Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 1!

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Hi Fairies!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our readalong of Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 5. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen from the beginning to Chapter 5. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Violet is a seer, and she’s predicted that the prince will return from his journey with a bride. Except she didn’t actually predict it, it was a lil lie to get people off her back. Oh Violet!

He’s returned… sans bride and she tries to say her exact wording matters because his journey technically isn’t over yet, and he still has time. 

She knows she’s a better liar than she is a prophet but she’s had a rather strange prophecy/vision/hallucination (she’s not sure) that the boy (Cyrus) must die before summer’s end, or she will burn. That’s a hopeful start!

Ohhh they’re having a masked ball, I do love a bookish ball! Dante speaks of Cyrus having seen the ground covered in roses when he passed the rotted area and Violet immediately panics they’re from the prophecy the previous seer gave before she died.

We see a glimpse into how Violet became seer, she saw Cyrus killed and waited everyday to prevent it from happening. Cyrus promised her then he would give her a home, but it doesn’t seem like he followed through. 

Alas, his majesty visits Violet and tells him of his plan. She’s to prophesize that Cyrus will meet his bride at the masquerade ball. Said bride will be sent in by the king himself, a sort of arranged marriage. It’s Violet’s job to convince Cyrus this is a real love match… no mean feat considering Cyrus’ distrust for the seer.

Six weeks until the ball, and therefore six weeks to make Cyrus trust her. Not feeling good about this!

In the meantime, Violet has a dream (or prophecy?) to do with Cyrus, he accuses her of being his curse and his ruin as vines snake around him and pierce his skin, blood turning to roses… very ominous.

Violet tries in vain to convince herself they’re merely dreams. Dante’s description of a dream, however, seems very different. 

After another meeting with the King, Violet heads to the prince’s quarters. She finds him without glamour, sleepy and raspy. She seeks a truce, he seeks an apology. Cyrus also wants to know what his father is planning. Violet of course, doesn’t tell him that she’s been tasked with convincing him that the woman he’ll meet by chance at the ball in six weeks is actually an arranged bride his father found for him. Probably wise. 

The next day, Dante and Violet head off in search of Camilla who is having bread sculptures of the palace tested for the ball – as you do. Seems as though her cat, catastrophe (what a name, if you have a pet let me know in the comments what their names are!) is sampling it too. I’d test it too. 

There’s a bit of a ruckus when they head to the tailors, and it seems a game Cyrus aimed to play with his admirers has gone awry and he’s literally being chased through the streets. A very ruffled (and partially exposed) Cyrus enters the royal carriage where Violet has been watching this all unfold, and the two of them escape together. Cyrus says he put on too much glamour and it drove his suitors wild. When Violet tells him he can let go, he realises she’s sat in his lap and he’s holding her to him after the carriage jolted off! Awwwwwwkward!

Romance and intrigue are in the air, fairy family! I love it!

What are your thoughts on Violet Made of Thorns so far? Let me know!

See you tomorrow for day two!


39 thoughts on “Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 1!

  1. Hello everyone, haven’t managed to read along in a few months so I’m happy to be joining everyone this time.

    I’m not sure I feel invested from today’s pages. I do like that we have a character who isn’t afraid to play the world to her own advantage and doesn’t need to be liked. I did think her sassiness to the Prince felt a bit too much? Like, could she really get away with that? But then the king is also playing his own game so maybe as long as he needs her, Violet can do what she likes. I had a weird feeling she is something more than just a seer? Like does she have fairy blood or something?

    1. Hi Katie! Love your theory that Violet is more than a seer, I’m definitely feeling it! 🖤

  2. I’m really loving Violet as a protagonist. It’s very refreshing to see a protagonist, and a female one at that, get to be selfish. She wants to keep her job and is willing to dirty her hands to achieve that and I mean, it’s understandable, considering her alternatives. I can’t wait to see more of her and her relationship with the prince!

    1. So glad you love Violet! I love her too. 😍

  3. I may not like Violet’s voice all that much but it’s a very nice change of pace and I can understand where her acerbic tbr comes from given her past.

    The pacing at which the prophecy and events as well as characters are being introduced is very nicely paced. Just an intriguing morsel of each at a time before it switches to someone else. So far my favorite introduction was Lady Ziza, but I can’t wait to learn more about the royal twins. I get the feeling Cyrus is actually a very normal, level headed young man, he’s just coming off a bit terse since we’ve been introduced to him from Violet’s point of view. I’m looking forward to the growing tension between her and Cyrus. I can’t wait to see how they solve their dilemma together.

