Unlocked in Our Fairy Trove: February

We are thrilled to announce the first Unlocked in Our Fairy Trove sale!

Our plan is to host a mini sale for a small number of books every two months, and the first one is taking place this February. The books on sale will range from either our monthly books and our special editions but will vary for each sale.

We have split the sales between the UK and US Fairy Trove – they will be taking place on different days. You can find all the books that will be on sale in the table below.



  • 20th February at 1pm GMT


  • 21st February at 3pm GMT (10am EST)

Please note that we have to manually put the products live, so please give the website some time to update. Items can be added to your cart and will be reserved for up to 10 minutes. Our website will also have an automatic queuing system in place to help manage traffic. If there is a widespread issue on the day of the sale, we will be updating our Twitter as our main channel of information, so please keep an eye on that page.

Items in the US Fairy Trove will only ship to the US/Canada. Items in the UK Fairy Trove will only ship to the UK/International, unless stated otherwise.

Estimated shipping time frame for orders is 1-2 months.

⚠️Quantity for each item is LOW and once sold out, unfortunately, it will not come back in stock. ⚠️

UK Fairy TroveUS Fairy Trove
The Atlas ParadoxThe Atlas Paradox
The Dead RomanticsThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
GildedThe Dead Romantics
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (unsigned)The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (signed)
Gods & MonstersThe Coldest Girl in Coldtown (unsigned)
This Poison HeartVespertine
Juniper & Thorn

Please note that orders for each product are limited to one per person. Any duplicate orders will be automatically refunded.

6 thoughts on “Unlocked in Our Fairy Trove: February

  1. Thank you for this list! Do duplicate orders refer to orders that were placed in the past? Also, will The Seven Year Slip be added to the sale? Thanks again.

    1. Hi there! This refers to orders placed during this sale, as books are limited to one per customer. The books that will be included in this sale are listed in this post, any other titles may be included in future sales. 💜

  2. Ah I wish updates weren’t always thorough Twitter! You can’t see the site without having an account anymore 😭

    1. I agree, they should use Threads

  3. So, just to be 100% certain, these are the ONLY books that will be in the sale?

    1. Hi there! Yes, the books listed are the only books included in the sale. As we recently changed how our sales for leftover stock work, and we will now have smaller sales every two months rather than one big sale – so there is less stock than usual included in this leftover sale. 🥰

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