What the River Knows Readalong: Day 4!

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Hello fairies!

Welcome back to day four of our What the River Knows readalong. We left Inez, Whit and co at such an interesting point, I can’t wait to see what’ll happen today!

Today we’re reading from Capítulo Veintidós (Chapter 22) to the end of Capítulo Veintineuve (Chapter 29). Buckle in and let’s goooo!

Don’t forget you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the book. Can’t wait to hear what you’re all thinking!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for What the River Knows by Isabel Ibañez from Capítulo Veintidós (Chapter 22) to Capítulo Veintineuve (Chapter 29). Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Major plot twist! Inez’s mother… is alive. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

Something about this feels a bit off though. You’re telling me a mother would let their child mourn her knowing the pain it would cause her? Could she not even write?

So Lourdes has been trying to stop Ricardo from participating in Tradesman’s Gate. That part kind of sounds legit… but her mother didn’t even know her father was sending Inez Cleopatra’s ring? That makes me think she’s maybe not as trustworthy as Inez believes. She also seems more than happy to put Inez in harms way considering she believes Ricardo to be dangerous. All we have is instruction from Lourdes that Inez must continue to act normal with her uncle.

Anyway, back to the relationship dramaaaaaaa! Whit finds her and wants to talk about last night. Ohhh dear, he doesn’t want to talk about what happened between them but rather… who was in her room. He heard them! As Inez walks further into the temple to try and escape the conversation, a big bout of magic hits her… Have they found Cleopatra?

Ricardo finds them, and he seems genuinely quite panicked at the thought of having lost Inez? Fairies, I can’t with this, something isn’t adding up and for the life of me I can’t work out who to believe!

Hm, hm, hm. Inez’s mum is making BIG claims. Ricardo MURDERED Inez’s father? That’s done it for me, I don’t trust her, I don’t believe for a second if she cared about Inez she would leave her with someone she believes to be capable of harm, regardless of whether they’re family. She’s shifty, your honour!!!!

Now she wants Inez to start STEALING for her, and a sheet of paper of all things? Inez open your eyes! You really think your mother would want you to steal from a person she thinks murdered the love of her life??? It’s not flying with me! (Can you tell how into this story I am though I am feeling a great many THINGS.)

Inez knows she’s stealing away with Lourdes, so seeks her last opportunity to be honest with Whit. She tells him she’s attracted to him, just as she’s about to walk away… he tells her it goes both ways. ✨eyebrow wiggle✨

We’re introduced to Inez’s mother’s friend, who is apparently going to help them escape. I say apparently because HER MOTHER BERTRAYED HER. She’s taken off with the artefacts and left Inez in the lurch.

How can she go back to the group now? How can she go back and tell them not only did she betray them, but she let her run off with all those artefacts?

Shocker, Whit says her entire story was a lie to get Inez to do what she wanted.

Abdullah and Ricardo are in agreement, they’ll open the tomb and then they’ll go after the artefacts, and Inez will not be going with them.

Ok, now I’m emotional. Whit and Inez do a little gift exchange, she drew him a picture but needs a pencil to sign it, when he goes to pull a pencil out of his pocket, the button she lost on the day they met falls out with it. He kept it the entire time. He’s says they’ll always be friends, him and Inez, BUT Whit has been engaged since 10 years old.

At this point, could things get any worse? Lorena and Amaranta have written to Inez. Elvira is missing. Inez declares she has to go back to Buenos Aires immediately and Whit seems kind of gutted. Ricardo agrees to take Inez back to Cairo, and then Whit says he needs to go too. The whole crew is disbanding!

Did you guess Inez’s mother was a traitor?
What do you think will happen now Inez is heading home?
Do you trust Ricardo now?

What a section! I knew I was right not to trust her mother! What a slithery little snake.

I’m so nervous to see what’ll happen in this final section, see you then!


28 thoughts on “What the River Knows Readalong: Day 4!

  1. I KNEW IT! I knew something was fishy with the whole Ricardo/mom drama. I’m shocked mama was alive and left her daughter, her ONLY daughter mourning her, whiles she alive. I don’t think I can do that to my kids which makes me believe her mama is a lying, scheming traitor! Which proves my point when she leaves, again, without Inez. Now I know she said papa is dead, but I don’t believe her anymore. She could have hidden him to torture out what he knows. And papa knew something was fishy by sending the ring to Inez instead because mama was obviously shocked. Ugh I believe Ricardo is and alway was looking out for the best of Inez and that he’s not as evil as he’s being made out to be. Mama did that all on her own to set him up.

    Now, whit can you just go and unbreak your betrothal so you can happily be with Inez? His present to her was amazing and her little drawing was cute. And then she found the button and he wanted to keep it again. Ugh.

