These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 1

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Hey guys!

Its day 1 of our readalong of These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong, let’s do this!

Before we start, how is everyone? Who’s excited to start this book? Comment down below. ?

Alright, now that we’re all caught up, let’s get started with the readalong!

Today, we start from the Epilogue and we will be reading to the end of Chapter 8! Grab some snacks and snuggle down for a reading session and then join me in the comments to chat about it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for These Violent Delights chapters 1-8! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


“In glittering Shanghai, a monster awakens…” – Chills, literal chills guys!
Going straight for the kill, Chloe. Oooof.

We start off with two guys stumbling out of their favourite brothel but no ordinary guys, they’re part of the Scarlet gang. Near the port, in their territory. And they walk past five other guys, totally calm, nope! They’re part of the White Flower gang – rivals. Shit.

Guns out, 2 against 5! Patrol tells them to calm down, but something catches the attention of one, something in the water. What just happened? One gets away but the rest, they’re dead. What killed them, if not for the bullets itching to be released from their guns?

Juliette, the heir to the Scarlet gang is admiring the club from above, she’s here to talk to a merchant wanting to chat with Lord Cai, but he gets Juliette instead. He want to sell a new drug to the Scarlet Gang. In walks Roma, on Scarlet territory, it’s fine – NOT, he’s the heir to the White Flower gang. ?!

And they have history. What happened between them two?

Ooo he’s here to find out what happened. The wounds were self inflicted, tore out their own throats!!! Juliette tells him to leave, but he doesn’t, well not before he sees a scarlet member, with only one shoe drop to the floor and tear out his throat.
Guai – monster. Is what he says to Juliette in his final breathe.

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Alisa Montagov, eavesdropping on one of her father’s meeting, a meeting about what’s going on to the people in Shanghai and the possibilities on who it could be – the Communists? Kuomitang? A monster?

Juliette is late to a meeting her father is having, late enough to miss it. Off they both go to breakfast, with Mr Li, her favourite Uncle and other relatives. They start discussing the deaths and Roma – sore spot.
In walks Tyler, everyone’s favourite and of course he’s the shoot first and don’t bother asking questions guy. Juliette leaves, angry that her relatives are even agreeing to his stupid idea.

Tyler catches up to her outside, asking her what her problem is! Juliette leaves but he slams her into a wall and accuses her of having feelings for Roma. Juliette shows him she’s not one to mess with, yass queen! That better scar and it looks like Tyler might be a problem going forward.

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Roma, Benedikt and Marshall are tasked with finding evidence of what happened. On Scarlet territory. Marshall and Benedikt what to know where he was and Roma failed to mention that he was with Juliette and that she’s back.

Roma was once the most trusted by Lord Montagov, but not anymore, not since what happened. Now, though not spoken by anyone, it’s Dimitri. So many questions.

Roma just found something, insects…? Dead insects? Uh-oh, Scarlet members are coming and the trio jump into the water, the same water the self inflicted deaths happened near.

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Roma finds a shoe, could this be the same shoe the Scarlet member was missing.. He’s the guy that got away!
And off the trio go with their findings, to the White Flowers lab, to get the insects tested. Oh god, Louren has made quite the discovery, the insects are connected to one another, that’s not weird at all!!!

“Whatever these are, god did not make them.”

Juliette, Rosalind and Kathleen are all discussing what Tyler’s problem is, naturally it feels like someone is listen and Juliette has her ‘murder face’ on – haha love that. Juliette has a visitor, and her parents are not home, oh but they are – peak. It’s Paul Dexter, the merchants son, that was short visit but not before he asked to see her again – not in work capacity.

Roma is having one nightmare of a day, only to come home and bump into Dimitri – yay. He finds Alisa hiding in the cupboard ? tells her to head on up but not before he noticed her necklace, their mothers necklace.
Their mother who was killed by Scarlets in her safe house. Roma doesn’t hate them he hates himself, blames himself because he did the first attack. ?

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Lord Montagov is not having any of Roma’s ‘contagion’ theory and has officially handing over this task to Roma, but first he has to see if the shoe is in fact the last dead persons shoe – but he’s a Scarlet. Lord Montagov doesn’t care but instead says to maybe ask the Scarlet heir for her help, she was once your lover……. I –

Rumors are spreading of the monster. Juliette is walking around, and then she feels a gun at her back – Roma. OMG Juliette just did that, yesss! And now she has a knife to his throat in very close proximity hehe. I really like this scene! He wants her help, to go to the Scarlet morgue.

How Juliette and Roma met ? the marble game!!!!

At the morgue, they find that it is the same guy, and just as they are about to leave, the hospital erupts with chaos, Scarlets clawing at their throats…

WOOOOOW! Well that was something, am I right!

How we feeling about these insects that are not from this world? ?

Comment down below all your theories! And I shall see you all tomorrow.


