This Vicious Grace Readalong: Day 4!

Lovely photo by @giota_the_reader!

Hey fairies!

Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede! I have no doubts that today’s section will bring a lot of drama. Buckle up and let’s get stuck in!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 33 to the end of Chapter 42.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede, from chapters 33 to 42. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Recap: Alessa and Dante are currently in a rather compromising position and the Fontes have caught them!

Alessa, bless her lil heart, says they tripped… because everyone knows when you trip you end up with a tall, dark and handsome bodyguard sprawled over you. 

They seem placated by the fact that Dante has been helping Alessa with her power, they manage to get away with it without telling the Fontes that Dante is a ghiotte. They join the Fontes for some card games and they end the night with Kamaria warning Alessa that if she’s wondering why Dante can touch her, why he’s different, then others might be wondering the same thing.

After a lot of sighing on Alessa’s part, Dante gives in and once again asks her to join him for another cuddle. The couch is narrow and Alessa has to snuggle in a bit closer to get comfortable, she drifts off to thoughts about how good Dante must be at kissing…

Then she’s woken by a sound… Dante moaning.

Alessa right now

This is awkward. He’s having a, um, nice dream. Then his lips are touching her neck and his hands are touching her and since he promised he would keep his hands to himself, Alessa knows now that he’s asleep. She calls his name and then he’s vaulting over the side of the couch apologising profusely and he is very embarrassed. Then she has to admit that she was awake, and she thought maybe he was awake too. She knows now that Dante doesn’t want her, not as she wants him and reminds him if he runs (like he’s planning to) she’ll have to explain to the Fontes why he left.

So they go about their normal routine, except ignoring each other as much as possible.

At the next training session, Dante suggests they go to the beach and escape the heat. His secret beach. As they walk, Kamaria interrogates Alessa, Alessa admits to Kamaria that part of the tension between them is because he doesn’t want her. Kamaria argues that he definitely does, and his jealous stare when Kamaria laughs at Alessa’s joke seems to prove that. 

Alessa strips down to her silk slip and enjoys the sand, the sea.

Aha! We’ve reached the crux of it. Dante wants Alessa too, but he took her joke that he’s her only option too seriously, and he thinks she doesn’t really want her. Dante really can’t see what’s right in front of him.

After an impromptu haircut for Dante and some cheeky innuendos from Alessa, a soldier arrives to tell Alessa there’s a mob at the gate demanding to see the Finestra. It’s Ivini and his cronies, including Adrick. At Ivini’s insistence that the people need to see her touch someone to make sure they believe she’s managing her power, Dante steps forward to volunteer. Ivini is angry, but Alessa has proved him wrong… for now.

Alessa’s legs give out as they reach the gate to let the Fontes back in from the beach, and Dante is there to pull her to him. He was worried they were going to kill her, and more worried that he couldn’t fight them all. Alessa gives into her feelings and pulls him to her for a kiss. His control snaps and his hands are everywhere! YAAAAAS fairies! The slow burn paid off! Until Kaleb (it’s always Kaleb ruining their moments!!!) knocks on the other side off the gate. 

Alessa thanks the Fontes for their friendship and their hard work and she and Dante head back to their room. He tells her not to let him distract her (too late) and she says she can’t change how she feels. He says their feelings don’t matter, and Alessa knows tomorrow she’ll stand on a balcony with her Fonte, she’ll be married and Dante will be gone.

The Consiglio have unanimously agreed on Josef to be Alessa’s Fonte. Everyone volunteered though. Alessa feels she has to accept the Consiglio’s verdict and Nina immediately lashes out with her powers. Then Nina says she should have dropped a hundred statues on her. It was Nina. Nina tried to kill Alessa. Damn.

Kamaria is hurt from Nina’s magical outburst, so is Dante. His secret will be out. Saida very calmly says she had a hunch, it seems like only Nina is annoyed/upset to discover he’s a ghiotte. With Nina promising she won’t snitch on Dante if Alessa leaves Josef alone, and Kamaria injured, Saida and Kaleb are Alessa’s only options. Alessa could never use Saida’s gift well. Kaleb it is. 

After a sneaky trip out to Carnevale, Alessa and Dante retreat to the Citadella, and spend their final night together before Alessa is married off.

