Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong of Violet Made of Thorns. I hope you’re all loving the book so far!

Today we’re reading from chapter 6 to the end of chapter 11. Let’s goooo!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen, from chapters 6 to 11. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re joining Violet and Cyrus as they quarrel… again. Violet wants to know what he’s so afraid of when it comes to her but he’s not giving anything away.

It’s not long before Violet is once again plagued by prophecies in her dreams. Whoever or whatever is visiting Violet in her dreams gives her a message to pass onto Cyrus and tells her she’s worthy of so much more…

She passes the prophecy along to Cyrus and he tells Violet that a seer he met along his tour told him exactly the same thing… not spooky at all. When he asks Violet if she’s dreamed of anything else, she says no, just brushing the death prophecies under the carpet then are we? Cool!

The ball begins, just as Violet thinks Cyrus has been rather predictable and obvious in a fox mask, seven others follow. Eight identical masks, one prince. Interesting!

Violet spends the majority of the night with Dante, and departs just as she considers kissing him, knowing she would never bargain with his heart, she values his friendship too much. 

She gets lost on the way back to her tower and bumps into none other than Cyrus. Turns out the fox masks were a very good decoy, he wasn’t even wearing one. The tone of his voice changes as soon as he realises it’s her he’s bumped into. Mid argument Violet yanks her gloves off and grabs his hands before he has a chance to pull away and she sees everything. All the thoughts of her, how she’s a miracle, how he hates what she becomes and hates the people who made her that way. She knows life in the palace made her cold but she chose to be that way. Just as they’re close enough to kiss if they wanted to, the bell tolls, it’s eleven, it’s time for Cyrus to meet his fate.

Camilla immediately notices the glamour dripping from Cyrus’ one true love and makes an attempt to rid the enchantment to stop her brother being duped. He’s not angry about the glamour though, but he is angry that Violet is the one that stands beside Camilla as she douses them in blood tinged water. The girl escapes, Cyrus following, Violet following him, and it’s then that Violet realises when most people can handle a maximum of three fairies to perform glamours, five follow the girl…

Violet wakes to banging at her door, it’s Cyrus, with her shoe. How very Cinderella of him! When they argue again, it leads to Violet accusing him of wanting her, and Cyrus kissing Violet! She all too happily kisses him back until she remembers her vision, he must die or she will burn. Then he’s telling her she doesn’t know anything, only what she sees. His hands are on her again but she shoves him away and he’s telling her to leave Auveny.

They’re attacked by a beast, Violet has a split second where she wonders if this is how Cyrus is supposed to die but ultimately she calls for help, knowing he protected her, let her flee when he could have ran himself. 

When Violet wakes, it’s to the news that Cyrus is planning on announcing his engagement. Cyrus rescued Raya from the beast apparently, beasts that left roses in their wake. Is it the prophecy the last seer predicted? What about Violet?

The King urges Violet to read Raya’s threads, I wonder what she’ll see?

I don’t know how I’m going to wait to find out what happens next! I’m so desperate to know!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying the book so far, fairies! Catch up with you tomorrow for day 3. ?


36 thoughts on “Violet Made of Thorns Readalong: Day 2!

  1. Well the predictability of Violet being Cyrus’ one true love is here already – but I didn’t expect the Prince to suddenly lose control and kiss her like that! Raya feels slimy to me and not just because of her seeming ability to ‘control’ everyone through glamours etc, but her obvious connection to the Fairywood. My bet is she’s there to stop them from burning the woods. So many intriguing political manouvres happening, this is getting juicy!

    1. That’s a good theory! ?

  2. Ok, I know a lot of people don’t like the enemies to lovers vibes but I’m down for them. More making out please lol

    I don’t know that the story seems to make sense a lot so far but if all the days were like today’s pages I wouldn’t mind lol

    I know it’s a bit tropey but I do like a masquerade ball.

    1. I love a bit of enemies to lovers! ?

  3. Oh I do wonder about what Raya’s palm would tell! Can we just appreciate how amazing and witty Violet is? Seriously I am laughing and giggling while reading her inner thoughts and also how she talks to Cyrus?

    1. Yessss! I love her wittiness! ?

  4. I felt like the author had characters that went in search of a plot. This part of the book was all over the place. But good for Gina Chen to get over the will they or won’t they real fast!

  5. It feels weird, but I am not feeling too much reading this book. Everything feels a bit bland. Sadly not the most interesting book I’ve read lately. I feel like we don’t get to know the characters that well, and I’d like to kind of feel the connection between Violet and Cyrus before they realise it themselves.
    It just feels a bit forced imo, but hey, who knows? Maybe the next part will change my view on the book?
    Although I don’t think it will, seeing as we are almost halfway through it, I still have hope it will be better. Maybe the meeting with Raya will help? We haven’t met her yet, and I wonder what she is like and what her story and intentions are.

