Fable Readalong: Day 5

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Welcome to the last day of the readalong! I am so sad to be finishing this with you today. I’ve had a lot of fun reading this book and discussing with you all!

But let’s get down to it. Do you have your snacks ready?

We will be reading Chapters 33 to the end.

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fable by Adrienne Young! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


We left the story yesterday with Fable contemplating love, and with the rest of the crew getting ready for departure. But first, the new sails need to be tied up!

We see an intense but cute moment where the crew suddenly have to leave as Zola is about to burn down the ship, but Fable gets caught in the rope ladder and West comes to save her! And the way he’s asking if she’s okay! ? Where did this come from and oh it’s super cute!

West then goes back to ignoring Fable because no one can know his feelings. This is super frustrating to me. It doesn’t give him a good rep in my eyes.

They have made it to the Lark! Huraah!! They made such a risk in going because of the shallow waters and the coral reefs! West and Fable dive down together. Honestly, I can imagine the Lark looking rather pretty in a way – yes it is a sunken ship which is super sad, but with the way the coral reef has started to claim the ship and to decorate it with coral and colourful fish sounds like it would be beautiful.

We witness a super sweet kiss!! Super cute!!! But also, you know, they’re underwater where air isn’t exactly on hand. They could literally die if they’re not careful!! I also feel this is kind of out of the blue? He has ignored her most of the time they’re together, and when he does talk to her, he is moody and a little controlling? Then he is suddenly into her and she into him. I don’t know, I want Fable to be happy – it’s the least she deserves after everything she has been through –  but can West make her happy?

Fable tells us that working with the crew on sorting the gems has allowed her to feel hope, something she has rarely ever felt. We know how bad her life has been, but for it to be so bad to the point where she couldn’t hope, what kind of life is that? ?

They have sold all their gems for the day and are having a feast! Boy do they deserve it! They are having a spout of good fortune so far, but I can’t help but feel something bad is going to happen?

What are you making of all the sudden revelations West is telling Fable? A lot of questions have been answered here, which is great for us! But some of the things he’s revealed are rather troubling… He wants Fable to trust him. Is he going about it the right way by sharing all his secrets so suddenly?

The next morning (after a night of ??) Fable leaves the ship. This doesn’t bode well with me. She sees Saint! What?! What is he doing in Dern?!

They have a really nice chat though, like I can feel him apologising and she forgiving him through their words and feelings. It was a sweet moment. He warns her about West though. Aha, not that he can be fully trusted, but the way Saint said it makes me believe him. Sorry guys! ?‍♀️

She is on her way back to the ship when Zola ambushes her. NO!!!!! I knew something would happen!! She wakes up later on his ship with Clove, her father’s old navigator who used to look after her, also on the ship as a crew member. What is happening?!

And just like that, this book is finished!!! What a cliffhanger!!

I can’t believe we are left with this ending! What have you thought of this book altogether? Thankfully, if GoodReads is to be believed, the sequel will be out in March 2021, so not a long wait at all to find out what happens next!

Thanks for joining in with the readalong! Please join us for the next one!



27 thoughts on “Fable Readalong: Day 5

  1. Loved the book! Beautifully written and a good story, though I’m very curious now about the rest T_T

    I wonder if Clove is his first or last name… Because I have a feeling Clove might be West & WIlla’s dad, since he is also blonde and their dad came up earlier and they didn’t know him, except for his name, which I forgot, Henry or something?
    West being the son of Clove would also explain why Saint trusted such a young person to lead his shadow boat.
    I’m not ready to leave this story guys, my head is still spinning and puzzling. I need the sequel T_T

    1. I like your theory about Clove!

    2. Uuuuuh, I haven’t thought of that! It would be awesome! ?

    3. As soon as I red that Clove was alive I thought the same. He is West’s father. Which would also confirms why Saint warned Fable for West.

    4. That’s such an interesting theory! And yes, that would explain why Saint trusted West with the boat. I wonder what Saint was referring to as West had just told Fable all the things he feels guilty/ ashamed for.

      Also, does anyone else get the feeling that Clove is a double agent on Zola’s crew? Like maybe, he’s only on Zola’s crew to keep an eye on him and not actually loyal? Maybe? I’m curious.

  2. So, I finished the book. And I’m not quite sure how I feel.
    I liked the worldbuilding, the questions, that we don’t know everything about Fable and the crewmates from the beginning, the harsness of the world, the ships.