The next morning, Dante helps Alessa get ready. He tells her his family owned an orchard and the fact that she smelled so much like home used to bother him, now it’s perfect. He helps her dress and then tells her it’s time for him to go, he tells her not to ask him to stay.

My heart is breaking right now. He gives her his book of proverbs to remember him by and then he’s gone. Inside the book he’s written that he is her light and being with her has been a gift and an honour.

She also finds a scrap of paper where he’s written her prize for a successful battle will be his name. There’s hope there, then, that they’ll cross paths again some day.

The other Fontes are here for the wedding, when the ceremony is over they stack their hands together, Alessa, Kaleb, Josef, Kamaria and Saida. When three of them let go, leaving only Kaleb and Alessa in contact, Kaleb drops to the floor, and Alessa runs.

Seems like Dante and Alessa are being reunited a lot sooner than expected! It’s Dante that finds her, he’s searched for hours. He tells her Kaleb is alive. He even tells Alessa if she doesn’t want to go back, they won’t. They’ll find a cave. As appealing as that sounds, I don’t think Alessa will leave her people, despite whether or not they believe in her or even want her help.

Dante holds Alessa as she cries and asks if they can come back here, to the beach, if they don’t die. When Dante implies that Alessa has saved him, my heart grew three sizes.

It’s not Alessa’s fault. Kaleb’s collapse was a result of numerous things, including him being overtired and dehydrated.

When her mentors see her, they rush to her, blessing Dea that she’s back and seeming really, truly grateful to see her back. Maybe Renata suggesting to kill her was a cry for help? Or maybe she wasn’t really ever considering it, they’re so happy she’s home and safe. 

It’s time for the blessing of the troops. Alessa dons her armour… and Dante dons Kalebs. This way, no one will ask where the Fonte is. Clever Alessa!

Orrrrr… maybe not. A guard in the front row goes for Alessa, Dante stepping into protect her, and then Captain Paptonis is attacking Dante.

The Captain knows Dante is an impostor, Tomo laughs, playing it off that they used a stand in to allow Kaleb more time to train. Tomo gets Kaleb to stand on the balcony and blow kisses and they hope the Captain will be satisfied. Then Ivini steps forward to say he was informed evil had infiltrated the Citadella. Ohhhh dear.

Ivini slashes a cut in Dante’s cheek and they all watch as it stiches itself back together.

Tomo and Renata manage to hold Dante’s execution off, telling him the blessing of the troops will be tainted and tells Ivini the Consiglio will decide his fate.

Alessa manages to see Dante, Tomo and Renata question him about why he’s here. His only reasons are because Alessa asked him to, and because he thought he could find information about any other ghiotte, he just wanted ghiotte to be forgiven or left alone. Alessa assures them he’s never hurt her. Dante says he’s not worth it, if she lets him out everyone will think they were right about Alessa, she argues he’s worth it to her. For now, Renata tells her she has to forget about Dante for now and focus on saving Saverio.

Alessa visits Kaleb, and updates him on what’s happened. They’re interrupted by Alessa’s mentors who tell them the Consiglio voted unanimously to hold a trial. Until then, he’ll be held in a crypt. Renata tells Alessa to cry and rage, because she should be angry, but tells her to use her feelings to make her better rather than bitter. She has a chance now to get her people to listen to her, to use her power. And I’m sure she will.

Well… I am a nervous wreck! I’m so scared to see what tomorrow’s section (our final section!) will bring!

I will catch up with you all tomorrow to dissect the end of this emotional rollercoaster of a book!


21 thoughts on “This Vicious Grace Readalong: Day 4!

  1. Alessa and Dante are so incredibly sweet together. Both are very rash and spontaneous, but both also know how to calm each other down during a storm. I definitely did not expect the captain to do what he did, but I am glad that Alessa has finally found a voice of her own. I am honestly terrified of the battle because now Alessa is going to be distracted. I really hope she finds a way to use all of the other Fontes’ power as well. I really hoped they would find some hidden facet of Dante’s power that would save them all, and I am still holding out hope for that. If that doesn’t happen, I really don’t see how the people will ever accept his kind.