  6. The combination of familiar fairy tales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & the Beast) but not is really fascinating

    Yesterday I assumed with the ball being weeks away, it would end up being drawn out until it happened at the very end of the book. I was *violently* wrong about that and now I’m really excited to see where the story goes. I don’t trust Raya or the king, but I want a Cyrus POV even more desperately. I feel like Cyrus already knows who his *real* true love is…

    1. I’m loving the snippets of other fairytales, so magical! ?

  7. Ok I was not expecting Cyrus to kiss Violet this early on in the book lol! I feel like they don’t have good chemistry yet. They seem to be so hateful towards each other that I’m just honestly shocked! Raya is clearly a witch, I agree with Camilla on that. She’s up to no good. I feel like she plans to conquer the kingdom and the Beast things are her little minions. Maybe she turned all the men in her village into beasts or something?? I feel like they are connected because they showed up right when Cyrus and Violet were together and then suddenly he’s engaged right after! She’s got to be using spells on him. The five fairies are a dead giveaway!

    1. There’s definitely something suspicious going on! ?

  8. First off, I want to say how much I love that Violet having her period is included. We need way more representation of normal bodily functions in books and we need to see them treated as normal. I’m so happy Gina Chen’s made this choice. And the references to Dante’s wet dreams as well? God bless.

    “Your father would not approve” definitely going to mean not approve of Violet with Cyrus. I wonder if we’ll ever learn Violet’s real name and who her father is.

    Oh damn, those beasts are totally humans. Cyrus is 100% going to turn into one. It’s on the foil cover.

    And wow, the king really does have some huge plans for conquering the continent. Cyrus is definitely not into that is will put up a fight. I wonder how far his father is willing to go to control him.

    1. I can 100% agree on this!!

      Cyrus suprised me (positively tho, by being more than that handsome prince we first met) so I‘m excited to see him stand against his father.
      But I wish for Violet to live up to that description we got of her in the beginning, too, for us to finally get a glimpse of that ambitious, unkind, plotting

      1. ups wasn‘t finished yet

        I‘d love to see Violet living up to her description as ambitious and unkind; plotting against Cyrus (maybe the king himself?)!
        The Fate warned her of betrayal, so I wouldn‘t mind if she & Cyrus end up hating each other even more at the end of the book (I also think it‘s only the first in a series?)

        And than there are those beasts (former humans) and Raya!

  9. Oh my we get the steamy scene already more pliss I need Violet and Cayus together but what did he mean Its not you when she showed him from her dors he love her or hate her I am confused

    I mean the plots are getting better and better and I have a feeling they will get even better with this new dream and Rayas envolvment hmmm

    ah the masked ball I so love the mistery of such a ball and all the amazing costumes makes me think what kind would I have if I would ever get invited to one

    1. I get the feeling that he hates that he loves her! ?

  10. Oooh, that kissing scene was a nice surprise! And I have a feeling Cyrus knows a LOT more than he lets on, maybe he knows about Violet burning and wants her out of the country because of that? Anyway, looking forward to learning more about Raya and how this all plays out for Cyrus and Violet!

  11. I didn’t expect a kiss so quickly but damn that was hot ! I love seing Violet and Cyrus interact, it’s hilarious 🙂
    However, I’m really scared of how Raya is going to turn out : an evil enchanteress ? A clever witch ? Maybe she’s the one who speaks to Violet in her dreams !
    Speaking of the mysterious voice, they foretold how Violet will be betrayed by everyone so okay I can see that happening with the king but Cyrus ? I’m scared !
    Oh and I have a crush on Camilla <3 By the way, I wonder if she could become the queen instead of Cyrus, she has a lot of qualities for the position and Cyrus clearly hates life at court.

    1. I love their interactions too! ?

  12. Ok so I’m loving this book so far! The characters are great and I definitely need to see more Cyrus and Violet action. I feel like Violet is Cyrus’ true love and that Raya might be a fate disguised so that the prophecy won’t be fulfilled. Maybe the beasts were humans from Raya’s village who died. Either way things are heating up and I can’t wait to read more

    1. So glad you’re loving it so far! ?

  13. Wow okay. I would’ve liked more development between Violet and Cyrus before them kissing but I’m excited to see how their relationship progresses. Raya seems suspicious and I’m looking forward to seeing what Violet sees in her threads.

