These Hollow Vows Readalong: Day 2

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It’s day 2 of our Readalong of These Hollow Vows, super excited to get back into this book. We left off on quite the shocking turn of events for Brie! Let’s dive right in, I have a feelings things are going to get intense. 

Today we will be reading from Chapter 8 to the end of Chapter 14.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for These Hollow Vows Chapters 8-14! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


‘Nothing in faerie is a coincidence…’

Brie is awake and has no idea where she is, and we find out her captures are working for the silver eyed fae who just keeps popping up everywhere and we finally have a name, Finn. Oh and one of the captures is Pretha… shady shady.

Finn gets right to business with Brie and they make a deal; they have to answer each others questions! Finn asks which faerie gave her the magic she uses… oh damn that clears things so much, so who in the land of faerie gave her the magic that she’s been using for so long…? ?
Oh my, King Mordeus is Finn’s Uncle. People, we have another fae prince, Prince Finnian, the rightful heir to the throne and the one his uncle wants dead. WOW.

Finn wants to help Brie to master her powers, because in turn it will help his court. What significance do these items have that the Unseelie Court so badly need?

The next question; has Brie bonded with anyone… sounds like a faerie bond? Brie just wants to leave, and so she does by calling onto the shadows and into the forest she goes with a power she doesn’t know how to control and a wolf ready to attack.

Brie tries to flee but it’s too big, and it pounces on her, tearing her leg open – oh god! Two smaller wolves come and start attacking the big wolf, and then a gust of wind that throw the wolf… it’s Sebastian and Brie is losing consciousness.
A Barghest is what attacked her… even the name sounds scary.
The saliva is slowing her heart rate and Sebastian is getting healers to do everything to save her.

Brie is alive, and Sebastian is ready to send her back home but Brie won’t go back without Jas and also can’t because of Gorst, and the only way to keep her safe with him is if he presents Brie to his mother as a potential bride…. could this be the in Brie needs to find those items?

Brie wakes up in a different room where human servants are getting things ready for her. Flowers and coffee courtesy of Sebastian.

Sebastian visit and asks bree if she agrees to what they spoke about before and she does, now needs to be presented to his mother but he glamours her scar away. Why did he do that? Why is the scar so important to hide? Brie is all ready and presented to queen Arya, and behold the most awkward questioning ever…oops. Brie manages to get through, but for how long?

Brie, now back in her room summons Bakken and asked him about the mirror and of course it’s in the one room Brie can’t use her magics, a room full of light and guarded for dear life. On her search she bumps into Sebastian and lies, so they both head for some tea and we learn more of the bond and a certain Potion of Life that transforms humans into fae… interesting.

5 days in and still no luck in retrieving the mirror. Sebastian is off meeting the other girls and Brie is jealous but she has other things to worry about. She’s assigned a tutor and it just so happens to be Pretha, and she has taken her back to Finn and oh my god it was his wolves that attacked the Bragesta!!

Brie agrees to their help and she needs to convince Sebastian to get her the mirror from the queen’s sunroom.

Brie finds Sebastian sparring, shirtless with Riaan his oldest friend. Use your words Brie aha. And so she manages to convince him to get the Mirror of Discovery for her. 

Off with pretha on another lesson at Finns house, Brie encounters more of Finn’s court and not all of them are Unseelie, interesting. The king and queen of the Wild Fae want to meet with Finn and Pretha, who are Misha and Amira?

Brie’s training is a shambles and Finn is having none of it today. He explains as best as he can how faerie magic works and ultimately how it’s all connected to their life source, interesting!

Finn helps Brie see just a mere glimpse to her power, a bubble around them of night sky with stars. Can Brie finally learn to master her power?

That brings us to the end of today’s chapters, with Brie trying so hard to master her powers and an undeniable connection growing with Finn. Let me know your thoughts and theories below and we’ll chat again tomorrow!