    I do have a pet, but he’s not named nearly as well as Catastrope. My dog’s name is Tucker. He’s named after Tucker County, West Virginia where my siblings and I spent many winters learning to ski.

    1. Awww Tucker! That’s so cute! 🖤

  4. I already read this book and I thought the beginning was really promising. I thought Violet was an interesting character even though I didn’t really consider her to be morally grey despite the lies she was telling. I saw it as more of her job based on what the king wanted. I don’t think Violet really had agency in her role as a seer.

    Cyrus didn’t really do much for me during these first few chapters. He wasn’t that interesting, but I did enjoy their bickering.

    1. I’m enjoying their bickering! Very entertaining. 😂

  5. I don’t know if I like this book yet. I like that the font is big and it is easy to read, and it is chaotic and has already a lot going on. Whether I like it or not will depend on how the author binds the plots together and if they make it feel organic. So I am hopeful and I already ship Violet and Princey 😉

    1. Yessss, I ship them too! 🖤

  6. Hi! I’m so exited 😍 this is my first readalong XD So far I’m enjoying the book, it gives me Cinderella vibes.
    I’m not a big fan of Cyrus yet but I really like Camilla, she’s so fun 😄 Can’t really understand what’s happening yet or what the curse is about but we’ll see 🤔
    Also my cats name is Oscar 🥰 and my friend keeps saying that he has a “rhys face” lol :))

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for joining us. I hope you love your first readalong! Please give Oscar a cuddle from Team FairyLoot! 😍😍

  7. First impressions I wasn’t thrilled a sit seems like enemies to lovers which i hate as a trope.
    I am Fed up of how nasty our lead is about Cyrus (whose probably under a spell as he seems to have changed personality since she met him) who doesnt seem to deserve it.
    Hoping she ends up in a poly relationship with Dante and Camilla as that has chemistry potential.
    Desperately want to know more about the fairy woods, roses and rot. Fingers crossed thats the way the plot goes but I bet it actually stays at court and is enemies to lovers, yuck.

  8. Great start! Already love this book with all the intrigues and prophecies. I also adore a masquerade ball. Can’t shake the feeling that the prophecy might be about Violet somehow, but I can’t see all the pieces yet.

    1. So glad you’re enjoying it so far! 🖤

  9. This book is so addicting ! I love the snarky banter between Violet and Cyrus and I so look forward to reading more about their relationship, both in the past and what’s to come in the future.
    Moreover, can we talk about the chilling prophecy Violet keeps seing/dreaming ? I’m so intrigued about this whole reading threads and guessing what the fates have in store for our main characters. But I’m also a bit scared let’s be honest, please Violet don’t burn…
    I feel like the cat’s name in the story is a fitting foreshadowing of how I’m going to devour this book.
    PS : my cat is named Babouche, courtesy of my little sister !

    1. Babouche! 😍 That’s so cute. 💜

  10. Ok so I’m loving this book so far! The characters are great and I love the banter between Violet and Cyrus. I love how whimsical the setting it but the “spookiness” of the fairy wood and the prophecy is super intriguing. It’s kind of giving me Cinderella vibes from the newest Cinderella movie and I’m not hating it 😅 also that last scene in the carriage was so good 👌🏻 I can’t wait to see where this one goes

    1. I’m loving the Cinderella vibes too! 🖤

  11. Seems I’m one of the first to post. I will reply now, but am interested in coming back and reading what others thought of these chapters too.

    I only truly got into the novel at about page 16 (the dream-warning), the fact that the Fates seemed to have bartered a deal with Violet so she could have a better life is an interesting concept. I wonder how she will be able to save both herself and Cyrus as they seem to have a love-hate relationship.

    I’ll end with my favorite passage from these chapters; on page 51 (Chapter 4): “In my mind, unrooted to the earth and somewhere only stars fathom, another pair of eyes open.” I hope that we get to see more of this mythical realm in other chapters.
    I’m wondering if anyone else had a passage that resonated with them too. See you all tomorrow 🙂

    1. Love that quote! 🥰

  12. Hahaha I love the tone of this book so far! Dire prophecies, a shady king (maybe), who knows what would happen if the future king and the seer truly hated each other. And yet somehow it’s light-hearted and humorous too. Reminds me of things like A Knight’s Tale. Very easy to read and I think I’ll have trouble only reading the assigned chapters each day.

