This Vicious Grace Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving This Vicious Grace so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 23 to the end of Chapter 32, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede, from chapters 23 to 32. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Alessa is pondering what to wear for her portrait when she comes across a leather-bound book with the words “Per luce mia” inside. Alessa assumes it’s for her since Dante has called her that before just he jumps out of his skin and BLUSHES. Dante, blushing! Amazing!!!

The leather-bound book belonged to his mother. Then Dante says his mother used to call him “Luce Mia”, it’s VERY sweet that Dante has called Alessa the sweet nickname his mother had for him. I am sensing romance, I’m rarely wrong about these things! (I’m actually wrong quite often, hopeless romantic.)

The tenderness and romance soon leaves though, when Dante starts winding Alessa up about a book of HERS she’s found. A raunchy, saucy, rakish kinda book.

When Alessa starts talking about her Nonna (who sends her lil notes in her soap baskets) she says her Nonna would force Dante to eat lots of pasta and scold him for being too handsome. Now it’s Alessa’s turn to blush when Dante’s response is “You think I’m handsome?” she backtracks, but I’m not sure Dante’s buying it. She DEFINITELY thinks he’s handsome!

Dante has suggested Alessa interrupts the Fontes’ card games and play with them. Understandably, she’s apprehensive since they don’t exactly seem to be jumping at the chance to be in her company. When Saida opens the door, Alessa panics and just asks them if they need anything.

Alessa and Dante are a lot more similar than they realise. When Alessa tells him he’s her only friend, he responds that he thinks she might be his only friend too. So instead of joining the fontes, they’re going to get drunk together and play drinking games, truth or challenge. A very clever, not at all silly decision! Here for it.

It starts off innocently enough, then he’s asking if she could do anything before Divorando what would it be (lose her virginity) and she’s asking if he thinks she’s pretty (yes) and then, one thing leads to another and they’re hugging. Now, in any normal circumstance I wouldn’t be so torn up over two people hugging, but Alessa has longed for someone to touch her without causing injury or worse for so long and Dante is doing it. Fully covered with a scarf over his head, but still. Now she’s ogling him, he told her to be bold after all…

19 days to go until Divorando… and Alessa is hungover!

I’m cackling at Mastro Pasquale and Alessa teaming up on Dante to get him booked into a nude portrait session with the artist. I’d watch that happen. Then Dante is leaving, “running out real quick”. Alessa asks if he’s visiting someone special, he denies it… but he’s acting a lil sketchy.

In Alessa’s suite, someone’s left a plate of lemon verbena cookies. They sound sooo good.

Why is it, every time I think a bookish food sounds yummy… it’s poisoned. I swear this isn’t the first time this has happened! It’s an amateur assassin according to Dante, since they poisoned it with Daphne and you’d notice it straight away given its horrible taste. 

Now Dante is second guessing his trip out, but he says the city isn’t safe for Alessa. Neither is the Cittadella, Dante!

Nonetheless, Dante agrees to Alessa’s plan of sneaking into her parents bakery to see if they know who made the cookies. It makes me sad that even her parents don’t call her by her name, just Finestra. As if her identity is no more. Her father steals a few glances around to make sure no one is watching, then he calls her Alessa. Her mother doesn’t offer her the same respect, telling her immediately she’s not supposed to be there.

Adrick was manning the bakery yesterday, so she shoots to the apothecary to see what he knows. Damn. Adrick knows, he knows they were poisoned. Did he do it?

She finds Dante in an alley, arguing with someone in a white robe. One of Ivini’s men. She hears the word kill. Is Dante trying to get rid of her? But he’s had chances to kill her. He could’ve let her eat the poisoned cookies and his job would’ve been done… I don’t think he wants her dead.

He doesn’t realise she’s there, that anyone is there, in the alley with him and in his anger begins to punch the wall. When Alessa steps forward to try and stop him, he reacts immediately, by sticking knives through her abdomen. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no!!! He gasps and pulls the knives free.

Dante gently lowers her to the ground, she’s still worried about her touching him. Giiiirl, he literally just stabbed you, to death, you’re dying, and you’re worrying about hurting him? He stabbed you!!!

He’s pressing on her wounds, shaking his head, hands covered in Alessa’s blood. That does nothing though, so instead he holds her gloved hands, remembering when she told him her first Fonte was dying and she held his hand so he would know he wasn’t alone. But then he’s trying to take off her gloves and despite Alessa’s feeble effort to stop him, he presses their naked palms together. What is he DOING?