    I can’t wait to finish the book! I wanna know how it ends. Also, where is Elvira? Did she follow Inez to Egypt? But how? Ugh more questions then answers

    1. I have sooo many questions! 💜

  2. This was very emotional!
    First her mother is alive! We get all happy for her… but then, as the story unfolds I did start to suspect her intentions… why steal some artefacts for the museum? I wouldn’t make a difference in amounts of treasure there were. Inez felt bad about it all the time and should have followed her instincts. But the worst was the second betrayal when she left her behind… again?! What mother does that? Honestly, did she or her lover kill Inez dad? Was he on to her and that’s why he sent her the ring?
    The parting with Whitt was painful, and now they are both leaving…
    I really need for Inez to stop her mother, and so make amends with her uncle.
    Whitt seemed to need the same parchment as Inez mother, to save him from his gloomy future.
    I need him to break free from his family arrangements.
    Is Inez cousin really missing? Was it a ruse to get her out of Cairo? I do hope she is alright… maybe she is at the hotel waiting for her!
    I cannot stop reading, I need to know how it ends.

    1. We’re all on an emotional rollercoaster right now thanks to Isabel Ibañez 😂

  3. WOH. What a place to leave it!

    I did guess that Inez’s mother was a traitor she was behaving super suspect. I wonder if she killed her husband, I mean she was having an affair but could she be THAT evil!? I am super worried that Whit is involved…why does he want that paper? Hmmmm.

    Im just so sad for Inez now, her mum was soo harsh. So harsh that Im even starting to question if they are really her mum and dad? Could Ricardo be her real Dad?!

I definitely think Inez and Whits relationship will development now they are heading heading home. Could he be betrothed to Amaranta!?
Im still not sure about Ricardo, his moods always seem a little off to me!

    1. I wouldn’t put it past her mother to be that evil!

  4. As Whit so elegantly put it, bloody hell! What a section! This book is so good, a real page turner.
    Tbh I was never the biggest fan of her parents to begin with. Who just dumps their kid and goes gallivanting off to Egypt to live their own life. Color me not impressed…
    I knew mama was shady from the moments she came back. She did not act like a loving mother at all. But who can blame Inez for believing her?
    I do believe papa is one of the good guys, but he’s still a selfish bastardo for leaving Inez. I’m leaning towards him either being kidnapped or killed by mama and her lover.

    I think her uncle is one of the good guys, but he is just as much to blame for the way things turned out. Communication and honesty people!

    As for our turtledoves, oh boy. The tension is palpable. They are so cute together and I love it. I hope Whit throws the engagement to the curb and professes his love for Inez.

    The letter from her aunt could be a ruse to get Inez to go home. Or maybe Elvira has been kidnapped by someone thinking she was Inez?? Maybe as a way to blackmail her uncle, or maybe even her father?

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s section!

    1. As Whit so elegantly put it, bloody hell! This made me cackle 😂

  5. Her mom was def kinda sus, especially since Inez didn’t seem to have many good memories with her unlike with her dad. It was set up pretty well though since the memories she recalled were fairly unremarkable, enough to pull attention away. I did suspect something going on, but mostly just went along for the ride.

    Is Inez truly going to head home? We know she’s too headstrong to go along with what others want for long 🙂 I doubt we’re gonna see her back in Argentina anytime soon.

    I feel like Ricardo has generally good intentions, or at least better intentions than most, but I don’t know if I’d trust him necessarily if he doesn’t deign to cOMMUNICATE important things with our homegirl >:(

    1. Agreed, I love how the author set this up from the beginning 💜

  6. I normally see things like this coming but I was so shocked when her mum turned out to be alive and quite angry on her behalf as well! It feels like everyone just constantly lies to her and treats her like a child 🙁
    It feels like everything she’s been thought she should be treated with a bit more compassion! I honestly thought her mum had come back for her and was genuinely scared for her to be in her uncles company but then when she left her my heart literally broke for her 😩

    1. It makes me so sad that Inez doesn’t see it either 💔

  7. I did not trust her mum at all. When she first appeared I was even starting to think is she even real or some type of bad magic.
    I’m guessing Elvira tried to follow her? Or was maybe trying to warn her about her mum if she found out some information? Hopefully she’ll find her in Egypt and won’t have to go back home. Then whit can also change his mind about leaving 😉
    I think I do trust Ricardo now. Seems like he was just trying to protect Inez.

    1. There’s definitely something up with her! I can’t imagine anyone being happy to let their child believe such things! 💜

  8. Did you guess Inez’s mother was a traitor?
    I suspected her parents were still alive! And as soon as her mother suggested she stay I knew something was terribly wrong!

    What do you think will happen now Inez is heading home?

    I’m hoping she finds her father and I hope her cousin is okay. But I also think she will be back in Egypt because of the magic in her.

    Do you trust Ricardo now?
    Yes, I think he has been looking out for Inez and I think his attitude towards her was probably because she reminded him of his sister.

    Final chapters tomorrow! Can’t wait.