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving it so far! 🖤

  13. Cyrus and Violet’s frenemy vibe is cute. If not for the constant commentary on how handsome the Prince was I could almost believe that Violet doesn’t like him. But honestly, when did childhood teasing ever not end in two people ending up together?
    I’m intrigued by this masquerade ball and somehow Violet is going to end up in Cyrus’ arms…but I also sense a quest to the Fairywood on the horizon?

    1. We love a frenemy vibe! 😍😍😍

  14. Hello everyone! First ever readalong and I really enjoy Violet Made of Thorns so far; can‘t wait to see what‘s coming for us!

    Feels like I fell in love with the characters on the very first page (well it‘s one of my most anticipated books :)). I think I never had an amibitious even selfish character as prota. Violet describes herself as unkind and I hope we‘ll get a glimpse of that… as well as more of her Sight; I love a good magic system.

    Violet and Cyrus – naww I love their bickering and that carriage scene!!, but I see much potential in their relationships to the King as well (hope we‘re getting more of that Violet-and-the-king-two-rational-geniuses-who-could-make-a-plan-to-conquer-the-world-vibes).

    When it comes to Dante and Camilla, they‘re important to Violet and Cyrus –and that makes them influential secondary characters– but I haven’t heard enough about them -yet?!- to make them tangible to me.
    (also: the cat‘s name is great! My cats are named Titus & Tiffany.)

    There‘s not that much plot going on at the moment aside from the promising prophecy-dream-thing and that‘s okay for me since we just got to know the characters, their relations and positions, buuut I‘m really looking forward to the masked ball!! Ah and more of Lady Ziza, please. She seems to be a side character of my liking: clever and always up for a good intigue.

  15. I have a feeling this is enemies to lovers and Violet will end up with Cyrus but I desperately want her with Dante. Just give me friends to lovers!! Suspicious that Dante has a crush on Cyrus though…. Time will tell! I’m not sure how I feel about violet yet. She gives me major Little Thieves vibes if you’ve read that book, but she doesn’t seem to be particularly clever, just a liar. I understand her desperation to stay relevant in the kingdom though. She’s got a place to stay and live and seems pretty cush.

  16. Hi everybody

    I like the book so far it a nice easy read

    Glad that I am not the only one that sees Violet as more than a seer. I have vibes that she is the princes salvation to brak the curse and his true love but that just the romantic in me wanting them together. Becase shes the only one that knows the real him

    Am I the only one who loves her robes that change colour depending on the time of day soo cool

    Oh the name of the princesses cat catastrophe is awsome. I twl have pets a tabby cat named Orion and un energetic border collie named Ari

  17. Hi everyone, I’m Rebi! So nice to read-along together! 🥰 I started a bit late, but the writing is so flowy and seriously it was hard to stop, that I caught up! I really love the vibes of the book and also how strong-willed Violet is, and her positon as a seer! The setting is super interesting. I wonder if the book is inspired by Sleeping Beauty (the curse) and Tangled (the witch/seer tower)?
    Also I am loving the enemies banter and all the side characters!

  18. I am really liking the book & the vibes of the world so far. I’m also excited to see how things and relationships evolve. My only issue is that I don’t get why Violet hates Cyrus so much but not Camilla ..?

  19. This was a really fun start! I’ve not been in much of a reading mood lately but this book just flows and it’s so easy to read. The pages are flying by!

    I’m loving Violet’s narration. Sarcasm is my favourite type of humour and she has it in spades!

    I have a dog called Pip! He’s a Jack Russell Terrier and he’s so mischievous – a bit like Catastrophe!

  20. I’m liking it so far! This was one of my most anticipated books and I was drawn in immediately. I like the main characters so far and I’m excited to see where this goes! I wonder about the king, as he doesn’t seem evil but is engineering things to go his way.

