These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 3

Amazing photo by @szaffipolca

Hello hello and welcome back to day three of The Violent Delights readalong. Yesterday was quite the roller coaster of a read, mind-blowing! So excited to get back to it today.

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Alrighty, let’s dive right in. Today we’re reading Chapters 17-24!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong Chapters 1-24! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Roma rushes to stop Alisa from grabbing her throat, she’s beyond the point of recognising Roma! Nobody is helping, where is their dad?! Marshall steps in and makes her go unconscious! Roma rushes her to the hospital but gets kicked out of the room!
His dad is there now and Roma has lost it to the point he calls his father and Dimitri cowards for not dealing with this problems themselves. They have put Alisa in a coma, they don’t know what to do.

Roma heads to the underground pit where Benedikt and Marshall are. Dimitri is in the ring – the undefeated champion. Lord Montagov has stopped the investigation into the madness – what!!!
Dimitri has pulled his gun on his next opponent – an American, who supposedly had ties with the Scarlet. Roma jumps in and stops him, the american leaves but Dimitri still shoots him!
The White Flowers are losing respect for Roma! They end up fighting and Dimitri the cheater!!! Roma wins. 👏🏼

Back to business – Benedikt and Marshall say we need help. Roma has to ask Juliette for help!

boy meets world dun dun dun gif | WiffleGif

Lady Cai and Juliette are talking, business and image and how it’s about number and how her father came to be the head of the Scarlet gang!
Juliette is about to go to sleep, but hears a knocking, what? It’s Romeo – I mean, Roma haha! ‘Dorogaya‘ omggggg

Aw Juliette and her threats! Roma asks for Juliette’s helps to help save Alisa, she agrees – she has Zhang’s home address, and they decide to meet at sunrise by the statue.

They meet and head towards Zhang’s home, no one is home until they start picking the lock and someone opens the door – his assistant. haha Juliette introduces Roma as Mr Montague – ‘What kind of name is that..” ahaha love it!
Juliette goes snooping for information, the larkspurs are linked, but how?

They leave and Juliette tells him her Chinese name and how she chose Juliette to fit in in a western society. 😔 Juliette says their deals in now over – but Roma insists that she’s looking at it all wrong and that they need to hunt for the Larkspur, so until the madness stops, they are working together.

Kathleen is at a Communist meeting in the early morning and bumps into Marshall, oooop! Who sent him here?
Kathleen manages to find out that Zhang has a monster doing his dirty work for him. They say they saw a monster leaving his house! OMG
OH NO, a police raid, and Marshall saves Kathleen from getting arrested but also heard everything she found out.

Juliette drinking away, no people to see. And Rosalind is troubled by the monster and the idea that her and Kathleen are not important members of the Scarlet gang! 😔
Back at home, Marshall asks/ponders how Lord Montagov has manage to get spot on intel – first the ball and then Katheen at the Communist meeting – WOAH!

Juliette find Roma, but she was followed oh no. They hug (not the best circumstances but aww) so Roma can shoot with her gun. They run, it’s not just 2, it’s 4. Head to an arcade and hide, Roma distraught from killing someone. Juliette shoots another in the shoulder, and the other is KO’d by Roma.
Larkspur has money on either Roma and Juliette’s head!!! Oh no, he’s seen them working together, he runs but Juliette shoots him.

Mr bean GIF on GIFER - by Dolkree

Heading to the Larkspurs place, and all Juliette sees is her culture erased!

Juliette is taking no bs, as she heads straight to the front and literally knocks out the bodyguard out cold. haha oh Roma, took him a minute to realise she hit him with her gun.
Bolt the door, and they find people, and a lady injecting them with something, she is not the Larkspur, Roma manages to steal a vial of the cure. And they casually jump out of a window.

Ben and Marshall are still trying to find a live patient and they just did – but she’s a nationalist – oooop. Both Roma and Juliette, Ben and Marshall are heading to Lourens. They are so closeeee!

Louren’s is sooooo nice! Marshall and Ben walk in with an unconscious nationalist. Surprising turn of events for all.

Louren starts his tests and find absolutely nothing wrong. Until Juliette points out that why should the cure be natural when the madness is not natural. And so they cut her scalp to get an insect but she dies and the insects all jump out and scurry away, all but 2 who decide to jump into Louren’s beard – Roma cuts his beard and kills the 2 insects – omgggggg

And so we end today’s chapters with the team about to start testing the vaccine and wooooow!

What are your theories so far? These insects are creeeepyyyy. Comment down below and I shall see you all tomorrow.


