Threads That Bind Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairy family!

It’s the final section, are you ready to find out how Threads That Bind ends? I am very nervous!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 30 to the end of the book.

Grab a snack, get comfy and let’s read!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou, from chapter 30 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished Threads That Bind!


The wraiths are all linked to the riots but something isn’t adding up. Bianca tried to save Hellas? Seeing Nina and Isobel makes Io realise that Bianca is keres-born. The red mist is coming from her. Her army is dying and she’s literally bringing them back to life to fight longer.

Are the wraiths like her dying soliders?

Before we can deduce any more, Bianca has spotted them… and she’s mad.

Her mist surrounds Edei and we have no idea whether he’s ok or not. Just as Bianca turns her anger on Io… she wakes up.

Bianca is arrested… but I fear this isn’t over yet!

Io wakes next to Thais. It does seem like all’s forgiven! Thais immediately starts winding Io and Edei up asking when they became a thing and when Io says they’re not and that Edei has a girlfriend we reach an interesting revelation… HE DOESN’T.

Edei isn’t allowed back into Fortuna. Even Chimdi and Nico just brush off he fact that Bianca was potentially using her powers on her own people.

Bianca’s maintaining her innocence over the strangling’s – Ava is too. She might not have had a part in the strangling’s but she still did a LOT of wrong during the riots.

Io and Edei contemplate whether it’d be better to visit Nina… or the Nine. Edei is obviously dead against the latter after how their last visit went down. All three sisters bicker and argue about what to do but Io promises she’ll do what Luc didn’t. She’ll tie up her loose ends and get to the bottom of this.

Nina’s not home so they wait it out. A little alone time leads to a little teasing and suddenly they’re kidding but Edei pulls away. He says it’s not real…

He went to a moira-born who told him about the fate thread, then paid her to lead him to Io. He’s angry she didn’t tell him which I get, but also why didn’t he tell Io he knew? Io gives him the choice, all he has to do is say the word and she’ll cut the thread.

He doesn’t get a chance to answer because Io thinking of Penance triggers her thoughts. There was no rogue gang during the riots. It was the fury-born – Bianca committed genocide and wiped them all out. The remaining fury-born went into a frenzy and now they’re targeting any of the other-born involved in their genocide. Bianca’s a victim of the fury-born.

They rush to her but they’re too late. Her life thread is severed, they think she’s dying and take her to the Nine in a last ditch effort to safe her but when they get there Bianca begins to laugh and tells them she’s their reckoning…

Bianca’s a wraith. The Nine were once her allies but now she slaughters them all. Something clicks inside Io and without a doubt she’s convinced Thais is behind all of this.

She calls her sisters, knowing they’ll be there. As soon as Thais arrives she grabs hold of her threads to keep her there. Thais fancies herself a conduit of the divine, and always has. No one was meant to die. It turns out the Gods are alive. Bianca brought Rosa and Luc along for them to hear it all.

Edei’s been hurt badly and his life thread is fraying. She pulls on Samiya’s thread to get her here but Edei doesn’t seem to be holding out hope that he’ll make it. Bianca wants the justice she’s owed, and still has her keres-born powers. She uses them to keep Edei alive long enough for Samiya to save him.

Edei tells Io to go and do what she needs to do, he promises he’ll find her. Ava seemed to take Thais’s side but I’m not totally convinced. Not when Bianca follows Io and tells her Ava told her to stick by Io’s side because she fixes broken things. Bianca doesn’t want to be fixed though, she wants her vengeance…

So it’s a good thing Io held onto one of Thais’s threads, the very one that connects Thais to the Gods that did this to Bianca. They strike a deal… and they’re off to bring down the Gods.


I have to say, I feel like I should have suspected Thais more but I really thought Bianca was responsible until that moment where they found her in the cell! I’m shook.

Did you guess how it would end?
Who’s your favourite character?
Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?

I loved this book so much!! Thank you all so much for reading with me, and we’ll see you very soon for the next FairyLoot readalong!


