To Best The Boys Readalong: Day 3

Lovely photo by @lulumoonowlbooks

Hello again, Fairy Friends!

We are back for day 3 of our March Readathon! In yesterday’s chapters quite a lot happened. Rhen and Seleni have disguised themselves as boys and joined the Labyrinth games. They have already completed task one and are rapidly approaching the second. We also found out Rhen has liked Lute for a very long time and that this mysterious Kellan man definitely is linked to Mr Holm somehow.

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Now, let’s find out what happens next shall we?

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for To Best The Boys chapters 16 – 22 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


So, we are on the second task, where the team find themselves in a box.

As they are trying to find a way out, Rhen pulls another classic move and “accidentally” elbows Germaine. I love her so much. And did anyone else notice the similarities between their fake male names and their real names? Rhen’s is RENfold. Seleni’s is SEdgwick. Maybe I’m looking too much into that, but I thought it was a cool little detail!

The next task question is, Why are you here? They all take turns explaining why they are there and of course, Vincent’s answer makes me want to punch him. I also feel like Lute has definitely figured out Rhen’s disguise already.

Out of nowhere one of Germain’s friend’s poison’s Will sending him into a fit! Sam tries to fight him, and honestly, I wish he’d kicked his butt!

Thankfully the team manage to make it through the second task and into the third which definitely seems like more Lute and Sam’s area of expertise. I bet this is where their characters will shine! However, Seleni is now starting to get worried about getting caught, and worried for Beryll after seeing what Rubin did to Will, who’s on the same team as him!

It seems that with this task, the team are finally getting a chance to relax and figure out their next steps. I wonder if time passes faster in this Labyrinth?

Image result for interesting gif

By this point we know that Lute has discovered Rhen’s disguise because he practically flies for Vincent after the way he talks about her. I feel so bad for Rhen as she would have had to sit there and pretend it doesn’t affect her. She’s supposed to be a boy and she would be discovered by the others if Vincent’s words upset her.

Beryll stands up for Seleni too which is very sweet, however, he’s completely oblivious that she’s RIGHT. THERE.

Rhen and Lute finally walk off for some alone time and finally Lute is apologetic for the way he acts after Rhen explains there is nothing between her and Vincent. Did anyone else laugh out loud when she said she’d rather marry a goat? Same girl, same. 

They have quite a lovely moment together and finally they kiss! And Rhen is the one that makes the first move. Again, I love her! She doesn’t have to wait for a guy, she knows what she wants and she goes for it, and in this case, it’s a little smooch from Lute. Their kiss is incredibly innocent and it makes me think that they were probably each other’s first kiss. Which, is very very sweet!

Image result for aww gif

In the morning, the Uppers have already left to get ahead. Beryll makes a statement saying that he’s really starting to hate them. Really Beryll? Only starting to?!

They manage to go try get a boat, but boys threaten to poison Seleni with Berries unless they give the boat over. How dare they try to hurt Seleni! 

Beryll stares at her for a moment, and I bet he’s just starting to notice the familiarity between this Sedgwick kid and the woman he is currently dating.

Kellan had previously mentioned about how they will be looking at out of the box thinkers. Well, their team is definitely thinking outside the box as they use the tents to fly them across the water to the island they need to get to. However, their smart idea doesn’t come without a price because Beryll hurts himself and Sam breaks his ankle. Rhen and Seleni are now discovered too because their hats flew off whilst they were flying. Beryll’s reaction is priceless!

Suddenly a huge Basilisk snake chases the other teams from the forest, which I find…terrifying. Chamber of Secrets vibes anyone?

Related image

When they finally get into shelter, Vincent spots Rhen, and he doesn’t seem happy to say the least because now he’s competing with the woman he wants to court and make his Wife.

They seem to be in a Tomb, and guys, this party was bloody freaky for me. When those GHOULS start RISING?! That is my weakness, I’m so scared of stuff like that so I was shaking!