30 thoughts on “These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 3

  1. We are past half of the book and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s not like I feel sparks fly between Juliette and Roma 😐 their relationship in fact makes me feel quite lukewarm. I actually ship Marshall and Ben more then them 😅
    But again, I’m pretty apathetic lately so it could be me and not the book (which I’m enjoying anyway! Come for the romance, stayed for the mystery ✨).

    On a more general note, I think that a part of the song “teeth” from the band 5 seconds of summer really fits Roma!
    The song goes like this:

    “Blood on my shirt
    a rose in my hand
    you are looking at me like you don’t know who I am

    Blood on my shirt
    heart in my hand
    sill beating”

    and now that I think of it the refrain instead kinda fits Juliette?

    “you fight so dirty
    but your love’s so sweet
    you talk so pretty
    but your heart got teeth”

    and I have posted my photo! My instagram handle is @Sputnik.books

    1. omg I love it! Those lyrics are soooo Roma and Juliette

  2. I really like Benedikt & Marshall more and more…. ❤️
    I’m wondering why lord Montagov doesn’t trust Roma?? Has it got to do with what happend 4 years ago?? Or is it just because he isn’t that violent??

    Loved how Roma showed up upon Juliettes balcony!!

    I’ve entered the giveaway 🤗🤞 I’m @beppie125

    1. Me too! Benedikt was ma favourite from the beginning, but those two together are just so cute 😍

  3. The more I get into this book, the more I’m enjoying it, which I’m so pleased about!

    The fight between Roma and Dimitri was intense! So pleased that Roma managed to stamp his authority, despite Dimitri’s cheating.

    I’ve got a theory that the monster isn’t a monster, but somebody in an elaborate monster outfit.

    Glad that Alisa is still alive so far, hopefully Juliette and Roma can solve the mystery and save her.

    The balcony scene was so sweet, with Roma calling Juliette “Dorogaya” – sweetheart 😍

    Looking forward to seeing where them working together leads them 🙂

    I’ll be entering the giveaway – my Instagram is @tinasparkle04

    1. That fight scene was just *chefs kiss* and very much needed

  4. There was the balcony scene 😍 i loved it
    So glad they work together.
    And finally they meet with Ben and Marsh. Now only Kathleen and Rosalind are missing.
    I really want to know who the Larkspur is. And whot do thes insects have to do with the monster in the water???
    In the last chepters Louren gets some extra points. He’s so chilled 🤣 I like him

    1. And i postet my picture: instagram handle lunas_book_page

  5. Oh man oh man. I was not expecting to love this book as much as I do! Before reading I had no clue what this book was about beside gangs and 1920s Shanghai, then I picked up on the Romeo and Juliet retelling and I was hooked. With each day of reading I am more and more surprised and dying to know what is going on! (Thankfully I am learning patience when it comes to reading!)

    I honestly think my favorite part of this read along day was the fight between Roma and Dimitiri. (Then again I am dying for a moment of Juliette kicking Tyler’s butt).

    Also I posted my pic on Instagram! (Thankfully I had the Fairyloot copy and the regular copy to pull off the photo I wanted 🥰). My handler is bookish_westie.

    1. OMG a scene with Juliette kicking Tyler butt would be gold!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one disenchanted by the love plotline. I really like both characters, and it’s not that I wouldn’t be happy if they got together, I just don’t care much one way or the other. I AM, however, VERY interested to see where this mystery goes!

    Who’s behind the bugs?!
    Who’s going to control Shanghai?
    Will Juliette and Roma rule their gangs without opposition?

    I’ve posted a photo for the giveaway. My Instagram is @beckettastic

    1. The mystery is just getting more interesting!

  7. These chapters were very interesting!!! The whole thing with the insects just keeps getting creepier and creepier! I can’t wait to see what will happen with the blue vial in the next few chapters…

  8. I’m absolutely loving the book! I entered the hashtag challenge and my Instagram name is @bookology

  9. As other already mentioned it, my main ship is Benedikt & Marshall. They are so cute, I’m terrified one of them will die.
    I’m glad Juliette is kind of having a reckoning going on about her real identity. I hope she’ll be able to figure out who is she really and then she’ll be able to be happy with Roma.
    Can’t wait to see what will happen with the blue vial and I hope Alisa gets cured!

  10. The romance is taking slow burn to a new level lol the balcony scene was the best just because it was more of them admitting their ‘like’ for one another.