40 thoughts on “These Hollow Vows Readalong: Day 2

  1. This book is captivating! I find myself turning page after page wanting to know how the story unfolds.

    I feel for Bash! I know that Brie feels betrayed by him, but I still feel bad for him because of her deceit. At least Brie is aware of it, that she’s treating him badly, and because she feels so badly about it I have immense respect for Brie. She’s truly a great character! And, if Bash is the nice guy he is appearing to be then I think he’ll understand her choices and actions.

    I’m hoping that we’ll get to know Bash further in the upcoming chapters. Right now, while it definitely isn’t something bad, I feel like all there is to him is this nice guy that is intent on protecting and caring for Brie.

    And then we have Finn. For me, it’s impossible not to make a connection to Rhys from ACOTAR. There are some big similarities, but I’m hoping that the character and the story won’t start to feel too alike. So far I’m really enjoying Finn’s character (which I for some reason find an adorable nickname for a fae), and the training scene between Finn and Brie definitely satisfied me.

  2. I knew Pretha was going to play an important role, or more than just a passing stranger willing to help!

    I wonder if Brie’s mother is magical, or perhaps her father? To have given her magical abilities? Or maybe the fire she survived somehow gave her powers, since Sebastian glamoured it away…it has to be important for some reason!

    This story is so hard to put down, its really good and fast paced, never a dull moment~

    1. I second that – never a dull moment! That would be very interesting if she got her powers from surviving the fire

  3. Still loving this book, so much I can’t stop!

    1. yay! so happy to hear you are enjoying it

  4. So far I’m really liking Sebastian’s character- idk, their relationship feels a lot more natural than the “insta attraction/insta love” thing I sense going on with Finn.

    The fire flashbacks are telling me their mother didn’t run off with her faery lover, she paid a price to save her daughters. And Brie says she’s not bonded but her powers and the “scar” are pretty hmmm. Something’s definitely up.

    I really like the twins! And I’m wondering if Pretha is a Wild Fae princess due to her reaction to the other two.

    1. Ooo that would be very interesting if Pretha is royalty…

  5. This continues to be easy to read although some parts are kinda silly. I think Sebastian sent the thing after her but I don’t know why… I think he’s playing a dangerous game too.

    The bond seems to be mentioned a lot so something is going to happen with that.

    Finn is more interesting than Sebastian at the moment.

    I don’t think she can trust either of them – she should just look to get Jas and get out of there!

    1. I agree that the bond will definitly play an important role since Finn is like „Hey and by the way: aRe YoU boNdEd???
      I can also definitely see the love triange coming already, but both men appear kind of shady..

  6. I’m very curious about how Brie got her power. It seems like it probably has something to do with both the fire that they were in and their mother’s disappearance. But my question is who was the fae who gave her the power? Would it have to be someone very powerful for her to have so much power? If so, could it have been a royal?

  7. I just love every bit of this story! And Brie’s heritage becomes more and more of a mystery, one that must be solved

    1. Very very true! so intriguing!

  8. Hi everyone!

    Well this is quite… ACOTAR-y in a good few ways. And TCP-y in others. I’m enjoying it; my only complaint is it hasn’t really given me anything yet that I haven’t seen before.

    That said, in some ways I am enjoying it more than those two series. I like the way Brie is very clear in her goal and comes back to it often, even when the narrative is dragging her through like three different plots.

    I also really like Finn’s little band of misfits: Pretha might be my favourite character so far, and the two new guys intrigue me too. I like that it feels like we’re getting a chance to know every character decently thoroughly, especially given its not a terribly long book, and that each character seems distinct. I don’t super have a preference for who Brie ends up with in the current obvious love triangle; my instinct says it’ll be Finn because these books always seem to end with the leading lady choosing the edgelord dark prince type but because I think that resolution has been done a lot, part of me would prefer she ends up with Sebastian just to throw my assumptions! I like Bash so far, and I hope the narrative doesn’t set him out to be a villain or anything in the end. He’s interesting and I like that he is clear about the parts of his culture that matter to him (the bond) but equally acknowledging Brie isn’t comfortable with them and not pushing it… (yet?)