    1. Right? No parent would make their child stay if they thought they could be with someone dangerous! 💜

  9. My joy at seeing her mother alive was short-lived, as I sensed something wasn’t quite right when she asked to steal the artifacts. Even though the reality was right in front of Inez, she didn’t want to accept it because she truly wanted her mother back. Sigh…..
    The betrayal broke me. Just when Lourdes said she lost something I was like omg they are going to abandoned her. No way …. noooo.

    Hum Whit going back to his family? No fuck%@^# way, you stay right here with her girl Inez ! We do not care about your engagement right ?

    I need to know the rest of the story !!!
    Yep I can say that I trust Ricardo now, I surely don’t trust her mother 😂. But please give her some answers. Give her her mother’s journal. I need to see what’s in there.

    Do you think her cousin Elvira vanished because Inez mentioned that Elvira was her name on the train to M. stole my ring.com ?

    1. There’s definitely something really sketchy about her mother! 💜

  10. Ahh, even if I saw the betrayal from a mile away it still hurt. Poor Inez, she wanted to trust her mother so much, she didn’t even question she was making her *steal* artefacts.

    Her mother really is the worst. And now that we know she’s a snake and she planted that letter in her room, this means Ricardo isn’t a thief nor a murderer. There’s still the mysery of her father’s death (maybe Inez’s mother killed him?) and why did he send her that ring, but as of right now Ricardo seems pretty trustworthy. He was painted as the bad guy waaay too much to actually be true.

    The scenes with Inez and Whit were so bittersweet. I love that, even though they know they can’t be together (for now, I hope) they still act so sweet with each other. The gift exchange was really such a nice moment between all that awfulness.

    With everyone leaving for Cairo again I feel we’re finally gonna get some reveals. I don’t think Inez will leave Egypt for good, I have a feeling her mother might be involved in Elvira’s disappearance and Inez will go after her. I can’t wait to see how this book ends!

    1. I feel so bad for her 😭😭 She really wanted to believe the best in her 💔

  11. I feel so bad for Inez holy crap I cannot believe how much just happened in this section!!!

    I was so shocked her mother was alive and THEN to betray her like that!!!! How disappointing… and to think her mother was dead and then realize not only is she alive but she’s a liar and a thief?! Devastating…

    I wish Ricardo would be nicer and more understanding of her mistake. Obviously it’s a huge error but still, Inez thought she was doing the right thing. I’m biased because I love her so much and I want her to find happiness.

    But AHHH the stuff between her and Whit was so good!!! I want them together SO BADLY!!!

    I’m so nervous for Elvira too!!!

    Ahhh I’m obsessed with this book!

  12. I think mid-way through after finding out Inez’s mom was alive I was starting to wonder at her motives. So cold though, the way she just left Inez on the shore and floated down the river with the stolen goods.
    What if Elvira is halfway to Egypt though? Maybe she wanted to join Inez!
    I don’t even know what to think about who to trust. There have been so many twists and turns!

  13. Wow so much happened in this section. I didn’t see that her mother was bad until she said she left her headache medicine somewhere. Ugh Now I’m thinking that something else might be going on with her cousins disappearance. Hmmm Also wow betrothed at 10 years old, I feel sad for Whit. We’ll see what happens in the rest of the book, I hope good things.

  14. It was oblivious there was something seriously wrong going on when Lourdes came back. I though Ricardo was too oblivious to be the bad guy from the start but I would not have guessed Inez’s mom to be! I’m still in denial. We knew from the start they weren’t very good parents but that was

    I think Inez will either find Elvira in cairo or the aunt lied.

  15. Did you guess Inez’s mother was a traitor?
    I knew there was something shady going on with the mother! I suspected from the start that they might not be dead. It felt fishy from the start.

    What do you think will happen now Inez is heading home?
    I think something will go down in Cario since all the storylines are merging there. Hopefully they can track down the mother and maybe Elvira is in Cario too… Whit is defo going after Inez.

    Do you trust Ricardo now?
    I’m still not sure. For some reason in my head Ricado is Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town if anyone knows what that show is and now I can’t get past the fact he still feels like a dodgey character…

    Excited for the final section and to see how it ends.

  16. Wow, this section was intense. I was thinking the same thing with her mother. What kind of mother puts their child in danger like that if she is really “in danger” being with her uncle. I’m starting to think he’s not so bad at all now and it’s just her mother being manipulative.
    I don’t want to see Inez and Whit torn apart in any way. I hate that she plans to leave. Maybe he will go with her? Doubtful but it’s an idea.

  17. I feel so bad for Inez😭 I can’t even begin to imagine being betrayed by my mother like that. My heart breaks for her.

    I have a feeling Inez is going to find Elvira in Cairo, and together they’re going to find her mother.

    Do I fully trust Ricardo? No. But there’s definitely a start there.

  18. This book made me suspect everything and everyone. I didn’t imagine she could betray her in such a terrible way, but I didn’t trust her either.
    Ricardo was definitely hiding something, but I didn’t think he was among the ‘bad guys’.

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