  14. ooookay I was not expecting that beast attack.
    I usually am one to love an enemies to lovers but Cyrus and Violet are so predictable and inconsistent, not a fan.
    I am intrigued by the rest of the book though & am wondering how this prophecy is going to turn out, it might not be as literal?

  15. Fell a bit behind, so I’ll try to keep this short. But I’m loving the different fairytale vibes this has!

  16. I’m loving this book so much. There’s is plenty of action, and lots of intriguing things and theories.

    Right from the start I thought the prophecy must be about Violet, which made me suspect Cyrus must have been secretly attracted/in love with Violet without her noticing because she thinks he hates her, but in reality it is love disguised as hate.

    That was interesting, the fact that Cyrus had already heard the prophecy rhyme from the other Seer. That confirmed to me that he is interested in Violet, and he knows she is the one his father wouldn’t approve of. The prince’s heart being damnation or salvation must be whether he is brave enough to choose Violet.

    I loved the part of the masquerade ball, the prince arriving at the tower with her shoe and that very passionate kiss. I don’t trust Raya at all. She’s hiding something or plotting something. I can’t believe Cyrus has just announced his engagement to her!

    Can’t wait to read what happens next!

    1. I’m so happy you’re loving it! ?

  17. Well, it’s as I thought. Just like the Beauty and the Beast. Violet and Cyrus are thrown together, or is it just fate. I’m loving this twist on an old tale. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  18. I love the enemies to lovers trope and am really enjoying the bantering between Violet and Cyrus.

    I am definitely suspicious of Raya, I feel like she has bad intentions. This is getting interesting.

  19. Wow, I’m really not sure where the plot is going with this one! That kiss was unexpected and unexpectedly steamy! Wow!

    I feel like this book is trying a little too hard to cram in as many popular tropes as possible, but it’s also easy to read and fun so I don’t mind that much.

    I’m really interested to find out more about Raya’s motivations. And how she ended up with five fairies! The further into this story we get the more I get the vibe that Violet is actually just a pawn in the King’s game. I wonder how long it’ll take her to figure out she’s being used…

  20. Well obviously Violet is the love that the King won’t approve of.

    I really want to know if Raya is a pawn or the actual villian. I’m thinking pawn as she hasn’t even said a word on page as yet.

    That tiny bit we learnt about Violet’s mother fleeing another land makes me suspect that Violet’s father will be someone important.

  21. Aghhh so much happened in this reading! I didn’t love the first five chapters but this set steps it up, I feel. It’s still got the whole enemies to lovers trope that I’m not a fan of personally, and I feel the sudden kiss was well…sudden, but at the same time expected. It’s obvious to us as readers that she’s the girl the king would not approve, that Cyrus didn’t expect it was her and that she was out of his grasp before the night is over.

    But I like how Violet is spending time to research and figure out what her nightmares mean now, instead of before where it didn’t seem to be as important as it is now (as it should be!). That makes me like her a little more in that she takes her dreams more seriously.

    All the talk do roses and beasts makes me think of a certain fairy tale that’s as old as time…but I’m not 100% yet if this is where it’s going. This is because I see a few other fairy tales referred to subtly here too – the tower makes me think of rapunzel, when Camila asks who’s the most beautiful, it makes me think of the evil queen in Snow White (and is Violet almost like the mirror here?), the lost slipper like Cinderella. I appreciate all the references but I’m not sure if there’s a specific way that this is going…or if it’s just meant to have them all in there.

    And I am so excited to see what she will read in Raya’s threads! What will she see? Aghhhh!

  22. The fact that not only was there a masked ball, but it also happened early in the book was a big plus for me!

    I wonder why this mysterious being visiting Violet’s dreams calls her “little star”. Does this mean her powers extend beyond hers and our current knowledge? Also, the words she was to tell Cyrus had me thinking that they most likely apply to her.

    I have to admit the trick Cyrus pulled up on everyone with the decoy foxes had me impressed! Also, Raya seems more than suspicious. I don’t think the king is aware and approving of the enchantment she put on everyone (and possibly sinister plans) and the fact that a supposedly wealthy person has five fairies! There’s definitely something fishy here.

  23. I did not expected that kiss!! I like that this is one of those books that makes me not have a clue how it’s going to end. I’m excited to see how the relationship of Cyrus and Violet progresses, maybe they will have one of those forbidden love.

  24. I’m sad I couldn’t finish reading last night! I’m really enjoying it. The little Cinderella references were fun, and the beasts are making me think of Beast from Beauty and the Beast a bit. I’m excited to learn more about them (and also the mysterious Raya. Raya is very sus right now)

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