay so backing up a little bit: the naked swimming seemed a little cliche (and now I seriously want to know why he had HER turn around… I sense more SECRETS) but it was pretty funny and I think it was a great backdrop to a conversation that otherwise might have seemed a little bit forced or pedantic in the book about virginity and shaming and so forth. I absolutely loved everything about the attempted assassination scene and where it leads them… the tidbit about him healing with shadows is incredibly interesting and I’m guessing it’ll come into play later.

    Okay. I’m so glad I stopped myself to write this but now I wanna go read sooooo 🙂

  21. Wow this book has me so hooked! Kallius seems to be slowly opening up to her. Maybe he will fall in love with her? But he really doesn’t want to marry since that will make him vulnerable to assassins, and we’ve just seen how he would have been killed if he didn’t have that power! Though I do wonder how the assassin got in. Could someone on the inside have managed to sneak them in? The guards aren’t doing a great job in this book so far… I think Alessandra may be starting to fall for him herself… I think it will be hard for her to kill him…

    1. And I’ve entered the giveaway! My instagram handle is @m.t.wilsonwrites1891

  22. I love this book so much that I just can’t put it down – what a great choice Fairyloot 🙂
    I have posted on instagram under @simoneandthebooks

  23. I couldn’t stop, caved in and finished it… Oops! ? I wasn’t sure about this on Day 1, but I loved the book! <3

    1. I also ended up posting, my username is @serenity87hu

  24. I am loving this book so much.
    Mostly I really love how Alessandra and Kallias interact with each other and I really can’t wait to continue reading. Stopping myself is so hard…

    I’m really curious who is trying to kill the king, I have a few guesses.

    I posted my picture and my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

  25. Omg that section was crazy! An assassin and she saved Kallias! Now she’s in the queens rooms! Also things are really heating up between Alessandra and Kallias. I also love that we finally found out about the origin of the shadows and why he can’t be touched! This section had so much in it! I’m really enjoying this book! I also posted my image on Instagram, my username is SheepihslySarah

  26. Oh I am so late.

    First I loved these chapters. Alessandra and Kallias are so cute together. I loved that he likes her, because she is not following any trend, but her own opinion and style and thoughts. That selfconfidence of her is amazing. And it is so great to see her being herself and quite honest with him (except of course she still wants to kill him). However I have the feeling she realizes that she is falling in love with him, I just hope she soon cancels the plan to kill him. I like them to be together.

    Next we finally know the origin and use of those shadows. They protect him, this is interesting. Although they kind of curse him a bit to his loneliless.
    But oh my god why killing every servant. This is harsh. It really reminded me that he is not a 100% nice person. I kind of forgot, because he is so kind to Alessandra. He really cares about her and his jealousy is cute.
    And like I thought, Kallias and Alessandra are similar. Both are really good observer.

    Someone had the idea, that Leandros is the masked bandit. It could makes sense, how he could sneak behind the servants and steal the King’s food. After all Leandros knows how to sneak behind servants. (Especially if they are distracted) However I just hope this is not correct, because after seeing Kallias killing all these servants easily. I am not sure if he would not also kill or hurt Leandros, if he is really the masked bandit.

    I do not think that the masked bandit and the assasin are the same. The masked bandit wants to give the suffering people of the kingdom something or the attention of the king. He has not killed anyone (yet). But the asssasin wants to kill the king of course and he wants that the king believes that one of the other countries did this, which would lead to a war and hurt the people in the end.

    And we still do not know how the story of Hector is connected to everything. Maybe there is a relation to the masked bandit oder assassin? Someone who maybe knows that Alessandra killed Hector and wants to get rid of her with that?
    I wonder how Kallias will react to that truth if he finds it out.

    Going back to reading now, I am really curious what will happen. Love this book.

    Two last things. First some hate towards her dad. After she finally got rid of his plan B for her, he sends her this letter telling her basically that he is sure that she fails. This is so terrible. He really does believe that she fails. How can a father be like that?
    It is so ironic that Kallias and she are getting closer, at the same time that letter arrives.

    And I want to take part in the challenge too. I will upload a picture on @maggi_dreamer in the next days.

    Happy reading everybody!

  27. (also I ended up posting tonight– username @madamepincers) ?

  28. These chapters were so fun I couldn’t stop reading!

    I posted my picture on ig @read_read_done

  29. Love the book! I can’t wait to know what happens next!

    I’ve posted a picture on ig @sabja91

  30. I hadn’t given the title too much thought prior to starting the book but the title is pretty literal. His shadows are actually keeping them apart. I’m glad we finally understand his shadows and know why he wants this fake relationship…especially when it’s clear he is starting to fancy her. He is living a very lonely and isolated life. I am glad he has his adorable dog….please dont let anything bad happen to the dog.

    Up until the masked bandit turned up I was half expecting the King to actually be the man behind the mask. But clearly he isn’t.

    I am listening to the audiobook because my box has not arrived yet (it takes ages to get to New Zealand) but I will come back to post again once I have my box and have taken the photo.

  31. Ohhh my goodness!!! This is getting so so good! I love Kallias more and more now. That scene in the water! And with the assassin! And Alessandra is now in the queen’s rooms!?!?

    Kallias is definitely falling for her, so Alessandra’s is definitely working! HOWEVER, I think that Alessandra has already fallen for HIM. She doesn’t realise this yet, but oh boy, she definitely has a crush on him and that’s exactly what she didn’t want right?? and now that they’re basically sleeping next to each other……..???

  32. Also, I totally forgot to mention this in my earlier comment, because I’m so excited about the book!!!??

    But I participated in the challenge and posted a picture for the #!

  33. Wow I’m so sorry, somehow I just hit sent too fast. ??
    I participated and my instagram handle is @bookfairy95

  34. Ahhh I feel like I have more questions than answers. I need to know more, this book is so hard to put down.

  35. I absolutely loved this book.
    My Instagram handle is @frasbrag

  36. I love that he cut the meeting short for her! I guess she’s getting abetter idea of how to get rid of him, as she learns how his powers work, but I really hope she changes her mind!
    I have a feeling the assassin was sent by a different person than the bandit. I have a person in mind for who the bandit is, but I’ll wait ti find out

  37. My box finally arrived this morning and I have posted my challenge photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  38. I posted! @sophiereads1

    Taking my time to read this gem of a book.. also got distracted reading other books on my TBR which also has Slytherin vibes aka A Darker Shade of Magic 🙂

  39. I posted my photo @thebooknerd90 I’ve been enjoying this book so much

  40. Hello lovelys, just posted my entry on Instagram ? u can find me @bookakery
    Thanks for the opportunity and plz stay safe ?

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