37 thoughts on “These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 1

  1. Hello Shaz, hello everyone~

    First thing first comes a disclaimer: I’m not familiar with the original play of Romeo and Juliet, I know the outline of the story and the ending but I’ve never actually read it. Thus if I make theories that sound stupid to those who know the play…well I’m sorry, please bear with me! ?

    The beginning of this book is maybe a little too slow and descriptive, but I have the feeling that once we will get to know Juliet and Roma a little better chapters will fly.

    I was very intrigued by the part of the blurb that said “her first love and her first betrayal”, because it could mean both that Juliet betrayed Roma and vice versa. Given today’s chapters my guess is that the betrayal was orchestrated by Roma’s father to keep them apart.

    Oh, and I kinda love Alisa already? I have a feeling she will be crucial for the plot.

    1. I hope to read more about Alisa, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s gonna be my favorite character in this book ?

      1. Me too! She’s so lovely and knows how to hide everywhere! I hope nothing bad happens to her

      2. Alisa is a defo a fave of mine also!!!

    2. I don’t think you need to worry too much about exactly what happens in the original- I’m feeling like this book is supposed to be set AFTER the events in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – but in this version, something else happened, some kind of betrayal, and they didn’t both die.

      1. Oooo that’s a very interesting theory!

  2. I don’t know what to think….I didn’t think that the madness was contagious but now it seems to be…. I hope Juliette and Roma didn’t get it from the dead guy!!
    I also haven’t got a clue why Roma has betrayed Juliette in such an awful way!! I hope to learn more about why, get an explanation.
    And sure….. why is the Dutch guy the one who is in charge of the drug lab!!?! Finally I read about someone from my homeland and it’s the drug guy ???
    I like the story but I’m not sure I can keep up, so I start reading tomorrow’s chapters right away ?

    1. Sorry…I completely forgot to say hi, so……

      Hi Shaz and everyone joining the read along!! ?

    2. Haha I liked the Dutch reference but didn’t make the connection with the drug lab ?

  3. Hello! After reading these chapters, I have to say it’s captured my intrigue so far, but not entirely living up to the hype. Having read the original Romeo and Juliet, it’s just so fun to see where the characters and plot points line up. Juliette and Roma are so cute already, wanting to murder each other but also kiss each other ?. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters

  4. Hi all ?

    I have to say, I’m finding it slow going at the moment, which is disappointing, because I love Romeo & Juliet, and really want to love this book too. So I’m keeping fingers crossed that it picks up and starts to get some pace.

    I think it sounds like Roma’s father may have set Roma up to look like he betrayed Juliette, or he was involved in making the betrayal happen in some way.

    Not sure what to make of the insects yet, but I’m hoping this mystery will bring our star-crossed lovers back together again, but with a happier ending ?

    1. I loved their battle of wills/knives/gun in the alley. The teasing from him was good lol

      1. defo a fave scene of mine haha

  5. Just caught up and i am intrigued and invested so far. Veeery descriptive which can get a bit tiresome but still enjoying. I love the richness of the culture and languages, although i hope they have more significance other than just highlighting that theyre bilingual lol Alisa is very sweet too but i see her probably getting hurt/dying for some reason :/

  6. Hi everyone ??
    Why is noone talking about the creepy insects? I mean the mysterious monster in the sea is kind of cool and scary, but these little black insects are just creeping me out. If they are the reason for the madnes they have to bite their victims… or something worse ?
    I hope none of Julietts or Romas friends gets the madnes. Seems to be a bloody buisines.
    And I really like Benedikt ans Alisa.
    Hopefully it gets a bit more exciting now that we know where we stand.
    Can’t wait

    1. those insects are super creepyyyyyy!!

  7. Oh my, this is REALLY good. And wow did this section end on a cliffhanger or what?

    Chapter Seven was my favourite. Knives and guns and romantic tension. Yes please!

    I’m not sure what I theorise at this stage. I assumed it would be in keeping with Romeo and Juliet but so far the plot has already diverged a lot. And what is up with those freaky alien bugs? The scientist said they weren’t made by God, so maybe some sort of demon? I can’t wait to continue and find out!

    1. Oh that said I do find the Dexters trying to sell their new product very suspicious, especially as Juliette hasn’t let them say what the new product is.

      1. They do seem shady right?

        1. Dont trust them at all!

  8. I didn’t have time to finish all of the chapters for today sadly ? However, what I was able to read was AMAZING. I love the delicious darkness of Juliette’s POV and the annoyance & regretfulness in Roma’s words.

    What happened between them? Did Roma tell his father something about the Scarlets, which is what caused the explosion? It’s obvious they liked each other once, and I can already tell there will be a fiery romance in the coming chapters.

    I like how Chloe Gong made sure to grasp us within the prologue. The monster – what is it? Why is attacking? A blood feud that causes the loss of lives between the Scarlets and White Flowers? Yes, please.

    I’m very intrigued by this book, and I can’t wait to catch up tomorrow!

