These Hollow Vows Readalong: Day 3

Beautiful photo by @darkfaerietales_

Hey Fairy Fam,

I hope everyone is enjoying the readalong so far! It’s now day 3 and things seems to be all over the place for Brie, who’s ready for today’s section?

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Alrighty, let’s dive right in. Today we’re reading Chapters 15-21!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan Chapters 15-21! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Back at the palace Sebastian pays a late visit to Brie in her room and presents to her the Mirror of Discovery! One step closer to getting Jas back. She uses the mirror to see Jas and she seems well and cared for… hmmm.

Brie and Sebastian take a glamoured stroll through the gardens and end up in the kitchen, where once again Sebastian asks Brie if she could live in Faerie. Could she?

With no sign of King Mordeus’s goblin, Brie heads to Finn’s house with pretha for training, when a wounded Finn comes and here we find all the dark secrets of the Seelie Courts – the prison camps, the separation of the kids from the parents… the brainwashing, oh god. Finn and his court try their best to save the children. And thus the king and queen of the Wild fae come in – they’ve been providing temporary shelter to the Unseelie children. 

All this is interrupted by a kid, Lark who is Pretha’s child – did not see that coming. Lark has the power of sight and she says some very interesting things about Brie.

Still no sign of the king’s goblin, Brie sticks to her training and is getting better. Finn is still in bad shape and Kane has brought a tribute for him? Oops, Finn is not happy and Brie is annoyed that no one is explaining to her what a tribute is. So Brie decides to get the answers herself by using her powers to get in the room.

Finn isn’t happy about this and reluctantly takes the female tribute and Brie is jealous seeing them kiss? Jealous enough to go to Pretha and ask her why she would let Finn do this…. Finn is her brother in law, that’s why Lark has the same eyes aahhh.

King’s goblin finally comes and Mordeus is playing a dangerous game, he finally relents and tells her the second item is a book of spells that was stolen from the Unseelie and that it will be hard to find.

Brie is returned back but Pretha takes her to Finns to get changed, where chaos is unleashed – Jalek wants out, apparently the queen is weak and he wants to attack. Finn and Pretha send Brie back to the palace, and Sebastian has been waiting for her all morning – he was worried for her and they share another kiss – Arya has told Sebastian to choose a bride by the next moon. 

Wasting no more time, Brie starts her search for the Grimoricon, and she uses the mirror to see where it is – a large library and it sits in the middle on a dais. 

Brie decides to go to the Litha festival, all dressed up and she meets Sebastian who glamours them again, and in conversation she asks about seeing libraries and so Sebastian takes her to one but it’s not the one from the mirror. The moment they share is broken by Riaan who says they’ve caught a traitor. 

Brie using her powers follows Sebastian to a cell only to find Jalek, oh no! Brie finally sees the cruelty that is hidden in the Seelie court and also Sebastian. Brie finds out more secrets yet all are still a mystery to her. She rides to Finn and tells them about Jalek and that she knows a way to get him out – her magic. So Finn, a conduit to her power, both go to save Jalek – and here we find one of the reasons why Jalek left the Seelie court, his poor sister. 😔

Brie manages to get them all out safely and back to Finn’s house. She’s  exhausted and spending some alone time outside. Finn and Brie share another sweet moment, talking about their mothers. He tells her to take time to rest and heal.

Two days of resting and already Brie is bored, she tries to find Sebastian but Riaan tells her he’s ‘away’….. shady. Instead she asks the mirror to show her sister and then to show her mother, who’s walking in a cemetery? Brie decides to go and finally find her, but at the cemetery she’s all alone, so she asks the mirror again, but this time it shows her a rotting corpse in a tomb. 

Horrified Brie tries to make sense of what she just saw but gets entangled in a Dream? A vision? What is going on…. Brie hears her sister calling out to her, Brie races after the voice only to find her childhood home on fire. 

Brie runs straight in to find her sister but is coughing up smoke and keeps hearing voices from the vision? In reality? She’s lost and confused and finally falls unconscious.