He collapses on top of her, now they’re both dying. I don’t understand why he would do that?

Now Alessa is waking up… And after a lil headbutt, Dante is awake too…

Alessa is completely healed. Then Dante is saying he didn’t think it was going to work… Then everything becomes clear to Alessa. Dante is a ghiotte, and he just used his power to heal her. Wait… no… when he grasped her hands, Alessa took his power and used it as her own to heal herself.

Dante explains who the man was, then he’s telling her to lock the gates behind her. He’s not coming back with her? She manages to convince him to help her up to her suite, and she’s wondering if he has horns, if he’s a demon in disguise. He’s not. Dante seems to think he is though, not in a literal sense, but a soulful sense. He doesn’t think he’s a good person. He says there was one person who tried to help him, and he killed her… Um… elaborate please Dante?

A ten year old girl saw him heal himself, he couldn’t hide it, so instead told her he found the Fonte della Guargione. He described it as being hard to get to in the hopes she wouldn’t try, but she did, and he found her the next day, dead on the rocks.

Dante carries a lot of guilt, that’s clear, but none of the things he’s guilty for, the parents, the girl, are actually his fault. 

They argue and Alessa escapes, needing air. Dante very nearly kills Adrick, but Alessa steps in quickly.

Now is Alessa’s chance to find out what Adrick is up to, what he knows about the poison.

It was him. He thinks it’s his calling, he’s been brainwashed by Ivini. Now he’s giving her a vial of poison and tells her he knows she’ll “do the right thing”. She really has no one. Except maybe Dante, at a push?

Dante apologises to her and explains people usually try to kill him when they discover he’s a ghiotte.

Dante gets her back inside and then spots the vial. She tries to pass it off as her mother’s perfume but Dante calls her bluff and goes to drink it. He disposes of the vial.

You’re the hero. I’m just asking a girl to hold my hand.” – please tattoo this quote on my heart. Swoon

The next day, Josef has planned a surprise trip to his family’s gelateria. He explains to Alessa that he thinks the flavour’s people choose say a lot about them. I love this little bonding moment. 

Dante is pressing Alessa on what happened with her previous Fonte’s to try and understand her gift a bit more. They’re going to train a bit more. Alessa immediately tries to delay it though, with the argument that her hands are cold, and I love that Dante jokes that their deal is off since her hands are cold.

The pain of her touch is bearable for him the first time, then the next time it’s not unpleasant, just a bit uncomfortable. Alessa argues unpleasant and uncomfortable are the same and Dante argues that they’re not always, a massage for example is pleasant but uncomfortable. Dante, are you hinting?

I can’t tell if Alessa is jealous at the idea of another woman’s hands touching Dante. As Dante goes back to trying to explain how something can hurt in a good way, he comes up with the example of arousal. I see Dante has arousal on his mind! 👀

When Alessa blushes, he opts for a better description: exercise. Alessa seems to understand that one a bit more. He explains to her that he thinks she’s been rushing into her power and she needs to ease it in more. That seems to make a lot of sense.

I’m not sure if it’s more of a curse to Alessa that she can touch Dante, but his power won’t help her save Saverio. She just seems to punish herself more that she hasn’t found a way to save everyone yet, but surely this practice will be of use when it comes to touching her Fonte?

The training has paid off though, Kaleb notices a difference straight away when they train… Ok, I spoke too soon. It works until she has to try to tap into their power. Alessa still sees it as a positive that it left Kaleb with a frown rather than screaming in pain, though.

When it comes to Dante and Alessa practising together again, Alessa suggests she breaks her own thumb, toe or injures herself in another way to get some practice in on using someone else’s power. Dante immediately shuts that idea down, which I am very, very grateful for! But in his attempts to stop her hurting herself, a statue does actually fall on her toe unintentionally. He doesn’t seem to be in a huge deal of pain from her touch and her taking of his power, but he is very dizzy… Progress?

That night, when Alessa is restlessly kicking about in bed, Dante invites her for an innocent cuddle. The slow burn in this book! The forced proximity! I can’t deal. The tension is endless and it’s resulted in me being extremely giddy about them having a cuddle.

With 16 days left until Divorando, Renata leaves Dante in charge of the training session. Alessa proposes the idea of herself and Dante going head to head in hand-to-hand combat. He thinks it’s ridiculous, preposterous even, until Alessa reminds him she can use other people’s abilities, can she use his fighting knowledge to defeat him? 