Image result for scared gif

They manage to get through to another part of the Tomb, but Sam and Rubin are left behind, I am praying that Sam survives…Because what a horrible way to go…And I adore Sam, I love his friendship with Rhen.

Beryll is caught by the rock that seals the door and Seleni insists that Rhen go ahead with Lute because she wants to stay with Beryll. That girl is smitten! She admits that she is here to support Beryll and that she is happy with the life ahead of her. To become a wife and a mother. Go Seleni for owning her desires! She was also there to support Rhen and show the boys what girls can do!

Image result for girl power gif

Rhen and Lute go on to face the next question together with Vincent and Germaine ahead of them. Kellan appears again, okay he has to be Mr Holm! He can clearly see that Rhen is a girl in a boy’s competition and he doesn’t seem to care. Interesting…

The final test is for the remaining four to create a glowing compound. Our girl Rhen has GOT THIS. She is a scientist!

…Vincent poisoned them?! And despite the fact that I really disliked his character, I must admit, that plan was friggin’ genius. Germaine feels the affects first then Lute and Rhen. They desperately try to find out how to make an antidote with what they have as Vincent prepares to walk through the door and win. And, despite the urgent matter at hand, Rhen is eager to help Lute too. She knows his family need him. A very selfless thing for Rhen to do. AGAIN, I LOVE HER.

Lute tells Rhen he’s already won. Queue the tears in my eyes! Rhen goes ahead to win the contest, shoving Vincent out the way first, naturally, and telling him that he she would never be his wife. Buuuuurn!

Rhen steps through the door and WINS.

Only to find, the festival is in anarchy.

Image result for chaos gif

Mr Holm makes it official that Rhen is the winner and when she wakes, her father is there to greet her and fill her in on what happened whilst she was unconscious. I truly love that her family is so supportive of her. And, I bet they are so ridiculously proud of their daughter for besting the boys.

What do you guys think of chapters 16 – 22? We basically covered the entirety of the Labyrinth games in these chapters, and I’m really glad we did because I don’t think I would have been able to stop reading if we had stopped midway. Would you?

Please be mindful of spoilers if you decide to continue reading.

We will be back tomorrow and we’ll be reading chapters 23 – End! I’m so sad that we’re almost finished this already!

With Love,



49 thoughts on “To Best The Boys Readalong: Day 3

  1. Ahhh I loved those chapters so much!
    I’m gushing over Lute’s I’ve already won comment. I see a ship sailing in the near future?! (*crosses fingers*)
    I can’t wait to read the ending now.
    Vincent is now officially my least favourite character. I admit I felt okay toward him at the beginning but now, good bye to him!

  2. I am absolutely adoring this book. It has completely surprised me. The characters are brave and forward thinking. Rhen is one determined girl, and Sel is just the most supportive cousin and friend. I love this relationship just as much as the growing relationship between Rhen and Lute (which I’m LOVING), those two are very cute. The Labyrinth was pretty cool, I liked how there were sirens and basilisks, reminded me of Harry Potter. Let’s see where the end of the book takes us, I hope that they find a cure for Rhen’s mum. That’s my main hope!

    P.S. Can I just say well done to the author for including characters like Ben, as people with learning disabilities don’t usually feature in books.

    I have entered the competition on Facebook. My handle is @kristinas_shelves ?

  3. This book is the literal best and I’m hoping for more in the same world because I want to see my favourites again! Also that scene with Rhen winning was so intense! I would’ve rioted if Lute or Rhen had died! I’ve added my hashtag to a post I already have up so I hope it counts! ? (@bookanishgirl)

  4. Love this book! The only thing that’s annoyed me is that Rhen liked Vincent at all! He’s a horrible person! Love Lute, he’s gorgeous! Really hope her mum gets better. I have a nasty suspicion that the uppers have the cure all along…
    Will post by Friday, handle @jennyadventuress