21 thoughts on “Threads That Bind Readalong: Day 5!

  1. Omg! The ending was so good! I definitely Thais wasn’t innocent, especially with Io’s memories of how horribly she had been treated 🙁
    Edei is definitely my favourite character and this world is absolutely amazing I need a sequel with Io and Edei finally getting a happy ending <3

  2. I caught up just in time! This was so good.

    1) Did you guess how it would end?

    Kind of haha. I’ve had that theory about the Furies since day 1 or 2, and even through in Thais around then. But I didn’t expect Bianca or the gods involvement. Such a good ending.

    2) Who’s your favourite character?

    I kind of love Bianca. She’s such a badass.

    3) Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?

    Loved it! I’m going to rate it 4.5 stars. I really liked how the mystery was crafted (even if I was successful at guessing most of the twists haha) and all the interesting powers.

  3. Did you guess how it would end?

    No – I assumed the fate thread would be resolved but the other parts I wouldn’t of guessed at all.

    Who’s your favourite character?

    Io and Edei- even though Io has her faults she doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what’s right no matter the consequences and Edei is just adorable I can’t wait for book 2 for their relationship to develop.

    Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?

    I can’t think of one specific thing but I enjoyed it and rated it 4 stars overall. I liked the world and magic system but found things a bit complicated to follow at some points in the story.

    I can’t wait to see where the story goes in future books 😊

  4. I enjoyed this book! I knew Thais was shady, but I also suspect Lucy and Bianca.

    Edei was my favourite character! He always knew the right thing to say. Tender, loyal, rational, and can physical protect you 🙂

    My favorite thing about the book was the magic system and lore – it was unique.

  5. Did you guess how it would end?
    Honestly I was so surprised! WHAT AN ENDING!

    Who’s your favourite character?
    It was Ava up until the end! I really loved Edei though!

    Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?
    I loved it! One of my top reads this year! I loved that it was a mystery I could try and solve while I was reading and I ended up being totally wrong about the culprit anyway – the plot twists were unreal!

  6. Whelp, I LOVED that. So much. So so much. I can’t even begin to describe. It’s the best YA I’ve read all year hands down.

    Did you guess how it would end?
    I guessed certain major elements to the ending, like calling Thais or Ava being the villain, but other things completely surprised me, like its being both of them working together! I only guessed that one right in the character where Io was talking to Thais and I had a sense of DREAD, lol. All in all I think the predictable aspects of it were just enough to prove that the narrative itself justified it’s outcome, which is in itself a good thing.

    Who’s your favourite character?
    Probably Edei just about, I love that he’s really portrayed as a cute, funny, gentle guy who isn’t always effortlessly cool and sexy. His dorky streak really made him stand out.
    I also adored Chimdi, Nico, Rosa and Amos, and really hope that we see more of them all on the sequel. And…. I have to admit it… she’s a piece of work and all but I found myself really enjoying Bianca.

    Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?
    I enjoyed it SO much. Thank you Fairyloot team for picking it and Shannon for hosting this readalong! It’s hard to say what my favourite thing was, but I think I can narrow it down to 3:
    1) The original way it drew on mythology, and incorporated other world mythologies in a way that made sense (I often find pan-mythology books are doing way too much, but in this it totally worked).
    2) The tense, cruel and absolutely gripping dynamic between the sisters. That was superb.
    3) How freaking QUEER everyone was. I really didn’t have any inkling of that going into it and reading such a queer-normative setting bought me so much joy. Absolutely hoping for some aroace rep in the next one! (Ngl, Nico was ringing a bell there for me a bit when it said he was more interested in talking than romance early on. Same bro, same, lmao)

  7. The final section. I was very excited to end this book. I decided to give this book 3 stars. I liked the mistery and the story was fun to read. But the world building was sometimes too much. Too many diffrent kind of people. I had to write it down to remember who was who and what ability the person had. I also missed the connection between Edei and Io.

    1) Did you guess how it would end?
    YES, I knew Thais had a big part in it.

    2) Who’s your favourite character?
    Rosa, she is such a badass.

