These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 4

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Hello, my reading buddies. How are we all today? ?

It’s day 4 of our readalong for These Violent Delights and I am so ready to see what is in store for us in today’s chapters.

Today we will be reading chapters 25-32.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for These Violent Delights Chapters 1-32! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


As they all wait for the tests to be done on the vaccine, Roma and Juliette remember a memory from the past. aw
Juliette starts walking around and is about to look at some papers but Marshall stops her thinking shes snooping. ooop, he asks her why she has weapons and on reflex hits her, he grabs her arm and she does a maneuver that defies gravity and Marshall falls and then he’s laughing omg ??

Lourens shows them his inventions and one is to stop a heart beating. The timer goes off and Juliette sneaks the invention, Marshall sees but doesn’t speak up.
The drug used to create the vaccine is Lernicrom, Walter Dexter is the supplier for Larkspur.

Juliette lost in her thoughts, Lord Cai speaks of a traitor in the inner circle and that he’ll find whoever it is WHAT! Juliette goes to the washroom and hears screaming and see’s someone with the madness and no one bats an eye at what is happening.

Marshall finds Benedikt at the Huangpu river, they don’t trust Juliette. They leave to go home but they see something, the monster, and they both hide under a tarp and see the insects come out of the monster – OMG! Ben and Marshall have kinda of a moment – Ben leaves to tell Roma. Roma tells Ben to stake out Zhang’s apartment with Marshall for the monster so they can kill it. Ben is not happy about this task. ?

Rosalind visits Kathleen and is worried and scared about what happened with Lord Cai. Asks if Kathleen thinks it’s Juliette, because of the rumours?

Juliette stuck entertaining Paul to get any information on Walter Dexter’s partnership with the Larkspur. He has a gift for Juliette at his house – perfect. Omg it’s a painting of her, lord! She fakes dizziness and asks for medicine. She finds nothing in the time he’s gone, but when hes back and open his briefcase she catch a name – Archibald Welch.
Juilettes asks Kathleen to find anything on him, Kathleen is so sweet.

Roma is waiting for Juliette, they discreetly exchange information, Roma tells her the monster/insects are the same. Scarlet memeber comes with the information and Juliette tells him of Archibald – the larkspurs delivery man.
Ben and Marhsall on look out, lost of different people come and go until they hear a scarlet associate is one and is on White Flower territory, Ben stops him but get’s nowhere, he wasn’t even afraid.

Marshall finds claw marks right by Zhang’s window!

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Mantua, the inbetween Scarlet and White Flower territory and the place Archibald Welsch is. They find him and he says I’ll tell you everything, but let make it fun – a drinking game for all their questions and so it begins.
Larkspur is makes a cure and one a fake, he’s choosing who lives and dies.
Writes everything in a leather book only from Britain, how did the British get here so fast and why? Because they had the cure already!

A police raid, and Roma is drunk ahaha oh no! They can’t leave so Juliette hauls them both upstairs and pays off a policeman. Roma and Juliette finally kiss and this is sad! He launched an attack on her people, he had no other choice, Juliette runs.

Juliette is gardening and promptly starts smashing shit. Grabs a coat and leaves. In White Flower territory and bumps into someone.
Ben meets Marshall and Roma and tells them he saw Juliette, Roma leaves to find her.
And he does, before Dimitri could see her. Juliette demands answers why did he do it! Roma finally tells her, how his father found out about them and that he gave Roma the knife in his hands to use to kill her but he couldn’t. So he came up with the launch on her people instead of her. He chose to save her!

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Nanshi, Scarlet factory are striking, and the Communist are involved. Scarlet member is letting Tyler know and also that another member may have seen Juliette with Roma!!! OH CRAP!
Juliette and Roma find the Larkspur, he’s wearing a mask. oh my god, Zhang is turning himself into the monster and is giving Larkspur the information needed to create the cure.

Roma and Juliette leave, they hear the chants of the revolt. They plan to kill Zhang Gutai. Roma leaves and Tyler sees them both, work together. ?

Juliette send a message to Kathleen and Rosalind about the plan that the Secretary General of the Communist is the monster and that she needs back up to kill him. Kathleen is about to leave but Rosalind tries to stop her, telling her once again that they aren’t Cai’s but Kathleen leaves to help Juliette.

Well that was one hell of an ending for us to stop at! Comment down below all your feels and I shall see you tomorrow for the final day.


21 thoughts on “These Violent Delights Readalong: Day 4

  1. Today’s chapters were intense to say the least, I can’t wait to keep reading!

    About the traitor, I have the feeling it’s Rosalind, she seemed extremely stressed and nervous in those last few chapters. Furthermore, knowing that she longs for power and to fully belong makes her the perfect suspect.
    Maybe when Tyler will expose Juliette as “the traitor” she would step up and confess in order to save her?