  5. I love how deep Weber goes within that boundaries and also subjects emotional abuse. Getting a person that selfdoubting is sometimes really easy, when there is some vulnerability and Rhen is! She is standing on peek of her emotions, torn between the life it seems she’s meant to have and the life she would like to choose, between the ‘save’ option Vincent and Lute, who barely get his family fed, but also between that arse Vincent using here or being equal and loved by Lute! That situation where Vincents discovers her I thought he was personally offended by her not doing what he wanted her to, not being proud for her doing something so risky to save someone she loves. Totally selfish that guy. Then again there are all those little things Lute does to protect and support her – YES, get THAT boy! He’s prescious. Not ‘too good’ to apologize to her – I mean, Vincent knows in that moment he discovers her, she had heard everything he had said! And isn’t even abashed – in that moments he even threaten her even more like ‘We will talk about this later.’ Like he owns her! That chills, that hate I feel for that character!
    And I love how confident Seleni is pictured! She chose her future and does everything for it, for getting what she wants without asking for permission, without doubting herself if anyone doesn’t understand her – she never asked for being understood, but being accepted with her choice.
    Definitely focussed on some of todays issues, this book is super modern!

  6. Loved these chapters, though wishing we had gotten more of the labyrinth?
    The Labyrinth portion seemed so short compared to everything else, and would have been good to see more tests or different things?
    Though did kinda guess that the under-handed tricks Vincent and the others used would only fail them – they were told that the competition was also a test of character after all, what were they expecting?

    So glad to finally see some Rhen/Lute going on too. Feel like that’s a power couple right there!

    I really enjoyed Beryll in these chapters too – he had a few really great moments, and nice to see the strength of his character (and his loyalty and just everything great!) shine through.

    And I really, really appreciated the moment between Seleni and Rhen where Seleni explains what she truly wants, and how that’s just as important and strong because it’s her choice… though felt fitting it did take Rhen a few more moments to really accept that. I just love it when creators are able to show feminism takes on many forms – but also can relate to Rhen’s original mindset.

    So close to the end now, may as well read on, eh? 😉

    1. Forgot my instagram handle of @grexcarolinii ^_^;

    2. I agree with you that I wish we could have seen more of the Labyrinth! It’s such a huge portion of the book but it didn’t actually take too long for them to get through it. I loved what we got but it took us a while to get to it 🙂

  7. I loved this book so much! I couldn’t restrain myself and finished it last night, so good! ☺️
    I also enterd the photo challenge, my instagram is @lostinficti0n. Fingers crossed ??????

  8. Soooooo, it seems I was TOTALLY wrong about Vincent finding his old self in the labyrinth! What a horrible nasty boy.

    I absolutely love Rhen’s relationships with Seleni and Lute – when SHE moved in to kiss HIM, I was like “yes, you go girl”. Rhen is one of the best characters I’ve come across in a long time. A perfect mix of brave but vulnerable, loving but tough.

    Seleni explaining her desires for the future was so touching – because in these days where women are fighting against “what’s expected” of them, there are still some who WANT that life – and that’s fine too. It’s all a matter of choice!

    I’m so happy that Rhen gave Vincent his comeuppance and won the trial, and relieved to hear that her friends are all ok. Now to read the final part ready for tomorrow night…..

    My Instagram handle is tinasparkle04, I’ll be posting soon

  9. I liked todays chapters a lot. This book came out at a really great time. The whole women are not allowed to study thing is a nice nod to how we are slowly but surely making our way into a world of equality. Super excited to see how this story is going to end.

  10. So this part was exciting. The pages just flew away. I like that Lute understood who Rhen was early and they got a cosy moment at the camp site. But I really thougt that someone would see them kiss and I feel a bit disappointed that no one did, but it’s for the best I guess.