    – I really want to know more about Fable’s mother, about the gem sages (why didn’t Fable go to that city of gem merchants, it sounds like she could make a living for herself there, being a gem sage). I wish the author would have explored these subjects more.
    – I don’t like the way the book ended. If the story ended with Fable and West spending the night together and the next morning, they all sailed away to somewhere, it would have been ok. But now, we are left with a huge cliffhanger and a foul aftertaste, instead of wondering where everyone will be going and imagening that everyone will live ‘happily everafter’ (until you open the sequel and read that Fable gets kidnapped).

    Can’t wait for Namesake 😉

  3. I loved this book ad definitely crave for Namesake. However (as I mentioned yesterday) this book had a misleading advertising: the romance is little and very underdeveloped, in my opinion.
    Maybe Adrienne meant to describe it as “full of love”, which is true, and the maketing team changed it to “full of romance”?

    For those wondering about Isolde: fear not, I’ve read that her story will be explored in Namesake!

    This book is a good 4.5 stars, it just needed a better developed romance to be a full 5 stars.

  4. I loved the ending! (Minus the cliffhanger of course). I have a feeling Clove betrayed Fable’s father. Maybe Saint doesn’t even know he’s alive anymore. It is kind of odd that Saint let Fable believe Clove had died when he was really with Zola.

    I know there is more to the story. I’m excited to read Namesake. I was able to snag an e-arc from NetGalley.

    Things I want to see in Namesake:
    -More information about Isolde and her relationship with Zola. Why does he hate Saint and Fable? Like, he can’t just hate Fable because she’s with the Marigold.
    -More about Saint in general.
    -Fable opening up to West
    -More cuteness with Paj and Auster

  5. I really liked this book. I wasn’t surprised that Zola kidnapped Fable, though I’m really curious about Clove!!! What is he doing there and will he still be loving to Fable??
    I felt a bit for Saint (what I hadn’t expected).
    More answers next year I guess…

  6. It was a nice book.. I’ ll definitely read the sequel, because I’ m dying to know what happens with Fable! But. I hated the cliff hanger, and the romance with West at the end felt kinda forced/out of the blue or even a little childish for me??‍♀️ That said, it was such an easy, relaxing read and the descriptions of the sea, its creatures etc. were beautiful! ☺

  7. This is the second book in this genre I have red and I really need more sea adventure books. The writing style was easy to read and the chapters where relatively short, which I prefer. I loved the created world and the characters. The story seemed to be a bit slow at some points and at the same time so many things are told. Especially the first half of the book was a bit slow. The background story of the characters is told in such a way that it is part of the current story. Things are only revealed when they have a meaning for the current situation. While a lot of things happen in the story the books feels like a giant introduction of all the characters and the world and so much more is still coming. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

  8. What a cliffhanger! I knew that Saint loves Fable, I knew! 😀 I can’t wait for the sequel. YA books rarely catch my attention, but Fable made it. That was pretty good!

    Many thanks for this readalong, i really enjoyed it! Hope I can join another one in the future. 🙂

  9. Those last few chapters I was just waiting for something to go wrong ?. I wonder if Isolde is somehow related to Holland (maybe a sister?) and that might be how Zola ran afoul of her by taking Isolde on? That would increase Fable’s worth even more if he could use her to negotiate with Holland in addition to using her against the Marigold crew and Saint.

    I really liked the moment that Fable got with her father at the end though. Thank God we don’t have to wait that long for the sequel ?.


    I still feel like maybe her mom could be around somehow? Idk, but oof the feelings for these last few chapters, her dad, West, her own growth, I loved it all! I need Namesake!

  11. Hello, guys!

    This was my second readalong with FairyLoot and I enjoyed it so much! The book was good, I liked the atmosphere and the way everything was written. It made the world that Adrienne created appear alive and dangerous. A 4 stars read for me as it wasn’t my favourite book, nevertheless.

    We were left with a huge cliff-hanger… I agree with some of your theories! Holland being somehow related to Isolde and Clove being West father would make so much sense. I would love to know more about gem sages in the sequel as I think the power Fable has is so original!

    I also felt West and Fable’s moments a little bit out of the blue, but at the same time I saw the romance between them coming from the beginning. I could feel the chemistry since the beginning, but I think it was poorly executed in the way it went from 0 to 100 in just a couple of chapters. It would’ve been much more natural for them to show they are falling for each other gradually (even if West says he has always been in love).