    I am obsessed with this book! All of the sweet moments between our star-crossed lovers has me swooning! I cannot wait to see what the end brings!

  2. Well, I’m getting nervous! Despite leaving me a nervous wreck, these chapters were great! I really loved how Alessa and Dante finally got together, as well as how her relationship with the fonti finally blossomed into something!

    I got pretty worried about Kaleb for a second there, so I’m glad to see he’s still alive. Though I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see Alessa’s brother, since I imagine he’d have a reaction to her wedding, especially since it’s to Kaleb. Still hoping tomorrow’s chapters sheds some light on that.

    Also in regards to the giveaway, my Instagram (@kratist0) seems to be shadowbanned, so the post I made yesterday didn’t show up in the tags. I tried to add the tag to my post today (and I removed it from the original post), but that one doesn’t seem to show up in the tags either 🙁 hopefully it gets fixed before the deadline, because I really want to participate.

  3. I am so excited for tomorrow! (and I accidentally read an extra chapter. No spoilers though!)

    I think I’m developing a soft spot for Kaleb, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I was very surprised but also not surprised that he ended as the Fonte.
    I have faith that Alessa, Tomo and Renata will make sure Dante is forgiven, but I’m still so nervous for him.

    I can’t wait to finish this book!

  4. The Grinch gif you included for Kaleb is SO accurate. And I’m a little mad at myself for liking him a little now…? But mostly because he suggested the same thing as me, which is for all of them to work together! I really hope that’s what happens in our final section for day 5!

    Also, I just want to say that this book continues to pull me in! I love Alessa and Dante’s relationship, and it was so nice to see them start to actually acknowledge aloud to each other how they feel. I’m here for it!

    I am on edge with him being chained up – I think it’s clear to all of us that they are better when they are together, and we need them to be together to win. Dante seems to be a symbol for prejudice, and I can only hope that the way people think about him changes soon! #TeamDante

  5. So much has happened! I love what all has transpired between Alessa and Dante and the found family in this story has won my heart and soul over (all the Fontes)!

    BUT, I am sad that Alessa had to ultimately get married to someone other than Dante….broke my heart! And, I am really feeling worried about what is going to happen now that everyone knows about Dante and his secret is out and he’s captured and being held. I’m so attached to Dante so do not want anything happening to him!

    Alessa truly has gotten so much stronger and braver as this story has progressed so I hope she can unleash her incredible power somehow….but without hurting or killing anybody. I mostly want her people to put their faith and trust into her!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  6. Wow! Lots of things happened in this section.

    I was not expecting Alessa to end up with Kaleb as her Fonte. But Kaleb is growing on me, and he seems much better now compared to my first impression of him.

    I can’t believe it was Nina who tried to kill Alessa with the statue, but it kind of makes sense.

    Oh no! Dante’s secret has been revealed. I don’t know what is going to happen in the final part but I’m so looking forward to it!

  7. …Okay, low key love Kaleb now lol

    I cannot wait to see the battle, I think the only thing I had issue with was Alessa pulling the dagger on the Captain. Not because he didn’t deserve it but because it felt like it could maybe somehow bit her in the butt a bit lol

    I looooooved the culmination of this slow burn and I actually said ‘aw’ when I saw Renata and Tomo worrying over her!

    Now! Let’s get Dante out of that crypt, and please let Ivini just get munched on by some big evil beetles.

  8. The scene with Ivini made me so mad. I’m dealing with it by visualizing her slapping him to death. Literally. One slap, the last thing he ever experienced. I hope a scarabeo eats him.

  9. So much happened in this section! I am still shocked that Nina tried to kill Alessa, I am also wanting to know who told Ivini about Dante. I feel like their is going to be another shock twist there.

    I am a nervous wreck for the next section, I am really hoping that Emily doesn’t break our hearts with this one. It was so lovely seeing Renata and Tomo showing Alessa a more caring side. I am really hoping that both Alessa and Dante can get together to both become savioiurs of divarando

  10. So much happened in this section! The slow burn has been torturous but finally paid off!! My heart broke for them both when Alessa had to marry Kaleb and then again when Dante was taken away ? Ivini is a bottom feeder and apart from sewing distrust I’m not sure what his goal is…. does he just want destruction and chaos?!
    The Fonte have really grown on me (except Nina) I’m glad that Alessa has finally been able to overcome her loneliness and make some friends.