    Anyway my ultimate opinion on the shipping side of things is; fudge it, end in polyamory, live the 2 hot faerie boyfriends dream Brie. 8)

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. ahahaha! why choose when you can have both ?

    2. I agree that a lot of the story so far I’ve seen in other stories already. I’m looking forward – and hope – that the book breaks free from its inspiration.

    3. Hahahah I was hoping for a polygamous ending too XD

  9. Okay, so This might be a little controversial but I actually don’t like how Sebastian is being portrayed in this book. I didn’t like how is was all, ‘wait for me..’ but I got debt to payoff, then he still wanted her to wait when she was trying to find her sister. Now we find out that he is a Prince, not human, and a liar. That is a very BIG secret to tell the person you are kind of in love with and you didn’t even tell her. She had to hear about from your guard. This also seems like a whole lot of drama, if Brie just tells Sebastian what’s going on, on both fronts, then I think her situation would end up better then where we left off. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. First, I totally agree with you on the Sebastian front. I still can’t get over his “just one more year and I could have paid off your debts and saved you” thing in the beginning of the book really rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, I can maybe forgive him for not telling her his a prince, but it definitely seemed like he had means in helping her more or even ending the contract earlier, or… Overall, almost looks like he wants her to rely on him but in a way that she can’t thrive without him which I don’t like.
      Brie on the other hand, cannot tell Sebastian what she is doing because of her deal with the Unseelie King about her not being able to tell any Seelie fae what she is up to. So, I keep it better why she can’t be totally honesty with him.

  10. Does anyone else feel Sebastian could be another Tamlin?? lolol

    I’m sus.

    But I like Finn, I always like the grumpier ones

    Interested to see how this mirror is gonna pan out too

    1. I love the grumpier ones!

  11. I’m really enjoying this book, the pacing is great.
    I have so many questions about Brie’s past, her powers, the fire, and what really happened to her Mom. Sounds like she made a deal / sacrifice to save Brie.
    I really like Brie and Jas. I hope that Brie has an active role in saving Jas. I’d love to see her learn to master her powers.
    Finn is really interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about him and what his group is planning. I like the chemistry between Brie and Finn.
    I’m not sure how I feel about Sebastian at this point. He does seem truly concerned about Jas. I’m wondering why he was in the human world, and if he had some ulterior motive for being there. He glamoured Brie’s tattoo, which Finn said not to let the Queen see. Does he know something about Brie?

  12. Called it that Finn is the other prince. 😀 Some parts are quite predictable, but it’s not annoying.

    Previously I thought Brie might be half-Fae, but now it seems more possible that she received her powers during that fire that we still don’t know everything about. I think some of the Fae might know about this, that’s why Sebastian wants to cover up Brie’s scar. (Or maybe the scar is recognizable in some other aspect, like, you are touched by Fae, or I don’t know, something like that..?)

    Also, so many people mentions bonds, that now I’m sure she’ll have to bond with either Finn or Sebastian, or worse the Unseelie King?

    I hope we didn’t get to introduced to Riaan that he would have to die to save their secret and/or betray them. We only get bits and pieces of the Wild Fae, I hope we get to know more about them too!

    Now I’m intrigued, can’t wait to read more!

  13. Sebastian is so trusting and sweet it is going to break my heart when (and I’m speculating that when rather than if) Brie breaks his trust by siding with the Unseelie peeps. I sense someone from the Unseelie court has something to do with Brie’s power, hence why she feels a connection to Finn.
    Brie’s two handmaidens are super cute!

  14. I’m loving the references to diffrent books I haven’t read yet the only vibes I got are the cinderella one from the begining.

    I love the tendernes of Bash and hope his isn’t a bad guy because I would rather she end up with Bash than Fin althou we don’t know much about either.

    Ohh but wich prince can help find her mother I wonder. I am soio curious to find what happend to her and why she said enthing but that when it came to saving Brie.