It actually seems to work too! Until he has her pinned on top of him, and the remnants of his ability have dilapidated. Again, slow-burn-forced-proximity-epic-tension!!!!! They’re so close she can literally count all of his eyelashes, and then she panics and kisses him on the cheek, it’s enough to revive her gift and escape his clutches. She gets him in a headlock, and he submits.

He’s not upset though, since she defeated him with his own abilities, it still feels like somewhat of a win to him. Then he’s pinning her down and *ahem* straddling her hips, to show he can still defeat her. The timing of it though, ohhhh the timing is bad, shrieks come from the door and the Fontes are there, shocked to see Alessa pinned underneath her bodyguard. I don’t know what they think is going on, but Kaleb grabs a sword from the wall and tells Dante if he doesn’t release the Finestra, he’ll kill him!

Ok… can we talk about how Emily Thiede majorly stepped up the slow burn in this section????? I cannot cope, all I can think about is this romance brewing between Dante and Alessa and I LOVE it!

We’ve seen some rather dramatic twists in this section, and I think Emily Thiede will have a few more up her sleeve to come!

Hope you’re all loving this book as much as I am!

See you tomorrow for more tension 😉


47 thoughts on “This Vicious Grace Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I posted my pic, my IG is @Elly.Young88 😁

    OK so the tension between Dante’s- not- my-real- name and Alessa has been deliciously torturous on me 🤣🤣🤣 I love that Alessa is becoming more bold and confident around Dante!! And their hug, omg 😭 I’m so happy Alessa can finally touch someone and feel a proper human connection for the first time in so many years.
    The stabbing had me on the edge of my seat, guuuurl you know he said don’t sneak up on him 😭😭😭
    Also the story of the little girl on the cliff broke my heart, Dante is carrying around so much guilt for things that weren’t really his fault.

    Aldrick’s betrayal had me yelling. Why is it always the brothers and why can I never see it coming?!

    I think there’s more to come yet about Dante’s powers and how Alessa can use them for good, I think it goes deeper than just helping her train

  2. This section was insane 🤯
    All the twists and turns and we finally know Dante’s secret!
    And the best part is definitely the banter and slow burn romance 😍 Alessa and Dante 😍
    I’m so happy this book was included in Fairyloots box cause I don’t know if I would have picked it up otherwise.

    I entered the giveaway @babsisbooklife

  3. The tension in this story was destroying me! I loved the cuddle scenes.

    I entered the giveaway @onemused.

  4. Love Love Love it!
    A chance for a free fairyloot box too, this month couldnt get any better.
    My Instagram is: jewelleryfromrebecca (please don’t check till later though when I am at home and can actually access my insta :))
    I will be keeping my viscious claws crossed

  5. I’ve added my post for the readalong! This book is absolutely amazing so far 😍.

    Instagram: @thenextquest

  6. I have entered the readalong giveaway! My Instagram is mellas.reading.habits

    I am curious to see what you think of the end of this book! 👀

  7. Recently finished today’s chapters and oh my! The tension!! I’m loving this slow burn between the two, and I feel like Dante especially has started warming up to Alessa after she discovered his secret. But part of me feels like there’s more to it, especially since he refuses to reveal his name to her. I doubt it’s as lighthearted as he claims it is and I think our handsome bodyguard has a few more secrets to be revealed. But I’ll try not to concern myself too much with that, as I’m really enjoying their swoon worthy romance and I don’t want to even imagine a possible betrayal and heartbreak.

    And speaking of betrayal,,, Adrick I’m disappointed in you. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you,,, how dare you? Still hoping he redeems himself, as I really enjoyed him in the early chapters and I’m curious about his relationship with a certain fonte.

    As for the fonti, I have a feeling they’re also warming up to Alessa. Especially since Kaleb was ready to grab to arms and if Josef’s theory about the taste people choose reflects their personality is correct,,, I have a feeling he has a secret soft side. Hopefully this means we’ll get to see that soon? I also really liked the scene with Alessa and Josef where they discussed this theory. It seems like Alessa is making more friends and I’m really happy about that. She’s been lonely for so long, so I think she deserves to have some people she cares for who return the feeling. Super curious as to how they’ll react to the,, let’s say “compromising” position they found her and Dante in.