  21. I really enjoyed the first few chapters, I’m a little behind, because the last days were busy… The dynamics between the main characters is interesting. I feel like there some miscommunication between Cyrus and Violet. It doesn’t help that she calls him princey all the time… That last scene was cute though. I also wonder what Dante’s role will be, is he romantically interested in Violet or just a friend? I don’t think we’ll get a love triangle though. Looking forward to the menagerie~

  22. Hi everyone! From these first chapters, I enjoyed being n Violet’s sassy head! She seems aware of her position and surroundings and tries her best to secure her future in Sun Capital.
    I like the way Cyrus and Violet’s relationship is introduced! We get that they know each other and are very familiar with bickering, yet there is an underlying tone that there’s more to what we got as a first impression.
    Also, Violet’s tower is such a cool concept, architecturally speaking, and the Seer’s robe is a piece of clothing I’d gladly like to have in my closet! Finally, Violet’s question seems reasonable and intriguing: to what end do the Fates control their future?

  23. Hello, this is my first read along and I’m trying to catch up. I just started this evening and already on chapter 6. I just can’t put it down. I’m loving the banter between Violet and Cyrus. They seem like siblings that may turn into something more. Looking forward to the next 6 chapters. (Probably tonight. Lol)
    I have a cat named Chloe…she must have been a diva in a previous life. She’s a red tip siamese with the most beautiful blue eyes. She’s pretty and she knows it. 😆

  24. Hi, I’m a little late but yesterday I finish chapter 5. I like Violet, her sassiness and sarcasm makes me laugh. Is really interesting how the relationships between Violet and Cyrus is introduced, I wonder if this book will be a enemies to lovers. I wonder how she’s going to solve the prophecy when apparently she isn’t a good Seer.

  25. First off, this Fairy Look book is so pretty! I’m also a big sucker for maps and am always turning back and forth as I read – anyone else do this??? Ahahaha! I love the little dark plant sketches that make the top border of each chapter. The font is really big, it seems, but it’s nice and clear and I’m unexpectedly loving that!

    I’m not sure if I’m loving the start of this so far. Don’t get me wrong – so far, I love how Violet is not our usual heroine, with her bitter worldview and is sassy enough to say what she wants (most of the time). I feel like her new nightmares would make her want to address it more…she’s just pushing them aside in a way, when CLEARLY something dreadful is going on, especially as she points out that everything she dreams comes to pass. But maybe this is due to her not really having a confidant – she won’t tell Dante, for example. Maybe her position as a seer keeps her from having confidants because her line of work can be taken the wrong way by anyone. (I guess in a way, we’re the confidants, knowing what’s going on – AND THAT MAKES ME WANT TO YELL AT HER AND SAY WAAAAAIT! LET’S GO THROUGH THIS NIGHTMARE AGAIN AND FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO!)

    I also feel like there is more to her than even she knows, maybe something in her past, some sort of secret or something about who she is or where she came from.

    I don’t know if I like it because 1) the obvious “enemies to lovers” trope that this seems to head into. Not that I’m against this trope at all, but it seems tooooo obvious because she keeps pointing out how good looking Cyrus is, and yet she says she can’t stand him. It’s almost too obvious they will end up together. And everytime something happens, she turns around or something, and OOoooohhhh it’s Cyrus (of course). 2) I feel like our view of Cyrus is partially warped because we’re seeing things from her own bitter point of view, so she is painting a personality of who Cyrus is to us. When I read those parts, I wonder what HIS point of view is of things, because maybe it seems like it’s not what Cyrus may have been thinking, etc, etc. It seems like he may actually already like her a bit, and she just doesn’t SEE it (as a SEER, OMG LOL). And her view of him that we see doesn’t paint him as a great person for her to fall in love with if they DO go from “enemies to lovers”.

    I’m excited to keep reading though, and see what else is going to happen, and how all these scary nightmares and evil sounding plants and maybe even the Fey will be involved in all this! Violet has to be at the center of this all somehow!

  26. I’ve gone into this book pretty blind. I probably read the blurb when the theme for August was announced but not since then. I have however read lots of people on Instagram saying they were disappointed by this book so my expectations were not high. HOWEVER I am finding it a really quick and engaging read. Yes Violet is a morally Grey character but she’s kind of fun to read. I’m enjoying the bickering/banter between Violet and Princey. For some reason I do not trust Dante. I think it’s to do with the conflict his mother had with the King. I’m going to keep an eye on him.

  27. I am so behind hahaaa (thanks, work) but I’m really enjoying it so far! I like the Cinderella vibes of the masquerade and the banter/ antagonism between Cyrus and Violet. Violet’s new visions are so intriguing. I can’t wait to see what they mean and/or how she tries to change them.

    Also, the scene of Cyrus SPRINTING away from the mass of fangirls was hilarious.

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