    I don’t know what I think about the diffrent challeges they go through. I like how they could’t take a boat so the flew instead and now all can see that they are girls. Then the ghouls are creepy. But otherwise it went buy so fast, to fast I think. I wanted something more even if I’m not sure of what. It feelt a bit to easy. Also Germaines plan feels a bit pathetic and when Vincent poison everyone at the end it didt’n surprise me at all. But it’s not the end yet and I’m curious of what will happen.

  11. I wonder what Vincent’s motivations really are. It seems like there has to be more to it than just being a daddy’s boy. I think he had caught onto who Rhen really was around the same time as Lute did. But maybe not. I jist can’t quite figure it out. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen tomorrow with so much book left. @dqnelson

  12. I’m really glad Lute was able to recognize Rhen through her disguise. It’s great that they had each other to rely on during the labyrinth. And everything Beryll does, or says, just makes him sweeter and sweeter in my eyes. He’s just such a gentleman. How cute! ?

    The ghouls in that tomb rocked so much! I totally loved reading that bit. It was just perfectly creepy. I don’t know if any of you guys are video game player, but I got serious Stalfos vibes from The Legend of Zelda from these ghouls! Super spooky.

    I’m glad Rhen was able to win the contest without any trickery from Mr Holm. I was worried they’d deny her the victory in the end, but it’s nice to know that after Vincent’s little scheme it worked out.

    Also, I’m totally entering the photo challenge. I’ll upload my pic later on tonight. Good luck, everyone! My Insta handle is love.the.villain ❤️

  13. Wow, I can’t believe we’re out of the Labyrinth already! Those challenges went by so quickly. I guess I was wrong yesterday and Vincent really is The Worst™ I really thought he might secretly be a not so terrible person once he was out from under his father’s thumb. Beryll really surprised me though! He grew so much and was so brave in the last bit of the challenges and I loved how he accepted Seleni in the competition despite his upbringing likely telling him it’s not ok for a young lady to be in the Labyrinth. I love Rhen and Lute! Their interactions are just so sweet I feel like I’m reading sugar. (If that makes any sense?) I love the supernatural element of the town and the Labyrinth. The sirens backstory was really cool and I love that they were grotesque. The ghouls are neat too even if they’re very scary. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I entered the Instagram challenge, my handle is @SheepishlySarah

  14. i had posted the pic
    My instagram : @leslecturesajigoku78

  15. I feel like so much happened in these pages!

    Navigating the labyrinth was fun to read. Although where do Germaine and the other uppers get off calling everyone stupid when they solved literally none of the labyrinth themselves? Like literally none, even Germaine’s evil scheming didn’t go to plan for him!

    So Vincent, yesterday I hated for having no backbone, I assumed his transformation from Rhen’s lab partner to Mr Mini Politician was his father’s influence. However after today’s chapters it seems clear his personality transplant is of his own making, he was way too calm, sinister even, poisoning his supposed friend and love interest. If he was still nice underneath it all and just trying to impress his father, he would have behaved more like the boy trying to force Seleni to eat some poison berries (not cool btw!). So yeah, clearly he’s evil. Also still unimpressed with his behaviour towards Rhen, very ‘women should been seen and not heard’. Don’t quite understand how they talk about Rhen’s mind in an almost appreciative manner, but still think that’d make for a good trophy wife?

    Seleni, I still think is perfect. The way she is with Rhen, with Beryl, how she knows her own mind, and what she wants, and is so confident with it, even though she knows it’s not the life everyone would want. How she pulls herself together when she’s clearly terrified. Refuses to leave Beryl alone, keeps her cool when they’re talking about her by the lake. I also loved Beryl in that scenario, he did not back down defending his girl. Go Beryl!

    As for Lute and Rhen, how can you not adore them? The way they interact is so compelling. And Lute ‘I’ve already won’ -perfect! They’re so good together, got each others backs, I mean Rhen was prepared to give up on the win because she thought Lute maybe needed it more.

    I had a sneaking suspicion the King might be there or have something to do with the labyrinth. Still like a bit more info though, why was he there? Got to be more than just to watch… And how did Kellen/Holm get people out of the maze so last minute when imminent death was upon them?