    Love the theorie tha Prtha is royalty it would explain why she got annoyed that she gad to talk to the king and queen of the wild fae

    Loving this book so far can’t wait what surprises wait for us next

  15. Okay, We need more Finn in this book. ? I am also getting ACOTAR vibes from this book. I hope the story and the characters are different. So far still enjoying the book. But my cold is making me lack behind on the Readalong. Hopefully, I can catch up today!

  16. I love how fast paced this book is! SO much is happening in every chapter, but it doesn’t feel rushed. I’m also glad with how the “competition” is written for this story. Ryan really could have leaned into “The Selection”/ the Bachelor arch in here more, but she doesn’t and I think that’s a good choice. If we had all the scenes with the girls wanting to marry Sebastian and the lessons Brie should be learning about ruling and stuff, then I think the book would have been boring at these parts and slow everything down. I’m not sure if anyone is upset this isn’t played up more, but I think this was brilliantly done on Ryan’s part as that is not what the story is about. The focus is still on Brie righting to get to her sister.

    Though I really like Brie, I am starting to get a little annoyed about her not thinking she is beautiful or that she “never really thinks about her looks.” I really don’t like this trope of “I’m a kick-ass girl and I never think about my looks and am only now thinking about it because a boy is telling me I look good and now I’m worried he’s wrong or that he’ll realise I’m not as pretty as he wants me to be.” This is constantly happening in stories where women who wouldn’t describe themselves as beautiful can only come to the realisation that they are through a man.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story plays out. I am still rooting for Finn!

  17. Day 2! Finally had some time to catch up 🙂
    Anyway, I already feel so bad for Bash ? Can’t Finn just tell him that Brie will be searching for the artifacts so he can help and not be disappointed when he finds out? I’m not ready for the heartbreak that’s sure to come.. And her mother seems to have made a deal to save Brie and her sister from the fire; that’s definitely why she had to leave them behind right?

    I’m loving the castle so far. I definitely feel like the necklace she got from Bash was some sort of Bond too, I think he can feel her needs – which is why he saved her in the woods? Idk. Also, the emptiness in the queen’s eyes – why do I feel like she gave some part or just her entire magic to Brie without wanting to? And her husband – the Shadow King dude – died giving his power too? I don’t know, so many theories.

    It’s so cool that Pretha can change forms! Really thought she and Kane were the wolves, but apparently not. I do like Finn a lot, but he just reminds me sooooo much of Rhys, it’s like he’s the same person. It also kinda seems like he’s going to be her mate, since she’s talking about all the things she’s feeling around him – which again remind me of ACOTAR. Seriously though, Sebastian is like a nicer Tamlin (who even looks like him and basically has a spring court) and Finn is Rhysand.

    I still love Brie, and like you said, I wonder why everyone wants her to hide the scar; it seems like both Finn and Sebastian/Ronan see how important it is. She should really just ask them lol.

  18. Ahhh FINN!!! And Sebastian sparring ? what lovely images for us in these readings! I forgot how much this book just sweeps you up with the plot being bamn bamn bamn! Love it!

  19. The book has a good fast pace. Lots of things happen in these few chapters.

    I had a feeling we would be seeing Preetha again, and I’m glad I was right.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only one suspicious about how convenient that Sebastian appeared to get rid of the beast that attacked Brie just in time. It’s strange, when Sebastian is off the page I don’t miss him all that much, and I think of all the things I don’t like about him and why he is wrong for Brie (e.g. I also thought it was odd that he didn’t try to do more to help Brie when she was in debt and living in hardship with her sister, and that he was planning to wait for a whole year before doing something given that he is a prince, that he lied to Brie about something so important like he was fae, and that he kissed her and asked him to wait for him when he knew he was going back to the palace to get engaged); but when Sebastian is on page, he comes across as being so nice, always saying the right thing, being so in love and patient with Brie, that I cannot make up my mind as to whether he is truly nice, or a really deceptive character.