WOW! What an end to today’s chapters! Now, time to take a vote: are you #TeamBash or #TeamFinn? I’ll reveal the winner on Friday. 👀


50 thoughts on “These Hollow Vows Readalong: Day 3

  1. Entered the giveaway, my handle is @daniquevdijk_ :))

    Aaaaah!! What a way to end argggh, definitely reading more now! The camps are such a terrible thing, can’t wait to learn more about them. We got some cute Finn moments in these chapters, and it’s obvious that Brie is the ‘destined’ queen, and that they were planning on killing her or something. It’s kinda starting to annoy me that Brie is being so stupid, she never asks real questions and lets them all get away with avoiding her questions. Seriously, Jalek talks about a curse, and she just goes away? I feel like the curse is about her and her mother, I wish she’d just ask, and also ask why Finn wanted her to hide her scar.

    Also, why do I feel like Jalek was talking about Brie instead of queen Arya when he told Sebastian that she’ll never give him the crown? They never call Arya queen when they talk about her with Finn etc, only Arya right? And the fire Lark warned them about, why is Brie so stupid; she knew it wasn’t real and she still went in there?? Argh. Definitely not stopping now, I have to keep reading. By the way, I hope her two maids aren’t the ones spying on her for Mordeus, they seem cool.

    I was kinda hoping she’d just have 2 husbands, one in each court😂 But I have a feeling that Sebastian is only using her because he knows who she is too, but I don’t want that to be true because I do like him. So I don’t know, I think I’m #TeamFinn at the moment because he’s just so my type! But I love Bash as well.. Choices, choices..

    1. I didn’t think about Brie being the “she” Jalek was talking about until you said that! Good theory!

  2. Ahhh I’m so intrigued! I just can’t stop reading this. I love Brie, and Finn. Not a fan of Sebastian. Think he’s a bit of a Tampon.
    I’ve just had a thought, is the necklace he gave her a dampener on her power and why she can’t use it more? I think they all know who she is and her destiny but aren’t saying!

    Entered the giveaway… @penguinograce

    1. I didn’t even think her necklace would be dampening her power! I wonder if it really does what Sebastian says it does or if there is more to it.

    2. Ooo the necklace could be that! interesting theory!

  3. Definitely don’t trust Sebastian, he’s iffy and is her sister really in the unseelie court? Something seems amiss…

    1. Also entered the giveaway! Username @hbmslittlelibrary !

  4. What is going on??? There are so many questions I NEED the answer to.

    Right now it feels like it’ll be Brie and Finn in the end. With the “prophecy”, the secrets they are keeping from Brie (what is she not ready to know?!), and especially because Brie felt as if Bash’s kiss was a balm to her loneliness. (The way I read it didn’t put the kiss in a positive perspective, more like something she did to soothe her tumultuous feelings.) I feel sorry for Bash (which is the reason I don’t like love triangles, I get attached to characters and hate seeing them hurt.)

    Though one thing that has struck me: is Bash just acting like the nice guy? Is he manipulating Brie because he somehow needs her to become king? When Brie thought he was talking about the queen, was he actually talking about her? (As you can tell, my mind is spinning and coming up with theories about basically everything.)

    I really enjoyed the moment between Brie and Finn in the cell. I’m really liking the dynamic between them, so fair to say I’m #TeamFinn!

    I also entered the the giveaway (my IG-handle is: undecidedbooks)!

    1. so so many questions and theories! we need answers aha

  5. Honestly, I’m a sucker for the dark haired morally grey character so it’s got to be #TeamFinn
    And I totally forgot so much from reading this! Like the tributes! And Jalek!

    I’ve my picture taken about to upload to IG 🙂 @ateachersguidetoreading

  6. Honestly, I’m a sucker for the dark haired morally grey character so it’s got to be #TeamFinn
    And I totally forgot so much from reading this! Like the tributes! And Jalek!

    I’ve my picture taken about to upload to IG 🙂 @ateachersguidetoreading

  7. Ahhh the pretty veneer gets stripped away! It’s not just good golden happy court and bad evil dark court anymore. Wow there is a LOT going on under the surface that we (and Brie) don’t understand yet.

    Sooo the third item is gonna be a crown, isn’t it? Isn’t it? LOL.

    I’ll be making a post for the giveaway in the next day or two, IG is @sonata_ix!