    3) Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?
    Yes i enjoyed the story very much. My favo part in the book was Bianca her dream and ofcourse solving the mistery.

    Can’t wait to join another readalong!

  8. What a WILD RIDE.

    I think I definitely caught on to the lengths Thais would go, and wasn’t surprised when she became the perpetrator of the whole mystery. My suspicion about her as a character stemmed the minute Io tried to get a read on her the first time they met again at Saint Yves’ place. Just because Io didn’t see her creating new threads didn’t mean that she wasn’t, and that was when I tried to pay more attention.

    Favorite character is hands down Io. I love how competent she is at putting threads (pun intended) together and solving the questions in her head. When she revealed all the things she found, I had to love her more. Second favorite is definitely Bianca Rossi, though, cuz that woman is SOMETHING ELSE. And I mean that in the best of ways. 🤣

    Definitely an enjoyable 4 out of 5 stars for me! I loved the diversity of the cast and the nitty gritty vibe of the Silts. I loved that the fated mates trope didn’t limit the romance; Io doesn’t shy away from the thread, but she also doesn’t fully accept it at face value and goes out of her way to tiptoe around–and even avoid it–for years on end. That ending though! Gonna need the next book soon. Especially for more Io Ora and Bianca Rossi badassery.

  9. Holy moly, I was not expecting that ending! I cannot believe Ava!!! Thais painting Io be the one at fault! Surely Ava has to know or have an inkling or what Thais asked Io to do before she left them?!

    Also, Edei is a sweet cinnamon bun and I need his and Io’s HEA, please and thank you!

  10. Wow what an ending. This book was just amazing, definitely not what I expected.
    I thought Thais was suspicious from the beginning, but I never would have guessed that she was behind the wraiths. I liked that Bianca and Io joined forces and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. It will definitely be interesting to know who the gods are and how are they depicted in that world.

    My favourite characters were Io and Edei. Even though Io made some bad decisions she acknowledged them and tried to be better. She had so many scars already from Thais’ behaviour so I really liked how she stayed strong in the end. Her character developed a lot. And I liked Edei for his humour and how he always tried to be there for Io. I liked that he actually knew about the fate thread. I need to know how everything turns out between them! I would have liked to see more of Rosa so hopefully she’ll appear more in the next book.

    I enjoyed Threads That Bind way more than I thought I would. The world is so unique and I loved that the most because I’ve never read a similar book like this before. The threads, the powers people had, world-building, everything was so good. I’ll definitely recommend this book to my friends as well.

  11. Omg that ending was amazing.

    I kinda feel betrayed by Ava but also not sure whether I should, like she was so kind and then to suddenly take thais’s side makes it abit suspicious.

    I love the relationship between Io and Edei, and the bit about following his heart to find her… Omg sooo cute

    Overall an amazing read so glad it was one of the fairyloot subscriptions as I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

  12. I loved this book!

    I guessed Thais was upto something but I did not guess that Ava would go with her!
    Edei was my favourite character 😍
    I absolutely loved the fate thread aspect of the book and I can’t wait for the next one!

  13. I did not suspect Thais at any point, but she was a bit suspicious during that coffee when Luc got attacked. I did notice that wraith strangled Luc with her hands but I thought maybe Thais knew or suspected Luc was behind. I hated Thais so I’m glad it was her.

    I like Io and feel so bad for her. I liked Edei too but I think Rosa is my favourite.

    My favourite thing about Threads That Bind was that I could not guess where the story was and it was really unpredictable. I also found it to be really unique and a very refreshing story and take on greek myths. I am getting quiete bored with all the Hades and Persephone retellings. This reminded me a bit about City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer. I gave Threads That Bind 5⭐️. Can’t wait for the next book!

  14. I definitely did not guess that ending! I did suspect Thais from the beginning though, that something was going to happen with her and she could be behind something major but when we met her and got to know her that suspicion just died down.

    My favourite character would probably be Nico cause I love his personality so much!