  9. I’m loving where the story is heading so far!!! I always struggle with the intro of stories as I just like it to get to the point, but I’m excited to see where this is going!! I hope we get more interactions with the side characters as I already love Benedict and Marshall:)))

    1. Yesss Benedict and Marshall are my faves too! Then again, Benvolio and Mercutio were my favourites in Romeo and Juliet so may be a little biased…

      Speaking of the R+J parallels, does anyone know who Alisa is meant to be (if anyone)? Its been years since I read it and I can’t remember all the characters… or even most of them lol.

      1. Absolutely love when the additional characters become dear to me!

        hmmm im not sure Alisa is anyone from R+J (I also have not read it in a long time aha so i may be missing someone)

  10. Hi everyone and happy reading ☺️

    I found the first chapters to be a bit slow paced, so I just hope that it’ll pick up when we read on ?

    What I really like are the characters. I find them quite intriguing and also hope to read more about Alisa. And also about what really happened with Roma’s betrayal as it seems a bit like he might have been set up or something like that.

    I’m now looking forward to the next chapters and hope everyone is having fun ?

    1. Ooo interesting he could’ve have been set up… hmmm!

      Hope you’re enjoying the readalong ?

  11. Hi Everyone!

    Just caught up on day 1 and about to start day 2. I LOVE Chloe Gong’s writing style. I actually love the description and first chapter, really set the scene for me. After that, it definitely picked up pace!!
    Enjoying how head strong Juliette is and the setting of a divided complex Shanghai is brilliant!
    Also, wow – what a way to finish chapter 8!!

  12. I already feel that this could become a favorite! The characters are so charming 😀
    I think there is something shady about Roma’s betrayal. If that guilt of his is not about something else like drawing attention of his father to Juliette or something like that. Starting on today’s chapters immediately!

  13. Hi everyone!
    The story seems interesting so far, I liked both MCs, I can see how their relationship can get really interesting! Not a big fan of the bugs, I’m a bit afraid how nasty will the scenes will them get, I hope it won’t be too bad!
    Can’t wait to continue the story!

  14. I didn’t expect to learn this fast what happend 4 years ago. I get the feeling Roma was forced to betray Juliette by his father. Maybe he threated Juliette and Roma told him the information he needed to keep her safe.

    I think the Dexter family has something to do with the madness. It can be coincidence both father and son are mentioned this early in the story. Maybe the drug they want to sell is the cure people are talking about….

    My other theory is that someone wants to expand their power over the city. First they spread the “madness” and then they provide the only medicine keeping you safe in return for loyalty or something….. I don’t think it is something “magical” maybe a drug that causes halucinations or something.

    I love the wide variation of characters and their natures. AMarshal and Benedict are my favorites so far and I expect a big role for little Alisa.

  15. So, cards on the table, I am not a fan of R&J for a lot of reasons, so I was unsure how I would feel with this book but I was concerned for no reason; I am loving this.
    I love the slow pace, not every book needs to be action constantly, I love good character development and this certainly has that.
    I love how ‘real’ the book is, there are actual consequences (people are actually dead!) and legit reason for everyone’s actions; being at war with one another makes sense.
    And finally, I’m with Roma, for sure it’s contagious, that last chapter, oh man all those Scarlet’s dead, they would have to be the ones who were at the club? But why is Juliette ok???

  16. Hi!

    So excited to start this book. I just finished the first day’s chapters so I’m a little bit behond but hope to catch up today! I think the setting of this book is so scary. It doesn’t really feel like fantasy yet but more mystery/horror like story. I really like it so far though. I think Juliette is a great character and although we are already getting bits and pieces of how she and Roma met, I want to learn more! And i want to know which of the two rumours about Juliette is true ?

  17. Hi Shaz, hello everyone!

    I want to scream my excitement because I am already so hooked onto the story! The prologue completely grabbed my attention and I fear that this book won‘t let it go anytime soon!

    Roma and Juliette are both such unique and interesting characters – I cannot wait to learn more of them, nor can I hold my anxiety over the spreading madness! Why did it have to be those bugs though, I now feel an itch all over my skin *shrudders* xD

  18. Hi,

    I’m behind too, trying to catch up a bit today. I love the setting of the 1920s and I much prefer this version of Juliet, to the original!

    I also hope we get to see more of Alisa, but the insects kind of creeped me out. The silver eyes are still a bit mysterious and I’m still wondering how the insects, eyes and the victims are connected. If it’s a contagion, it seems kinda appropriate right now ?

  19. I am maybe enjoying the side characters more than the main characters. I definitely do not trust the Dexter’s. The insects and the throat tearing out madness is pretty creepy. Not sure yet if this is a sci fi or a fantasy but there are definitely horror elements

  20. Finally caught up with the first few chapters. I love the setting it’s unique and different to what I usually read but I agree that it’s very descriptive which made this part seem slightly slow. I’m very intrigued to find out what happens especially with those weird insects. They sound like some Egyptian mummy curse so I’m interested to find out what’s actually going on ?

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