    1. ahaha a crown seems like the obvious thing now right?1

  8. I’ve entered the giveaway – my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

    So, I’m #teamfinn but can still be convinced. I think that really I’m #teamabriella and hope she can come out on top. It seems like both guys just want to use her…

    Anyway, these were decent chapters. Things are moving along nicely. I enjoyed Lark’s appearance and want to know more about everything that is being hinted at so far

  9. My Instagram handle is –

    I Will post the photo by Sunday; I hope that’s okay.

    Now to the book, I definitely need to read more now; I can’t sleep with this in my head 🤣. Also, why did she look into the mirror when Finn said the first thing is not to look into it!!

    Okay, can I just point out bash is way too sweet, and it makes me doubt this guy? If he like/love brie so much, why can’t he just say that to his mother? Or give Brie more time? I am still confused about what he or his mother wants out of this marriage. Also, he hides the mark on Brie’s wrist with glamour; why? Why didn’t he question before getting the mirror? How did he not know she gave him a fake one? I mean, a person can’t be that trusty and think Brie can change that much.

    Also, not sure about Finn now; what with tributes and kissing random girls? Who is Isabela? Why aren’t they saying anything to Brie? Why doesn’t he have any power? Is it the curse that they can’t say anything to anyone? Urg so many questions and need answers now 😂

    1. oh forgot to say I think I am #TeamFinn

  10. Prophetic children! Interesting little tidbits from La

    I entered the giveaway, my insta is @mirlyah

    1. I accidentally tapped my screen and didn’t finish my post!
      The interesting little tidbits from Lark make me think that Bash is going to end up being the bad guy and Finn will win out in the end. Having said that, Finn and his group are still keeping secrets from Brie, despite Pretha’s assurance that they are friends! ‘Friends don’t spy on friends’!!! Yes, well they don’t keep secrets from each other either!!!
      I am glad Brie chose to save Jalek, and Bash has certainly shown another side of himself…
      What a place to end this section, have to keep reading now!

  11. #TeamFinn
    I love that we have more interaction with Finn and friends. I love the rescue of Jalek, Brie using her power with Finn’s help. The patio scene under the stars was also great. I’m glad Brie is seeing some of the good things they are doing, rescuing the children.

    Lark’s visions and information about the fire are really interesting.

    Though the romantic scenes with Sebastian were fun to read. I’m glad Brie saw a different side of him with Jalek. I feel like Sebastian is too good to be true. He has too many inconsistencies. Why didn’t he help Brie more in the human world? Why was he really there? Why was he insistent she not come to Fairie to look for her sister. I know I partly don’t like him because of the bride choosing and the traditions he goes along with, but I feel like there is too much we don’t know about him.

    So much happening in these chapters! More and more questions and little hints instead of answers. I love guessing though.

    I will post a photo Friday or Saturday! @sun4Kathleen

    1. yesss i think the scene saving Jalek really showed the kind of person Brie is!

  12. Entered the giveaway my account is betwe.enchapters

    Brie is dedicated woman also slightly inpatient when other characters aren’t listening to her 🤣
    Finn Is definitely growing on me he’ quite a sweetheart and I kinda wish Brie would just go for him, why isn’t her power as strong?
    I love reading this book!!

  13. Ong this book is giving me mayor anxiety and so many questions.

    Like what kind of queen is she supose to become of the unseelle or if them all like a savior I wonder I still think that the scar has something to do with her being the queen of the whole faire ralm like when Bash said that he could be the king tha unites both corts but is that if he takes Bris power or crown I wonder.

    I do hope Bash isn’t using Brie and is really a good fsy but after his behavior in the cell I rrally doubt that.

    Just like Fin he to me is also shady its like trusting fae is a no no but what to they now and are hiding from Brie and us hehe

    I really cand decide wich time I am on from the begining I was #teamBash but not so any more since the jail scene dont know who to trust sny more

    This book is really confusing my thinking procees but I love it just need answers like now who is Brie relly I still think she is the ultimate queen of all hmmm

    1. Ps I will enter the competition @danica.brnot

  14. These chapters were so good! I can’t put this book down 🙂

    I do like Sebastian, but there’s just so much he’s not telling Brie! Like I feel bad that she’s using him, but also he’s definitely not the perfect prince he’s made out to be.