    I’ve entered the giveaway for this readalong and my Instagram is @kratist0

  8. I just posted @machichnurnichtheute

    Ahhh I loved todays part and could not stop from reading a few pages more. I love Dante and Alessa is a great MC. Time is coming up to Divorando and I am so excited

  9. This section has been the best one yet, in my opinion! We have action, intrigue, betrayal, powers, controlling powers and more of the romance I think we are all begging for between Dante and Alessa!

    Both Dante and Alessa are haunted by themselves; who they are and who they have to become. Their self loathing could become really tiresome, but I think they are going to “save” each other before that is the case. I just hope one or both of them doesn’t do something stupid because they’re “not worthy of the other.”

    I’ve only read up to this point so far, but this is what I want to happen in the rest of the story:
    * Alessa and Dante keep up their flirtations and banter
    * Alessa learns to use the powers of anyone she touches, thus making it so she can have MANY partners when it comes to the battle; instead of it being a duo, it now becomes a team effort (Kaleb could be on this team, or he could be off the team – at this point, I’m indifferent.)
    *This would open up the possibility of her and Dante having a relationship that they both choose, instead of them having to team up to save everyone. It would also focus back on the team/community aspect that Dea supposedly favours so much

    All, her brother is now scum beneath her boots. At first, I totally loved their relationship. But his betrayal in this section was too much!!!

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I’ll be posting on instagram as soon as I post this… my handle is @pheereads

    See you all tomorrow for day 4!

  10. Dante is amazing and I am completely here for the smoldering fire that is heating up between he and Alessa! LOVE IT! I REALLY like this twist that he is a GHIOTTE!

    I can’t wait to see how things progress between Alessa and the other Fontes now that Dante is able to help her with her power.

    But…yeah, Dante is honestly such an intriguing character and I cannot wait to see how things continue developing between he and Alessa!

  11. omg I feel vindicated, called it about Dante’s background! Now I need to know more about him and the others out there not protected by the Sanctuary Islands!

    Also I kinda loved that Kaleb straight up was like ‘off the Finestra’ like only he can be horrible to her lol

    …I will say this though, that scene with her twin had me teary eyed with the vial, he broke her heart.

  12. I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far!

    I have entered the readalong giveaway, my instagram is @mirlyah

  13. I’m entering the giveaway! My Instagram is cleric_girl (although I’m gonna post the photo in two-ish days, gotta keep up a cohesive grid!).

    The way these two are progressing, I am loving the slow burn and the “you can’t touch me” trope! And the way Alessa cares for Dante even after being stabbed, my heart! But also, maybe be a bit warier, he could’ve been trying to kill you.

    Also, the cheek kiss KILLED me. And I knew that something was going to go wrong when that little scuffle took a little longer, of course, they were going to get caught! No budding romance isn’t perfect without the “oh no they know now”.

    1. Just posted my entry for the giveaway!

  14. This section just kept bringing it and bringing it! I love the progression of Dante and Alessa’s relationship. It really feels like they are building a really strong friendship first. The hug scene in the kitchens will definitely stay with me for a while. When she went to visit her parents, my heart was breaking with Alessa. Then, that sadness was broken up the completely unexpected when Dante accidentally stabbed Alessa and then healed her. That was definitely a turning point in their relationship, with everything being laid out on the table. Now that even Alessa’s own twin brother seems to be against her, Alessa needs Dante now more than ever!

    The scene where Alessa and Dante are sparring and the Fontes catch them has me on the edge of my seat! What a scene to leave off on! I have a feeling that Alessa and Dante are going to discover some previously unknown facet of his power that she will be able to use against the demons, but it is going to take a lot to get there first. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen, though, so far everything has taken me by complete surprise, yet it flows so well. I am greatly enjoying this book!

  15. I entered the giveaway and my Instagram is @little_red_cover 🥰

    I am loving this book!! The cuddle scene was ✨ adorable ✨ like I squealed like a school girl. Ugh. I’m so happy for Alessa after being like so lonely for so long and finally having someone that treats her like a person.

    I’m really hoping that this Kaleb interaction is not going to ruin everything… I’m afraid Dante’s identity will be found out somehow through this…

  16. I’m SO MAD about Adrick’s betrayal! He’s not just her brother but her TWIN! I did love that her dad gave in and addressed her by name when she visited the bakery…sad about her mom but at least she got a little bit of closure.

    I love Alessa and Dante’s interactions so much. Him being a ghiotte explains a lot about why he was willing to just chill as Alessa’s bodyguard. If he’s avoiding anyone who might know who he is, being locked in a palace with only the Finestra and her Fontes seems like a pretty good way to do it.