    I enjoyed reading this book so much and I just want the second book to be out now!

  15. 1) I thought I was about to be proven wrong and Bianca was really behind it all but NOPE not that simple. I liked that twist. I can’t say how I felt about the end because there wasn’t an ending.

    2) Hmmm maybe Rosa. A lot of characters weren’t what I expected and I liked that.

    3) I enjoyed it until it didn’t have an ending. Endings are hard and now I’m being asked to commit to a second book without knowing if this author can even write a good ending. No thanks.

  16. Really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the sequel.

    The magic system is unique and I’m intrigued to see how the actual Gods will come into play…and like, how can Io stop them?

    Hopefully, Edei is ok and there is no rekindled romance with Samiya.

    I actually think Bianca is a great character to team up with for book 2. She’s powerful and I expect her to be able to help a lot.

  17. Wow in those last chapters I couldn’t put the book down! There were to many things happening all togheter!
    Honestly my suspicions about Bianca ended when Edei says that it doesn’t make sense for Bianca to get revenge after 12 years! During the dream I had the suspicion that there was no rogue gang and that Bianca killed all the Furies, but because we are reading for Io’s point of view, when she describes the shadowy woman as the leader of the rogue gang I dismissed my suspicion… Anyway I could never imagine that there was a whole plot to wipe out all the Furies!
    I am shocked that I guessed that Thais was the villain! Usually I never get this kind of thing right! But I didn’t expected that the Gods were behind everything! Why are they killing other-borns? Do they want to get back in power and their fear the powers of the other-borns? I really don’t know…
    The ending broke my heart a little because it seems like Io lost her family, she loved her sisters so much and they betrayed her, I really hope that in the next book we will have a reconciliation between them and that the writer can redeem Thais somehow!
    My favorite character in the end was Io, she feels things so strongly, she loves with all herself, she is determinate, brave, and human, I really couldn’t have hoped for a better main character!
    I really enjoyed Threads That Bind, and I guess that my fave thing about the book was the world-building, I really love urban fantasy and it was nice to see Io go around exploring the city and see all the different other-borns! I hope we get to discover more in the next book!

  18. Did you guess how it would end? I had no idea that it would end like that, I had a bunch of different theories on how it would but none of them were right

    Who’s your favourite character? I really liked Io and even Bianca towards the end

    Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book? I really enjoyed it and I’m hoping there’s a sequel since things kind of got left open ended. I enjoyed the world and the magic and the romance as well.

  19. OMG!! That ending!!!

    I suspected Thais all along. At some point I wasn’t sure about her but I was surprised that she was guided by the old gods. Those a really high level of villain. I think my favorite character was Edei, he was a really nice person all throughout the book. I loved how he didn’t wanted Io to cut the thread at end. I really enjoyed this book, I give it 4 starts. I loved the magic part, all the descendants of the gods with those special abilities. I was super invested in the story, I loved it!!!

  20. Did you guess how it would end?
    I had a suspicion that Thais was involved. Like I’ve been saying, it’s usually someone you don’t expect.

    Who’s your favourite character?
    I’m going to go against the grain here. I really didn’t like any of the characters. They all seemed bland.

    Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?
    I really wanted to enjoy this book. The magic system was unique and it had mythology in it. However, I didn’t like this book. I rated it 2/5 stars. I thought it was messily written and confusing. I couldn’t keep track of all of the different powers here. And I feel like they were never described. The last section read quickly though, as things were falling together.

  21. – Did you guess how it would end?
    Yes, I knew Thais would be involved, she was just so mean to her sisters in the past.

    – Who’s your favourite character?
    I have to say, Bianca, as strange as it sounds. I think she its a badass. I really want to know how her new powers will work with the old ones.

    – Did you enjoy Threads That Bind? What was your fave thing about the book?
    I enjoyed it, I found it a bit predictable at times but couldn’t put it down, so that’s a good book for me. I love the magic system, I have a lot of questions about it, so I hope in the following book (I mean it has to have a second at least) the author can develop more about the different kinds of magic.

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