Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 2

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Hey Fairy friends! Welcome to day 2 of our “Wicked Fox” readalong! So much has happened already! Miyoung is struggling with control now that she doesn’t have her bead inside of her and Jihoon is trying to break down her barriers so they can be friends!

We’re reading chapters 14-26 today! Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-26 of Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Jihoon takes the fall for Miyoung saying he broke the window with a rock. The shop owner wanted to press charged but Halmeoni managed to convince him not to…She’s a force to be reckoned with!


Yena finds the envelope that is the talisman that will help Miyoung get her bead back but rips it up! Does this mean another trip to Junu…please say yes, I need more of his sass!


While picking up his scooter from the mechanic, Jihoon spots Miyoung and sees that she’s been crying so takes her to a spot to clear her head. It’s so nice to see her opening up a bit to him and finally letting some of those barriers down.

Jihoon takes Miyoung back to his house where she meets Halmeoni! They’re both very strong-willed women so this could be interesting!

I love how protective Halmeoni is of Jihoon and worried she is about him and if he’s got any friends. She just really wants him to be happy!

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Miyoung and Nara go to the woods to perform the ceremony that will get her bead back in her!! Why does everything happen in the woods? Surely there are other secluded areas that aren’t quite as creepy!!

Ahh what just happened?? Why is it burning her and why did she run off! Surely it’s best to stay with Nara!


Is she actually going to kill Jaegil’s dad?? He’s a bad person but not actually a criminal so would that be wrong for her to do? But maybe the hunger is causing her to lose some of her human side and she doesn’t care so much about doing the right thing?

Okay, she took some of his energy but he’s still alive! Would he recognise her again though if he saw her? Has she further jeopardised herself and her mother?

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She’s not been at school in 7 days? What happened that night and why is she so weak now? Did she not feed properly?


Okay, so she’s being followed and taunted by the ghosts of her past. Did Nara do this on purpose or did she not really know what she was doing?

It turns out Miyoung now has the gift of sight which is why she can now she ghosts! What does this mean for her? Maybe it could put her off killing people if she then has to see them after but if she doesn’t feed she’ll die!


Nara says it was an accident but the way she keeps asking for Miyoung’s yeowu guseul makes me question her? Do you guys trust Nara?

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Hana is so horrible! I’m glad Jihoon covered Miyoung so he got covered in the paste instead of her! I hope she’s less guarded than she has been and is thankful!!


“And for lying and saying I’m your girlfriend. I know you hate lying”

“Then maybe we should make it the truth.”

Ahhh that was so cute can they date now, please!


I’m so happy Miyoung is finally letting them in and letting them be her friend! She needs good people surrounding her and she’s finally realised that too!!

I wonder what’s going to happen next??

And day 2 is done! Well done everyone!

What is everyone thinking? Do we trust that Nara is doing everything she can to help Miyoung? And how cute are Miyoung and Jihoon! I’m so happy he’s managed to get her to open up to the possibility of having friends!

I hope you enjoyed today’s chapters and I’ll see you tomorrow!



17 thoughts on “Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 2

  1. Love the mythology and I can’t point out what it is, but something about this book is very refreshing.
    Hope everyone has a great time reading it ?

    1. Yay! I really hope you enjoy it!

  2. The moment we know she is the closest thing to a friend and Miyoung still couldnt trust her, I went oh noooooooo. Didn’t feel it boded particularly well.

  3. Not sure about Nara, I don’t think she’s particularly untrustworthy, but there’s something off. Is it just me that was confused that Yara ripped up the talisman and two chapters later it was back right as rain? I like the story so far, I hope it stays good!

  4. I really want to trust Nara (and that not only for the name we kinda share). I know they are not friends because of the way Nara adresses MiYoung but she still feels like the closest thing to a friend MiYoung had in this story before meeting JiHoon. I really hope we can trust her.

    I really like the book so far. I wish a bit more would happen conflict wise tho. After they went to Junu it was like “yep. Let’s wait for the full moon”. It feels a bit like a waiting thing in many places. I hope to see the concequenses of the guseul separated from MiYoung soon.

    Today after my exam I started thinking of who I’d cast for JiHoon and MiYoung. I think I found my perfect actor match in Park JinYoung (because his Lee An from He is Psychometric kinda matches JiHoon) as JiHoon and Kim SaeRon (she was adorable in High School Love on) as MiYoung. I really crave a Kdrama now but also want to continue reading. The struggles

    1. Yeah I really want to trust Nara just because she is the closest thing Miyoung had to a friend before Jihoon but there’s just something about her that is putting me off…Hmm can’t wait to find out more!

  5. I’m loving it so far. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Miyoung and Jihoon. There’s something off about her mother. I agree also that Nara is up to something. I bet she knew exactly what she was doing with that ritual.

    1. Yeah I feel like her intentions weren’t totally pure during the ritual I’m just trying to figure out why!

  6. I couldn’t help myself I finished the book! No spoilers!!!

    1. I don’t blame you! Hope you enjoyed it!

  7. Something is definitely up with Yena she acts really weird and secretive ?

    I’m not sure if I trust Nara, but even if she wants to get hold of Miyoung’s yeowu guseul I feel it would be because someone is forcing her? (I hope ? )

    Glad we got to see Junu again! He’s still giving me Magnus Bane vibes and I like it ?

    And yes I’m also loving how close Miyoung and Jihoon have become ??

    Can’t wait to see what happens next ?

    1. Yeah I don’t know what it is about Nara! Thats a good idea, maybe she’s being forced into something! I can’t wait to find out!

  8. I started a day late but I’m caught up now! I’m not always keen on books that spend a lot of time in a school setting (I mean, unless it’s a magical school) but this one has kept me turning the pages, it’s just so easy to read.

    I’m obviously a lot more trusting that you all – it didn’t even occur to me Nara might have messed up the ritual on purpose until you suggested it, but now I’m very, very suspicious! Assuming she is really on Miyoung’s side, I was wondering if whatever she wants to do with the bead wouldn’t work because of the fact Jihoon touched it and there was that link they shared with the dream and all. That would drag him further into the supernatural side of Miyoung’s life!

  9. I also have a bad feeling about Nara! The whole thing with her wanting the bead, and the episode in the woods – it just feels a bit wrong ?

    I don’t like Yena either. Why has she disappeared for so long, what is she up to?

    I’m so happy that Miyoung is starting to open up to Jihoon, and even talking about a date ?

    (I’m currently a day behind, and trying frantically to catch up….!)

  10. I have had a bad feeling about Nara from the beginning and I really want to know what her objective is.

    I think it is a good thing that Miyoung is opening up to Jihoon.l I can’t imagine keeping so many secrets and not exploding. I hope it works out for them.

  11. I’m still not trusting Nara but then she isn’t really in the book that much so maybe she isn’t even all that important? Loving seeing Jihoon and Miyoung get closer. I’m so glad Miyoung is now friends with Jihoon’s friends.

  12. Okay but this moment between Miyoung and Yena had me dying. I really wanted to be like JUST TELL HER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I absolutely adore the quick and close friendship of Jihoon and Miyoung and appreciate that it didn’t immediately go to moony eyes and smooches; I think his insistence on friendship was so pure and it makes me root for them so hardcore.

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