    Finn is so fascinating, and I want to know more about his powers and his history! I think I’m liking him better- although he is giving me strong Rhys vibes (from ACOTAR). So I guess team Finn…

    I can’t wait to see what happens next and if Brie can unlock her power more- and survive this fire 🥲

    Entered the giveaway: annasbooknook

    1. hopefully Brie (and us all) find the answers to all these questions we have aha

  15. Finding out the Seelie Court who are supposed to be the “good ones” has dark secrets, yikes, definitely not helping Brie want to live in Faerie…

    I’m super interested in Lark – will what she said come true? I know the future is never set in stone so its interesting to hear predictions…

    And YIKES I knew that mirror would be too good to be true! I hope Jas really is ok though and the mirror wasn’t lying about THAT…

    Ok I was Team Bash at the start but I’m falling for Finn, just like Brie is so #TeamFinn here!

    And last but not least – I will be posting a photo over the weekend on @frayedbooks !

  16. Surprisingly, I caught up and got ahead of reading!

    I’m definitely team Finn! Sebastian reminds me of Tamlin from ACOTAR.

    I entered the giveaway. My Instagram is stardancer2014

    1. Oh my gosh I totally got tamlin vibes from sabastian.

  17. Okay, while I’m totally for #TeamFinn, I’m a little upset that Brie’s attraction to Sebastian may end due to him actually being a bad guy. Not that the trope can’t be done well – like if he is just using her because he knows who she is, I think that could be done well – but something about him treating her well and then not treating others well is cliche reason for suddenly switching to the other guy. Of course that’s a valid reason to break up/ get over someone, but when it’s a love triangle thing, it just seems convenient. I hope we see more depth in Sebastian!

    I’m really intrigued to see how Brie fits into this world and what her role is once she finally gets some answers. And I agree, I don’t understand why no one is answering her questions or why she’s not pushing for answers!! It’s a little frustrating that we are this far in the book and we aren’t getting questions answered that are main lead is asking. If this were a mystery book and the answer to questions help unveil the mystery, those questions would be the tension driving the story. And the main character isn’t the only one who doesn’t know. All the characters are also searching for the answers with the main character. What’s frustrating about this book is that everyone around Brie does know the answers, but they refuse to answer. Basically important information is being kept from both Brie and us – the readers – until a big reveal can happen to shock us, and because we can see that the shock is going to happen doesn’t make us anticipate it, only frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet.

    But even after saying that, the book doesn’t lack action! I’m on the edge of my seat and could barely stop reading after the house being on fire! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

    Also my instagram is chaos_books_16 for the giveaway!

  18. Just entered on my accounts @sammyria and @judging_a_book_by_its_cover

    Autumn has finally hit and the cover of this one matches the weather outside perfectly.

  19. Hello hello! Sorry I am late; I literally only had like ten pages to finish this section yesterday and I was just TOO tired!

    I will enter the giveaway on Saturday, I should think. Maybe tomorrow! Ill post when I do.

    Anyway, yes, thoughts… shocker, Sebastian is kinda evil. I’m not surprised, but was hoping he might be written as a more complex character who has been bought up badly but is going to learn and better himself… but I just don’t think its going to go into characterisation that detailed if I am honest 😂

    Still a fun book, but still hasn’t done anything that has surprised me, like, at all. I dont think its going to stick with me past the final page at this point but I do hope it proves me wrong!

  20. Wow! I loved these last chapters. The book has become very interesting. I also wonder what a tribute is, why Finn was reluctant to use one, and why they have to kiss in the mouth. I am thinking maybe is something to do with power or life source transferral?

    I think we finally got to see the true colours of Sebastian. It was really good seeing how Brie used her powers to rescue Jalek. I wonder what’s the reason her power gets a boost when Finn is around.

    The part when Brie hears the cries from her sister in the forest reminded me of Katniss in Catching Fire when she heard the cries from her sister and then ran into a trap. That house on fire must be the fire from the little girl’s vision. I’m glad Lark also said Brie will never be the Seelie queen, because I really don’t want her to end up with Sebastian. I don’t trust him at all.

    I did actually notice Jalek said to Sebastian that if he killed him “she” will never give him the crown, and then Brie assumed Jalek was referring to the queen, but when he also said you think you have her fooled, I wondered if maybe they were talking about Brie. Now I’m wondering if the Unseelie king Mordeus and Sebastian might be working together so that Brie finds the crown that he needs. And that is why Sebastian never really helped her to get out of the contract because it was part of his plan to use Brie’s sister as a way to get her to do what he wanted (become his bride, find him the crown).

    Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    By the way, I have entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @eleanorofwinterdale

  21. Also, I forgot to say (if it wasn’t clear from my post) that I am #TeamFinn all the way!

  22. I have entered the giveaway. My handle is bookishholz.

    I’m team Finn all the way. This kind of gives me ACOTAR vibes I’m intrigued to see if it’s a similar sinario with the male characters.

    I’m loving the story so far. I’m totally ingrosed and haven’t found it boring yet so that’s a plus. I can’t wait to see how it ends

    1. My Instagram is bookishholz I’m guessing that’s what handle is 😁

  23. I am always one to go for the darker character but I’m really #TeamBash which is just so testament to how amazingly he’s been written. Sure he’s a little trusting and naive but so adorable and hopeful. It’s really rare for me to go with characters like him! So strange but I just don’t see much romance or relationship with Finn, it’s kind of coming out of nowhere and doesn’t feel as natural? Just a plot device to add some romantic tension.

  24. Entered the giveaway my account is @bookchik15.

    I am so invested in this book! I an eagerly waiting for the truth about Sebastian to come out, some things aren’t adding up.

  25. So much happened in these chapters! First off, the tributes, everyone kept talking about a curse so maybe the tributes go to Finn and he’s under a curse that everyone he kisses dies and then each person he kills with a kiss gives him power? I’m not sure how I feel about Sebastian anymore. I was on the fence about him to begin with but he isn’t doing anything now to help his cause. I feel like he was drawn to Brie in the mortal world because of her powers and maybe he’s trying to use her so that he can have the powers to himself. The last chapter was crazy and I can’t wait to see where the book goes from here!

    1. Forgot to mention I entered on my Instagram @mybookishbeing

  26. I’m #TeamFinn, I’m not even sorry.
    It’s really cool how Brie was able to save Jalek!
    I had negative feelings about Riaan previously, I hope I’ll be wrong about those.

  27. The whole misfit fairies team is really growing on to me. Pretha seems to be a genuine friend and I love Brie even more for saving Jalek, but I wonder what problems will follow.

    At the moment I‘m neither Team Finn nor Team Bash. Finn is definitly hiding something, I mean why should he train her and risk being betrayed by Brie for any other reason than needing her? And Sebastian is radiating real sketchy vibes.. I will just settle for #TeamBrie

    I will enter the giveaway and my handle is Marie.cristin

  28. Posted my photo! My handle is @brinreadsbooks

  29. I am #TeamFinn all the way! I feel like so much has happened in these chapters. I am really looking forward to reading on. I entered the giveaway on Instagram under @love2dazzle

  30. I’m not really team anyone but probably slightly more team Finn now.

    So Brie’s father died in her childhood home… but in the fire or earlier?

    Still lots of questions about pretty much everything.

    I will post my photo to my IG handle Jenthebookishbakernz probably tomorrow night.

  31. I’m #teamfinn
    Especially since the dubgeon incident. I also don’t like how Sebastian doesn’t seembto stand up against his mother’s ruling. I was surprised to read Brie still misses him, just after the incident. I’d be torn about if I really knew the guy at all and I would WANT some distance between us.

    Anyway, entering the read along giveaway @The_b00kish_elf 😁

  32. Entered and my handle is @finding.fiction_

    Like Brie, I’m conflicted. I really like Sebastian, but Finn is a classic dark haired, suffering in silence fae that gets our hearts.

  33. I’m joining the readalong a few days late but I’m making good progress. This book is so lovely, I can’t stop reading!!

    I’m definitely on #TeamFinn

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my account is @pages_uponpages

  34. Entered! @reemareads

  35. Entered the giveaway! Username: @feyrelantsov

  36. Late entering- sneaking in under the wire @lila_still_reads

    I agree with others that I’m not really team anyone yet. Sebastien seems like a sweetie but is either hiding something or has some weird inconsistencies in his characterization. Finn also is hiding something and I worry about him being manipulative towards Brie which is not cute at all.

    I’m hoping one or both boys come clean to her before anything gets more romantic. For now, the flirting is fun and there’s more than enough intrigue to keep me reading, I’m just not sure how long it will stick with me afterwards.

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