    I can’t believe her crazy plan of practicing with Dante is actually working, but it gives me hope that she might actually befriend some of the Fontes. I wonder why no one thought of training the Finestra in how to use her power before now? I guess because it was never necessary, since she always just linked up perfectly with her chosen Fonte with no issues.

    Also THIS IS A TERRIBLE STOPPING POINT. It’s 11:40pm here and you bet I’m going to go read tomorrow’s chapters right now, it’s close enough. xD

    1. I forgot to say, I’ll be entering the contest and I’m @sonata_ix

  17. I entered! Posted my pic on my insta @megrosereads ☺️

    I’m so glad I’m taking part in this readalong this book is so good! I’ve been enjoying Alessa and Dante’s dynamic so much, I literally cannot wait to continue, this is definitely going to be a new fave 💕

  18. I loved the scene where Alessa stared at Dante after he took a shower, that was great 😂
    All in all the book is really cool, funny and I love every character. I hope that the Fonti grow to like Alessa, maybe not Kaleb though.

  19. I am a bit late but I will catch up! I’m starting This Vicious Grace today.

    My first post for the readalong is here because I entered the giveaway.
    My Instagram is:

    1. I finished the book. Loved it! But I just saw that since I changed my online profile name it was not automatically changed in my very first post. Hence why I post this to let everyone know (probably not necessary but just in case) that this Profile name is the same person as the profile name that entered the giveaway.

      My Instagram is:

  20. I entered! My insta is @emilysreadingbooks

  21. I knew it! My theory about Dante being a ghiotte was right.

    I love the slow burn in this part of the book!

    I’ve entered the giveaway

  22. I wish I had been payingmore attention when the Ghiotte were mentioned and explained.

    I’m loving the banter and slow burn between Dante and Alessa. I’m so invested in their relationship that I keep forgetting that the giant insect demons are coming.

    I have posted my readalong photo to my Instagram

  23. I’ve entered on @vickyslittlebookcorner

    OMG this section really sped up the Alessa- Dante train. I am becoming more and more obsessed with these two. It is so nice seeing Alessa come out of her shell. I’m usually a slow reader but this book has made me want more and I feel sad when the days readalong is over. I cannot wait to continue with their journey!!

  24. I’m a few days behind, but loving this! I can’t help but love Alessa, she is such a great and unique protagonist! Definitely excited to read more and catch up on the read-along asap!

    I also entered the giveaway on @julieaay

  25. HI! This is my first read-along (and second Fairy Loot book! I ADORED Stardust Thief, and next month’s box is already shipping this way!), and as I started behind a few days, I did my best to catch up….and boy was it too easy to catch up! I couldn’t put this down! I clutched this tale with me everywhere, and every spare moment I had, I cracked it open to see what was going on in Saveria with these two! So I am making my first post here.

    I am L-O-V-I-N-G the slow burn, and love watching their relationship grow. My heart was BROKEN when her own mother could not look at her. I’m SOOOOOOO disappointed in Adrick! I thought he would somehow help and join in her as her twin, her first and best friend from birth, but instead, he turned out to be a traitor. I am hoping that maybe he will turn around later…but at the moment, I feel Alessa’s broken heart at seeing her brother betray her. I applaud how much she has grown though – she started off as a girl with little self confidence, but she has grown a backbone (LOVE that first readalong part where Dante told her about having others pass around her instead of smooshing herself into a wall), and her love for Saveria and the people in it shows in that she is willing to take the vial if it came to that. She is not above sacrificing herself for her people, and it demonstrates her strength and resolve, even if it’s scary.

    With the other Fontes (Fonti?), I want her to be more open with them, more transparent…but I guess being isolated for so many years and hearing how many want to kill her may keep her a bit closed off, so I understand. I feel like even though some seem downright mean (okay, Kaleb), transparency could maybe bring them closer, as they’re all put together now, without too much of a choice. Maybe they could all help each other somehow, or at least understand each other. Maybe Kaleb’s heart is not as black as it seems, as he was the first to try to protect her (and that BLUSH! There is a soft side for sure! And how is it that I always swoon a bit whenever a male character blushes? Ha!)…but he puts up a front so that others won’t see it, for one reason or another.