    I would like to know what unfolded outside the labyrinth, I know the fishing restrictions have got people understandably worked up, but it seemed like the festivities had put that on the backburner. So I’d like to know what unfolded for it all to descend into chaos.

    All of the times Rhen is with her mum are so heartbreaking and somehow heartwarming, they clearly have a lovely loving family. I do hope they find a cure. Although I do wonder if the Uppers already have one, or a vaccine of some sort, I feel like they introduced it into lowers society to keep them in check ??

    Anyway looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters to find out if Rhen gets into the university and how they’re going to tackle the fishing restriction.

    For the #ToBestTheFairies competition on Instagram my handle is @beckirey87

    1. I loved loved LOVED reading your thoughts.
      I truly love Seleni and that she was able to be honest about what she wants. She wants to be a house wife and that’s OKAY.
      Yes, also, Rhen and Lute are friggin adorable!

  16. My favourite moment of the book was when Seleni told Rhen to go after what Rhen wants, while Seleni stays with what she wants. I feel like that’s such an important part of feminism where you respect the diverse aspirations of and contributions from women rather than prescribing one mould that one must fit to ‘qualify’ as a ‘feminist. It’s perfectly fine to want to be a wife, it’s perfectly fine to want to be a scientist (or both even) – if it’s what you want, go get it! Can’t say it better than Seleni did (she’s my favourite character actually).

    On a side-note: why was the answer 1-9-8-8 to get out of that room? Rhen said it was an “obvious” combination but I genuinely can’t understand how she got from doing a headstand to the answer… someone please put me out of my misery :'(

    My instagram handle is @thebooklovingpanda! I’ll post tomorrow <3

    1. I agree with you about everything with Seleni and she is my favorite character as well.

      The combo was from the painting – if you looked the keypad on the painting standing up normally it showed the combo as 8861. But when you flip it (or look at it from a headstand) it becomes 1988

      1. oh my gosh thank you so much!! This is what comes from reading it too quickly I miss the small stuff hahaha oops

    2. That was one of my favourite moments too! And I COMPLETELY agree with what you’re saying. Respect each woman’s wishes and that is a true act of support.

  17. Ahh I love love love this book! I entered the photo competition as @enchantedbyfiction

  18. Oh I absolutely LOVE Seleni! I love her standing up from Rhen by joining the competition and I love her standing up for her crush by staying with him to make sure he’s safe. She really is the best. I also am glad to see Rhen and Lute’s relationship growing and being super adorable. Now I’m just ready to see the smug ass Vincent get some punishment for being a huge POS the entire time. Definitely can’t wait for tomorrow to find out how this ends.

    1. YAS. I hope Rhen kicks his ass honestly.

  19. Awww Rhen and Lute is just ❤❤❤❤❤!! I loved these chapters, the pages just flew away! I even finished the book and I loooveeeed it! But Vincent gaaah, such a wicked idiot ?. But Rhen is just too amazing for these boys hehe~ aaand Seleni, omygosh I was almost crying! She is just so brave and feminine and even though she does not want an education she is still so independent! But aahhhh, this book was so good! Especially today’s chapters!

    Oh and I entered the competition on Instagram – @bookskies

    1. Rhen is too good for an man! Absolutely!
      She truly bested the boys!

  20. Gaarrrr so Vincent is definitely the worst after all. Very interested to see everyone post game… I need to know that they are really ok. And keen to find out how it all ends.
    My challenge photo is posted to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. Vincent is the actual worst.

      1. I agree; Vincent is horrid. I was hoping to see character growth, but he actually regressed in the labyrinth. I was hoping there was more to him than the public face he put on for others, and there was, but it was selfish and rotten. I’m posting on Instagram as adream_within_adream

  21. As much as I love Rhen as a heroine (and I absolutely adore her and Seleni’s friendship as well as her romance with Lute), I am really liking Vincent as a villain. He’s one of those villains where the betrayal really stabs you in the back because he could have chosen to be the person Rhen knew when she was younger but he chose a different path. Plus I always like a villain who is interesting to read but you still want to see suffer and fall at the end.