    I’m excited to read Namesake and solve all of my questions!
    See you around for the next readalong!

    1. This is my first readalong actually, and I really enjoyed this read, too. I also gave it 4 out of five stars as well, and again, it’s because of the pacing of the romance. Yes, it did feel like it went from 0 to 100 like that! I would have loved to see them kiss in his room – maybe a little awkwardly – and then have the longing and worry for each other really develop in the next book.

  12. First, I just have to stay that I really enjoyed this book! I cannot wait for the sequel to see what happens next!

    I will agree with Lucy; I did find West’s treatment of Fable to be weird for this last part of the book. Don’t get me wrong, I think the scene in his room when he talks about his past mistakes (which are a little of a red flag, but at least he is honest) and talking about not wanting to leave her there and counting down the days until he saw her again, was my favorite part. It was written well, and I finally felt like both West and Fable were on the same page. However – while I did like their underwater kiss (Who doesn’t like underwater kisses? Percy and Annabeth made it on every couple’s bucket list!), it did feel like it came out of nowhere and Saint’s warning is a little concerning…

    As for the ending, I did not see Clove coming back, and now I wonder what will be happening with him, but I am not surprised Zola ended up doing something at the end of this! I am excited to see what happens in the next book and to meet Holland! We (the readers) haven’t even met her yet, but I already felt like I’m going to enjoy her as a character, and she’ll live up to her intimidating reputation!

  13. Oh my gosh! What an ending, there may have been some tears.
    But the biggest thing I want to know is if mum is actually alive, the fact that Clove is??? Hmmmmm.

  14. I loved the book and the cliff hanger seriously killed me! The romance was perfect imo, just enough to make you want to know more! I really love when Fable and West dredge together and that that’s when they have their strongest connection (and first kiss). Love the complexity of the characters, I could go on and on!

  15. I loved this book!
    It was so hard to put down, such a fasy read!
    I can’t wait for Namesake.
    I am not really a person that thinks to much on things ? i’ll just see in the next book. But i would love to know more about Saint and Isolde. I hate Saint’s guts but i also have a feeling he did it all with a very good reason. Even though i could NEVER understand how a parent can just abbandon their child.
    And i want more West and Fable! ?

  16. I still have a lot of unanswered questions which hopefully will be answered in book 2. Most of my questions are about Fable’s mother, Saint, Zola and Clove and the dynamic between these four. Also is Holland related to Fable in some way? Grandmother? Aunt?

    I enjoyed this book but I wish it was just a little bit longer and more fleshed out in places. So much build up to getting to the Lark & then we are only there for about 2 pages? Pretty sure diving ship wrecks for treasure takes days or even weeks. Also are Fable and West fish people? Because I think I can hold my breath underwater for about 5 seconds.

  17. Loved the book. Read it in one sitting.. So well written.. And that cliff hanger?? Why?? Why did he betray her father? How did he find her? Did west betray her? What did her father mean when he warned her about West?… So many questions

  18. Fell a little behind but I just finished.
    Hmmmm… like I am intrigued but not hooked with this one. A lot of the plot seemed predictable or forced (what is with West’s sudden declaration of love?!). Saying that, the relationship with Saint and Fable was fascinating!! The pull of the book for me.
    I am intrigued as to what is going to happen with Zola and Clove. So I will definitely consider reading the next one.

    1. It really did seem kinda weird that part with West!

  19. That can’t be the end ? that’s not satisfying at all!
    I’m happy that Fable and West are finally together and that Fabel met her father one last time to say Goodbye but i don’t like the cliffhanger
    So many questions. And they better be answered in Namesake. I want to go on reading. And see Zola deep down by the fishs ???

    1. The part about Zola??

  20. I finished this book yesterday and I loved it. The way the background stories were told only when it had meaning. The new found family. The slow burn romance between West and Fable was perfect imo. The strange father daughter relationship, but perfect goodbye. And that cliffhanger! You are kinding me right!

    Saint never said Clive died, just that he was gone. Fable assumed that he died, but what if he could never forgive Saint for leaving Fable on that Island and that was the reason that he left him. That as soon as he heard she was here, he went looking for her. He asked Zola because he owed him and now he is taking her home to Bastian, to meet her aunt.
    West will go mad and go to Saint for help. He has to know that she didn’t just leave, even though they haven’t seen Zola’s ship. He must know something is wrong.
    I have to read Namesake! I need to know how the story continues.

    Great choice Fairyloot!


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