    I’m terrified for the final battle more than Dante being locked in the crypt I feel like something is about to go horribly wrong….

  11. So I’m curious to see how she ends up saving the island. I’m thinking it’ll go one of two ways.

    Option 1: she will (somehow) use Dante as her Fonte. This would prove that he’s not a bad and evil creature, but I don’t know how his power would help.

    Option 2: “Power of Friendship” All of the Fontes and Dante will combine powers in order to save the island. Since Dante is “a pressure release” she may need him to harness their powers without hurting them.

    I would say that there could be a third option of her, Kaleb, and Dante being the trio that saves but that just doesn’t vibe as well.

  12. With everything gearing up, and when we started to see some sort of happy ending for the couple (with strings attached), I knew something had to go wrong and tear them apart! It still doesn’t make it hurt any less though.
    And the way the fonti have become a little dysfunctional family, my heart!
    But I hope Ivini gets eaten by those big old bugs. Really? Sowing discontent days before the big apocalyptic event? It wasn’t the time

  13. Ahhhh so much happened.

    Ok I’m struggling with this one because so much happens that’s shrugged off and I wish more time was spent building friendships, elaborating on Nina’s betrayal, all the betrayals of the past like her twins betrayal.

    I struggle because I still am absolutely captivated by this book. The romance is propelling me forward.

    I knew Kaleb was someone to like, absolutely love his smart was, cocky personality.

  14. This slow burn between them is absolutely phenomenal. But now he’s captured and I just want to see them pull through and be happy together ??

  15. I love Alessa and Dante together. I think they make each other better-stronger. They are so sweet and their “last” night/morning together was so well written.

    When Dante was exposed I was mad. I feel for him. I hope Alessa does what her Renata suggests and use her anger and command her people. I’m glad Renata will support her running away with Dante after she wins but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope people accept Dante and helps win, so is also considered a savior.

    Also, nice use of the Gerard gif.

  16. So much happened in these chapters and I went through all the emotions. I wasn’t really sure what would happen with the Fontes but definitely wasnt expecting it to be Kaleb or for him to be injured or for him to become less awful. Now I just want Dante out of prison, for them all to defeat the creepy big bug monsters and for Dante and Alessa to get their happily ever after but as it’s not a standalone who knows how it will end…

  17. What a ride!! This section was packed with lots of things happening!!
    Finally this slow burn paid off and seriously I cannot deal with these two!! ♥️ Their relationship is so sweet and how they transformed themselves since they met!!
    Also Kaleb is growing a lot on me haha.
    I just want to know what happens now!!!
    Please, please let Alessa save the city and release her Dante ?

  18. So much has happened in this part and I’m dying to see how it ends! I like how Kaleb changed a bit from who he was before. It’s nice to see him with a softer side. I can’t help but think that either Alessa’s brother or Nina was the one that mentioned the ghiotte the others. I’m also wondering how the captain found out it was Dante or maybe they just assumed? Either way I’m so excited to see how this ends and I’m so glad that I pushed through the first part to get to where we are now

  19. So much happened in this part that I am still reeling. I hate the Ivini guy and it really sucks that Alessa had to marry Kaleb (but also of course it ends up being Kaleb).

  20. This book is giving me sleepless nights! I can’t stop reading at this point. I loved their beach day all together and also gow the fontes reacted about Dante being a ghiotte. Alessa has to marry Kaleb, that’s sad but Kaleb is growing on me though! But I want Alessa to not marry anyone other than Dante. But how that horrible terrible hypocrite Ivini tries to kill Dante after everyone finds out about Dante makes me so angry just as Alessa. Ivini is truly an evil man through and through. It’s so unfair that Dante is locked up now awaiting trial. And only for what he is not what he has done. It’s so unfair! Hopefully Alessa and the fontes think of something to break him out! The suspense is killing me honestly. I will now continue reading because I have to know what will happen!

  21. This couple of chapters were solo good. I’m really intrigued of how Alessa can solve everything by the end of the book. How she’s going to save the island

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