    Beryll grew on me even more. He defended Seleni even when he didn’t know she was there to hear it (not to put Lute down or anything) and I really like him and Seleni as a beta couple. They get some screen time but not so much that they overtake Lute and Rhen. Just enough for me to root for them both 🙂

    I wish we could have seen more of the Labyrinth. The challenges were amazing to see but I would have liked to have gotten more involved in each one. It feels like I was just getting into the Labyrinth and then it was gone. The ghouls, the basilisks, the sirens, the structure of all the tasks, I’m really looking forward to seeing the consequences of Rhen’s choice though.

    My Instagram handle is @redlulu18 and I’ve posted the challenge photo!

    1. I really like how you think! It would be aMAZEing ;D to see more of the Labyrinth.

  22. I have totally loved this book and I’ve been so hooked on it that I haven’t had the time to comment here. You guys really know how to pick your books. I love everything about this book and it’s one of those books you just want to read again right away. My Instagram handle is @ninahilden

    1. I have entered the contest.

  23. I loved the Labyrinth! The chapters were so fast-paced and exciting! And it made me appreciate Beryll a bit more – in the beginning I thought of him as one of those annoying side characters that get spooked easily and can’t get anything done without help but he really grew on me. And don’t get me started on Vincent! At first I thought that he could be quite nice and not that bad but I absolutely despise this boy after what he’s done during the contest.
    I actually finished the book because I couldn’t stop reading after the 22nd chapter, I really really wanted to know what happened afterwards and stayed up longer than I planned on
    And I am going to post the photo tomorrow, because I just now had the time to actually catch up on the Readalong 🙂 (by now, I have always read the Updates one day too late because I read my chapters in the middle of the night ?) my Instagram handle is @1001denouements

  24. I’m loving this book but I definitely agree with many of the comments about wanting more of the labyrinth. I just want more in general. More character description. More backstory. Just MORE. I’m a bit of a glutton so it’s no surprise that I want more of a book that I already LOVE ??

    I added the giveaway hashtag to a readalong post I had already posted @book.crops.booze

  25. Wasn’t able to comment with my thoughts on the book yesterday, had an early wake up for work, so went to sleep early butttt I did read everyone’s comments and thoughts before bed!!

    I have posted a photo for the giveaway, my insta handle is @iluvkimi220

  26. Loved the book!
    Also have posted a photo for the instagram photo challenge,

  27. My Instagram handle is @bookwyrmbella for the contest.

    My first thought about their fake names was how the beginnings sounded like their real names.

    I honestly have hated Vincent since we met him and am not really surprised that he tried to poison them all. Is it also too dark of me to think that maybe he helped cause the current outbreak in the Port? The little flashback that we got of him and Rhen in the lab and him showing her how a virus could take over healthy tissue just gave me the vibe that he enjoyed that destruction and might use it to his own advantage. I don’t really have any solid proof; I just get a sense.

    I loved how Seleni stayed with Beryll and that she already knows who she is and what she wants. She is just as strong as Rhen but in her own way.

    I also loved Lute’s comment to Rhen that he “already won”. I have shipped them since the beginning as it was obvious they both had feelings for each other. Lute also likes her for who she is and isn’t threatened by her brains and he wants her to be exactly who she is.

    I am so glad that all of our favorite characters survived. I feel bad for the boy who ate the berries though. He didn’t deserve to die. Just imagine if no one had warned Beryll, as he didn’t seem to know about the berries. Now that the labyrinth is out of the way, I am curious to see what happens during the end of the book.