  11. The Mr Bean gif is everything!!! Exactly how I imagined it … not 😂

  12. Hi everyone! Guess who’s late to the game and playing catch up!

    (Me. Its me. Posting here then immediately heading into part 4…)

    I was thinking in the last section that something that was bothering me in the book was that we kept being told how Roma and Juliette were both violent killers but like… we hadn’t actually seen any evidence of that actually happening. So I was very pleased when the shootout came up and assuaged by concern there, haha.

    Like everyone else I am super #TeamBenshall (#TeamMarsedikt? BenMars? What are we calling this ship? 😂) but Kathleen is far and away my favourite character! I love her so much! There was a quote in one of her bits that I thought was so heartbreaking and relatable;

    “Sometimes it was hard for Kathleen to remember she was still her own person, not just shards of a mirror reflecting back a thousand different personalities most fitting for the situation.”

    1. lol you’re not as behind as me. It took me ALL day to catch up. And I think I’m still behind by a few chapters for today’s chapters. 🤣

      I agree with everything you said!!

      1. Haha I only got through half of day 4 before I crashed… if I can finish today im gonna count it as a win 😂

  13. I was only TWO chapters away from catching up before my eyes betrayed me!!!

    But I have now caught up, so yay!!!

    The dorogaya thing was the BEST. First bit of romance pretty much in the entire book. Juliette is the best- so sassy and amazing and strong. Love it! And Roma is . . . well, Roma. Juliette explaining her real name is kind of . . . sad? I feel bad for her because she can never be who she truly wants to be.

    Why does Marshall save Kathleen from the police raid? And how does Lord Montagov know? Sneaky. Who is the betrayer in the Scarletts?

    And that fight scene was awesome!! IMO first bit of real action in this entire book.

    The insect-thing is REALLY FREAKY. Nasty and it makes my head itch (literally). I wonder what else we’ll find out about the madness in today’s chapters!

  14. I wish we got more from Roma’s POV, it’s a bit hard to get to know him when we get so little of his POV. I still don’t love love Juliette she us just so black and white and angry. Enjoying all the side knick characters thought. Also I don’t completely trust Rosalind but it might just be because we hardly ever get her POV.

    I have posted my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  15. I’ve said it before but I was never a fan of R&J, which may be because I had to study it for extension English for a whole term, for five freaking years. However, with that said, I am absolutely loving all the little nods towards the original R&J play, it’s like Chloe Gong took all the best bits out of the play and turned them into a plausible narrative. Just loving this book.
    The bugs creep the hell out of me; seriously need to know what’s happening there.
    And with the monster… could it possibly be that it is actually being controlled?
    Need to know more about the side characters also, Kathleen’s backstory is so sad and Roma’s blokes are so funny, I’m shipping them so hard.

  16. Posted my photo on @hearthstonereads! ❤

  17. I am LOVING this book so far! I love Juliette so much and how badass she is. I actually really love the romance and I can not WAIT for more!!! I am really enjoying my read so far and I can already tell this book is going to be a new favourite! 🙂 I really want to know what is going to happen next and more about these bugs, because they are gross! I’m a bit slow reading but I am loving reading these posts after I finish the chapters. I plan to enter the giveaway too and my Instagram is @flissandbooks

  18. Omg, the whole situation with Alyssa was SO intense – I think I was holding my breath for most of it! :c I NEED her to be okay, so I really hope our beloved crew will find a cure soon! *anxious jumping*

    But I loved how character and relationship driven this part especially was! It‘s so sweet to see the developing feelings between Marshall and Benedict (I am shipping them SO hard, it’s starting to be painful) and between Roma and Juliette! Chloe Gong has mastered writing scenes with sexual tension and I‘m living for it 😉

    I also love to join the little challenge! Thanks for providing such an opportunity – I posted my picture and my insta handle is @moonlessreader <3

  19. Omg 😂 this book was definitely a product of 2020 hahaha. I entered the giveaway! My handle is @warnar.books!
    The book is so creepy but I really like it! I saw you guys just posted you are going to do a special edition for book two and I can’t wait!!! 😍

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not entirely enchanted by the emotions between Roma and Juliette 🙈 It just doesn’t feel like a big love lost there…

    I do love the characters though and my favorites are Marshall and Ben 😂

    However, I feel more and more creeped out by those insects 🙈

    And I’m entering the challenge with @booktraesuresau 💜

  21. I’m a slow reader so I’m only just at day 3 but I’m really enjoying it so far! I’ve posted on my Instagram @storiesandstarlight_

  22. I´m a bit behind on the reading schedule, but I´ve entered the give away @The_B00kish_elf

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