    Finn on the other hand, I really like. The broody, grumpy ones are my favourite characters. I like all the scenes between Brie and Finn. There is a lot of tension and chemistry between those two, much more than between Brie and Sebastian.

    I’m also thinking that maybe the mother got some help from someone (a fairy?) when Brie had been in a fire, and because of that she has her powers? Or maybe the powers had always been there but they became manifest because of the fire. Maybe the mother didn’t abandon them, but was forced to do it. Or maybe she knew Brie was important, and for her safety it was better that she remained hidden in the human world?

    I’m looking forward to discovering more about her past, and her interactions with Finn.

  20. I feel like this book is going to be a new favourite! I’m really liking Finn and I’m thinking that he may end up being a love interest. I feel like Brie is just using Bash and if I were her I don’t know if I’d be able to forgive him. I think that Brie is focusing so much more on her powers than on her sister, which I get I mean she can’t do much without the mirror but I’d be trying my hardest to get it if I were in her position.

    Also the book is feeling more like the selection meets the darkest part of the forest rather than the pitched cruel prince meets ACOTAR

  21. Like so many others, I’m drawing ACOTAR parallels here. Which makes me instantly distrust Bash. Couldn’t he be a little more forthcoming with Brie? He says he’s trying to find Jas but also doesn’t give her any details about how exactly he’s doing that.

    Though I do feel bad about how Brie is treating him. I can understand why he would keep that secret from her, knowing how she feels about faeries. Seems like that played out exactly as he feared it would. :-/

  22. I’m very curious about Brie’s powers and about her connection with Finn. I do think Finn likes her and is jealous of Sebastian. He seems to want to know how she feels about Sebastian. And he is very curious to know if she’s bonded. And he called her beautiful. So yeah. There’s going to be a future problem here.

  23. Brie is such an amazing character, I am so intrigued by the story at the moment I don’t want to stop reading, I’m still indecisive about why her mother left but I’m sure we will find out more soon enough

  24. Well, I was right about Finn and I’m glad that came out quickly rather than stewing and pretending to be a big AH-HA moment.
    I’m really hoping that what Brie is doing doesn’t totally crush Sebastian, he’s so sweet. I also hope we get to see more of Brie’s skills as a thief.

  25. I am really hoping that we learn more about Brie’s mom. I am really enjoying this book. I love the tension that Brie has with the other characters. This book is so hard to put down.

  26. I’m enjoying this book so far and I’m enjoying Finn too. ? but if our silver eyed friend comes in between Sebastian and Brie, well I’m having none of it. ?

  27. I want to know more about the scar… is there some sort of prophecy about the scar? Or does the scar identify Brie as someone the Queen has heard of & that’s why Sebastian/Ronan glamoured it away?

    Who gave Brie her shadow magic? How and why?

    Where is her mother? Who is her father? I don’t think he’s been mentioned at all so far.. could he be the shadow king?

  28. Tall dark stranger with silver eyes. Hello Finn! It didn’t take many pages for me to prefer Finn over Sebastian and I think that made a mark on the rest of the book I was reading.

    I really enjoyed this slower pace in these chapters compared to the first part. I liked how we got to explore the world a bit through Bries view.

    1. Since the beginning when Finn was mentioned I felt for him, when Brie went on with “Bash is the right one and blablabla…” i knew smth was fishy, I literally cried when she decided to bond with him.

      Hopefully second book will be more of the shadow court and much much more of Finn , very curious to read more bout that place

  29. I’m not fully trusting of Bash- someone who’s as sweet as he acts wouldn’t have lied to Brie for so long. Even if he’s not ‘evil’ per say, I suspect there’s still more to him than we’re seeing.

    I’m also hoping to get a little more of the other women vying for Bash’s hand. Right now, all we’re getting is that Brie is jealous of them and there’s got to be more to them than that.

    It’s a fun fast read although I’m agreeing with others that it does feel a bit same-y.


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