    About the Larkspur instead, I think there’s two options: he’s setting a trap for Juliette and Roma, or he wants Zhang Gutai dead for some reason, maybe he was an experiment and he has outlived his usefulness?
    I also think his real identity is mr Dexter. It would explain everything: his sudden wealth, the absence of Larkspur missives on his desk, not to mention that the madness started when he arrived in Shanghai and he *casually* happened to have the main ingredient for the vaccine.

    p.s. that moment between Mars and Ben gave me life ♥️

    1. I think you could be right about Rosalind… i was thinking the same thing…..
      It could alsobe that the one behind the curtains, the Larkspur, is the monster?? (and old man Dexter, because he seems to have dissappeared somehow. /we haven’t seen him for a while)

      1. those are some really good theories! Where had Walter Dexter gone? hmmmm

      2. You’re right we only see his son Paul. And he doesn’t give much information

  2. I’m really enjoying the story, although i’m wondering why Roma only took the blue vial and no red one…??? Why would you only take one and not both if you´re curious to what’s inside????
    I liked the part where Juliette almost killed Marshall but didn’t because he started laughing 🙂 , and coming across a Ducht word ‘Doodskus’ (kiss of death) was a nice surprise.
    I don’t understand why they are so eager to believe Zhang Gutai is the monster, only because the Lakspur says he is?? Why trust him??? If the monster dies, so does his business….
    Hopefully the book doesn’t end with a major cliffhanger.

    1. From what I’ve heard it does end in a cliffhanger which sucks but at least it’s coming out later this year:(

      1. ahhh! we have a title for the book – Our Violent Ends – so not ready

  3. Aaaaargh, I need to know whodunit!!! I got so carried away with reading, I forgot to stop at the end of the chapters ?

    I really don’t like the way that Rosalind is acting. Why is she suddenly hating on Juliette? Kathleen, on the other hand, is an absolute sweetheart, and I love how she’s loyal to her cousin, and is totally sure of Juliette’s loyalty to her and Rosalind too.

    Benedikt and Marshall are just too cute, I love their interactions. And I loved the scene with Roma and Juliette downing shots with Archibald Welsh – Juliette showing Roma how it’s done, go girl!!!!

    Right, I’m off to finish the rest of these chapters – I can’t wait till tomorrow ?

    1. Drunk Roma is hilarious!

  4. Finally some Roma/Juliette action! Wahoo! Rosalind is the spy. Has to be. She was moving sooo shady!

    So scared for the duo now that Tyler has seen them!

  5. Rosalind please don’t be the spy, why are you like this 🙁 I feel like the book will end on a cliffhanger with Juliette and Roma maybe drinking that drug that stops heart? Maybe? Tyler will for sure cause chaos and I am afraid some death are coming. I am very excited to finish the book. Fortunetly even if there is a cliffhanger, the next book is supposed to come out this year.

    1. Tyler has been gone for a while, so not ready for what he might do!

    2. Oh I forgot about that drug. I was kind of thinking perhaps its a potential cure for those already infected – like maybe if the bugs already think the host is dead they’ll all leave the body? ?‍♀️

  6. I think it very unlikely that Zhang is actually the villain behind it all. There are a lot of characters that I do not trust right now

  7. So much happened in yesterday’s chapters, which I finally caught up on late last night!!

    I am really enjoying this book! I love the setting so much and the characters are where it’s at. I’m here for more romance between Roma and Juliette, but . . . we’ll see how that goes.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I’m so excited for today’s chapters!!!!

  8. So much is going on!
    I want mor Ben and Mars.
    And it’s killing me that Tyler knows about Juliett and Roma. Or that he think he knows something and will use that for his benefit.
    I don’t think, that they can kill the monster so easily. There must be more behind it.
    And I’m afraid what Rosalind might do. Is she really the spy?

  9. I swear I’m going to finish this today even though I keep falling behind ?

    Okay so my current theories are:

    Paul Dexter is not called Paul Dexter, he isn’t the first merchant’s (who we haven’t seen again since chapter one) son at all and he is either the Larkspur or Zhang (under a false name again) or maybe even both in a whole Jekyll and Hyde scenario – which would be *so* cool.

    Theory two is Rosalind is the traitor in the Scarlet inner circle but I don’t want to be right because it’ll break my heart… but I also can’t think who else it could be. There were a few times it sort of seemed it might be Kathleen but in that last chapter Kathleen had a piece of narrative along the lines of “she had no idea what her sister was thinking” which felt like a huge hint

    Man, this section was so good! I am especially living for every Marshall and Benedikt in the hopes they’ll bring up their unaddressed almost-kiss. ❤ eee, I can’t wait to finish! This might be my favourite fairyloot book ever

  10. I am with the others on the “Rosalind is the spy” theory.
    I really liked these chapters!

  11. Wow, those chapters were INTENSE!

    I‘m kinda stopping to fully stop trusting Rosalind – she is acting awfully suspicious and I‘m getting the feeling that she knows more than she‘s letting on? I really hope she has no port in the whole madness chaos – it would surely break Juliette heart!

    Although the scene where she and Roma were drinking all these shots and me CACKLING xD Roma being drunk is my new favorite thing, he‘s too precious for the world!

  12. I don’t know about Rosalind being the spy. I find it a bit too obvious with how she’s acting.

    Also the further I read, the more I enjoy the pacing of the story. And how funny is drunk Roma!? ??

  13. Wow wow. I love this book! It is soooo good. I can’t wait to see how this one ends. AND IM SO EXCITED FOR THE SEQUEL ALREADY! But right now I feel like its all going too easy. I dont think this is the entire truth. What if Zhang isnt the monster? Or what if there are more monsters. Juliette and Roma are getting their answers quite easily and I dont believe it… i think they were meant to find out so they would kill Zhang because that’s part of Larkspur’s plan or something. I have no clue so far what the real truth is but I’m excited to find out. And I totally ship Roma and Juliette. They are really awesome together

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