    Dante. Dante, Dante, Dante…! I love seeing him open up to her – clearly there is chemistry between the two, and I am loving it – but I also love seeing him put his own heart out there with her, through their conversations (even when sober. Though now I wonder CAN he even get drunk if he is able to heal himself? Was he EVER drunk, and only acted the part in general? Or maybe he just recovers faster?) and the way he takes care of her in his own way. Although he says his gift is not helpful for Divorando…I am sure it MUST be or else all of that wouldn’t be in the story. I haven’t figured it out yet – would he be able to help her heal those hurt during Divorando?? Maybe it has to happen first? But then I looked up the Italian for Divorando and it means “devoured”…so maybe those beetles just EAT people, and at that point, I don’t know how much saving can be done for the victims. Or maybe he can heal a Fonte if she is able to channel his healing powers. The 3rd gift is supposed to be the fountain that the giotto took…so maybe it is a way to bring that 3rd gift back? Maybe she can use his powers to bring forth strength to all the armies and Fontes of Saverio so that the whole city can come together to overcome the scarabeo?

    These are guesses for now. I have no idea what will come, but I’m so excited for the last stretch!!!

    Ooo. I did post my pic a while ago and added the hashtag. It’s not a very fancy photo, ahahahah, my IG is more of my public account fo random things I enjoy (mostly food and books). My IG is @badberrygirls !

  26. I’ve entered the giveaway and my handle is @finding.fiction_

    Screaming. Crying. We love a good training scene especially when one ends up under the other.

    Kaleb has impeccable timing, not.

    I still can’t help feeling that the story line feels a bit choppy. I want more elaboration, more more more.

    But the romance and banter make it all worth my time. It’s delicious.

  27. I’ve entered the giveaway! Mg Instagram username is lennylovesbooks3 !

    I absolutely loved these chapters. I love how Alessa and Dante are growing closer physically and emotionally, which is also helping her open up to the other Fontes! This romance is EVERYTHING!!

    Also, Aldrick tripped me up so much 😭 I couldn’t believe he would do that to his own sister. Like who do you think you are??

    Looking forward to the rest!

  28. Just posted my picture. My Instagram is starless_eyes_books (MCR lyrics reference).

    The tension in this section though. I was surprised Dante was a ghiotte and not a fonte. I honestly forgot about them since they were mentioned at the beginning. I cannot wait to see what is in store for these two and their character development.

  29. I am absolutely loving the book right now! Dantes secret isn’t quite what I predicted but I think it still adds a bunch to the story. I honestly cannot believe that Alessas brother is trying to kill her, I feel like maybe there’s something more behind the scenes that we aren’t seeing. The slow burn is to die for and the cliff hanger with all the Fonti watching… I need to read more!

    I entered on Instagram and my username is @mybookishbeing

  30. I love so much Alessa / Dante interactions!! Really can’t stop reading this book! So far I’m in love! Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    I entered on Instagram and my username is @roangilopez

    1. Nooooo I hope I’m not too late to enter the giveaway! I posted the picture on IG a few days ago but forgot to post a comment here 😮

      My IG account is: @feedmefairytales

      BTW I’m pleasantly surprised by this book!💕🍋

  31. I’m a little behind on the readalong but I’m loving the book so far!! I even did a nail design to match the book!! 🍋🍋 I’ll definitely be entering the giveaway and the book cover inspired mani will be posted on my insta @figthecav

  32. I love the tension between Alessa and Dante!!

    I have entered, handle is @thebookishstephanie 😊

  33. I am getting real frustrated at the slowburn romance between Dante and Alessa, UGH. I definitely did not see the twist that he was a ghiotte, but I am not even sure I fully understand what that means.

    I entered the giveaway under @evic.lit

  34. I entered the giveaway and my handle is @pages_uponpages

    I loved this section! The tension, banter and drama was great!

    1. I’m loving it so much. Especially the twist and the tension between Dante and Alessa.

      I entered the giveaway and my Instagram is @_bookishlovers 💕💕

  35. Loving this book so much! And I’ve entered the giveaway, my handle is @mia.s_books_

  36. Loving this book so much!
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  37. There were some twists and turns here! Dante killing Alessa (yet healing afterwards) was something I did not see coming! And her brother being the one who wants to poison her or that she kills herself! Unbelievable! Alessa seems truly alone in the world. Luckily she has Dante now though! He does protect her but is ridden with guilt. However how will the fontes react now they know she can touch Dante and not killing him! Also Kaleb was kind of not in favour of Alessa so why this instant reaction of Release the Finestra now or I kill you?

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