Wicked Fox Readalong: Day 3


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Hello everyone! Its day 3 and we’re halfway through our “Wicked Fox” readalong! Is everyone enjoying it so far?

I’ve been loving reading your comments and finding out who you trust and who you don’t! I’m hoping we’ll get some answers on who we can trust today!

We’re reading chapters 27-39 today! Shall we dive straight in?

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-39 of Wicked Fox by Kat Cho. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Yena knows Miyoung has been talking to a shaman and definitely isn’t happy about it!

Miyoung needs to get that bead back inside her asap or she’s going to keep getting worse!

The police were looking into animal attacks and disappearances and have found the body of the man Miyoung attacked the first night she met Jihoon! She’s gonna have to try and be a bit more inconspicuous if she doesn’t want them to find out!

I don’t know what it is about Nara but I really don’t completely trust her! I’m not sure why and I could be completely wrong but for some reason, I feel like she has another agenda…

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Ahhh I was right! Nara is against her!

I’m so glad Jihoon came to save the day even in his own clumsy way!

Okay so Yena killed Nara’s parents and Nara was using Miyoung to get to her mother!! But now she’s managed to get Miyoung’s yeowu guseul and she can control her!!

Even though I suspected Nara’s intentions weren’t pure, I can’t believe her whole friendship was a lie! But now Jihoon has Miyoung’s bead and he managed to stop her mother and now they’re basically on the run!

Ahhh they finally kissed!!! They’re so cute I can’t take it!

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Omg Halmeoni!! Is she going to be okay!!

Whaaat Yena just stabbed Jihoon! Nooo, this can’t be happening!! He has to be okay! Miyoung finally had friends!

Halmeoni knew more than we thought! She tells Miyoung that she can use the bead to bring Jihoon back but Miyoung doesn’t have enough gi so has to use Halmeoni’s! But did Miyoung absorb all of Halmeoni’s Gi? Will she be okay?

Miyoung’s bead is now inside Jihoon so he has complete control over her. Would that mean that even if he didn’t mean it, anything he asked her to do she’d have to do? Do you think Miyoung will tell him that he has her bead or do you think she’ll be too worried he’ll use it against her even after he has proven how much he cares about her?

And now Miyoung is leaving 🙁 I feel so sad for her! She was just starting to have a semi-normal life and now she has to leave.

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Since Miyoung left, Jihoon has managed to get his grades up and is working three jobs to try and pay rent while also visiting Halmeoni in hospital as she still hasn’t woken up from her coma 🙁 I feel like he’s walking about in a daze, thinking that Miyoung won’t come back but hoping that she will and hoping that Halmeoni will wake up soon!

Well so much just happened! Jihoon is going to struggle if Halmeoni doesn’t wake up soon and if Miyoung doesn’t come back! She has to come back right? She can’t just leave like that!

Let me know what you’re thinking! Any favourite parts so far?

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some more answers!

See you then!





  • Ella

    Hi fairylooters ?

    I mean I didn’t like Nara but… well that was fun and heartbreaking to read all at once. So much happend!

    Halmeoni better wake up soon, she’s kinda my fave…

    Hope everyone has a great time reading!

  • Chronically_bookish

    Whoomp there was the betrayal. I vote for sainthood for Halneoni. Well Miyoung has to come back but since it’s a series it doesn’t have to be this book.

  • Caroline

    Oh no, I feel so sad for Jihoon. He’s lost everything, and he’s like a shadow of himself. And Miyoung and his Halmeoni thought the fox bead would save him but it seems like it’s doing as much harm as good.

    I was wrong about Nara; I thought she was well-intentioned even if she was making mistakes. Poor Miyoung.

  • Erika

    I don’t even know where to start ? Ugh so I guess Nara was only using Miyoung to get to Yena and kill them both. I thought maybe her halmeoni was forcing her to but nah ??

    Once I read Jihoon had gotten injured I figured the yeowu guseul was gonna help in some way ? And I’m thinking maybe Jihoon or Miyoung or both need to feed on someone’s gi so that he feels normal again ? ?

    I hope halmeoni survives ?? and I feel bad for Jihoon for having to work three jobs, especially the one at the store with the annoying nephew?

    I’m hoping Miyoung will come back soon so more s*** goes down ? I might just finish the book tonight… ?

    • Erika

      WAIT…. but can we mention how Yena ate her parents and brother a long time ago? ??

      Also it annoys me how Yena never lets Miyoung actually explain herself ? she just gets angry and leaves Miyoung feeling bad about things ? not letting her talk/explain to her what’s happening…

  • Tina

    Wow….soooooo much has just happened!!

    I’m guessing the seizures that Jihoon are having are related to the yeowu useful. Miyoung needs to come back to help him.

    I really think at some point Miyoung will have to stand up to Yena. Maybe her being forceful and standing up for herself will be what finally makes her mother have some respect for her.

    And I REALLY want Halmeoni to be ok….?

    Also, I’m a little bit surprised that Yena’s hatred for humans comes from her parents and brothers – I was expecting it to be something to do with Miyoung’s father. If she hates humans so much, however did she manage to have a half-human child???

  • Ali Kiki (@love2dazzle – Dazzled by Books)

    I knew there was something wrong with Yena. As soon as they went back to the forest, I was like this is it we are going to find out her true intentions. I feel like so much happened in these chapters. We all know that Miyoung is going to come back cause she needs her bead. I am sad because she really was finally fitting in.

  • Jenthebookishbakernz

    Lots of dramatic turns, almost all bad ones. Things have become very bleak for both main characters. I really do not like Miyoung’s mother or the things she has done especially what she did to Jihoon and his grandmother but I do feel there is more to her story……hopefully or else she is simply evil.

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