  28. Ok, these chapters are amazing! The kiss between Lute and Rhen had me swooning, and how cute are they with each other! That basilisk was giving me serious Harry Potter vibes, that thing is creepy! And the ghouls, I think I sped read through that part so I could be done with it, so creepy! However, I absolutely love Seleni’s decision to stay with her man, and own up to her desires! And how much can you hate a character… Vincent! Oooo he makes me so mad, and what a jerk to poison all of them in the last “test”.

    I love Lute’s line “I’ve already won” *sequel* so adorable!

    Good on Rhen giving Vincent a piece of her mind, and winning the game! I can’t wait to see what the end has in store for us!

    I also have posted a picture on instagram, my handle is @words_abound

  29. These are definitely the most exciting chapters! I love how Seleni and Rhen’s relationship showed that it’s okay if they both want different things.

    “Her life may not be for me, but it is for her.”

    From the very beginning, I felt that Vincent is a shady character so I wasn’t really surprised when he poisoned them. Although, I was hoping that I am wrong since Rhen talks about how amazing of a friend he was.

    If this is an RPG game, Lute’s charm would be at Level 999. Just look at that smooth talker go.

    I’ve posted a photo for the photo challenge 🙂 My instagram handle is @thebooksshereads

  30. Omg! When Lute recognizes her and talks to her about her fear of a horrible marriage to Vincent! When Lute defends her by the fire! SWOON! The sweet kiss on the cheek, living for it! KISS ALERT! Akkkk! The hang gliding was awesome! So fun and inventive I really like that aspect of all their challenge solutions. Beryll and Seleni’s kiss perfection! SHE WON YAY! Most people lived that’s also amazing!

    I posted a picture on Instagram at bookish_princess 😉

  31. I absolutely loved this book! It had me hooked from the start.

    There was so much I loved about this book … especially the ways Mary Weber approached the topic of female empowerment!

    Rhen was such a relatable character for me and I enjoyed the way she spurted out random (generally maudlin) facts when she was nervous!

    I also adored the always proper, perpetually appalled Beryll!

    I entered the photo challenge on my Instagram @wearyhobo_

    P.S. the labyrinth cake recipe was delicious!!

  32. Absolutely loving this book, haven’t finished this section yet so I’m not reading any spoilers yet. Unfortunately, I had to go to bed last night rather than finish reading because of work and adulting and all that horrible stuff. I just came home from work and I’m going to just spend my exciting Friday night finishing the rest. Thank you Fairy Loot, for all the time and effort that it must take to put these boxes together.

    Entered: linda.k.kodachromes

  33. Really loved the chapters and the way Mary Weber made her female chatecters empowering in different ways, to show that everyone is different and that the most important thing is, that women can choose wha they want out of life and others respect that and support them, whatever it is they choose.
    Also the way Beryll and Lute are in a way very different yet similar was wonderfully presented. A+ speach why Lute loves the Sea and how he compared Rhen to it. Loved that. Loved those two in gerenal.
    I still had a tiny bit of hope for Vincent… that’s gone after those chapters. I did finish the book already, but didn’t have the time to write anything sooner, because I was rarely home…

    I did enter the photochallenge, my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

  34. I love this book! Thank you Fairyloot for including it in a box and doing a read along – it’s the only time I actually get through a book ?
    Entered the giveaway thanks you! –

  35. This book surprised me I didn’t expect to like it as much!!!
    I entered the giveaway: @theworstreader ! 🙂

  36. I really enjoyed this book! I wanted to read it so much that I had finished it before the readalong (maybe next time I’ll be more patient!). Thanks for choosing this book, I’ve entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @marairish

  37. I had many favorite parts in these chapters but the ones that stand out are:

    – When Rhen & Lute have their private conversation and then kiss. Ahh I loved it!!

    – when Rhen tells Vincent “sorry your world is too small.” Yes Rhen!! So glad she finally got the opportunity to stand up for herself and speak about what she really wants!!

    I couldn’t put this book down and had to finish it after reading these chapters.

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