Finale Readalong: Day 3


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Hi friends!

Can you believe it’s already day three? SO MUCH stuff happens in these chapters today! I cannot wait to hear what you guys think and I can’t believe how much has actually happened in these pages.

Let’s get to chatting!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 19-26 of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Legend still isn’t giving Tella any answers, and I am so feeling her frustration! Whilst I love the mystery that he is, I am dying for answers! Any guesses on what his weakness is yet? I’ve been thinking about it for ages and can’t figure it out. So to get answers Tella is going to Jacks. YES!

Scarlett’s chapters are always so interesting. It feels so great to read about her interacting with Julian – I really love the way that they are and I totally forgot how dreamy Julian is! He’s so caring for Scarlett and their relationship just feels so sweet and tender. I kind of died when he pulled out that old book with the fates and put on those glasses, making him all cute and boyish. We find out that the key the little girl gave Scarlett is probably a fated object – the Reverie Key! It can take the user to any person, and Julian and Tella spend their day going around to different places. I’m so happy they’re mending their relationship!

Tella is now in Jacks’s gambling den, and we meet Mistress Luck and I love the way she is described. She tells Tella that she’s Jacks weakness and to leave, and we also find out that if an immortal falls in love (which is very rare), it turns them mortal if they are in love for long enough. Which has got me thinking, is THAT why Paloma stabbed the Fallen Star at that moment? Because she thought he was in love and therefore mortal?!

Tella also strikes a deal with Jacks, allowing him to enter her dream. I can already tell there is going to be such a conflict between him and Legend, and I am here for it! He also tells her how she might be able to defeat the Fallen Star. At one point, Tella dozes off and Legend AND Jacks are in her dreams and oh boy they are both angry haha. Legend sends her a message to tell her he’s done playing games with her and asks her to meet him inside the Midnight Maze (there was a candle inspired by this in our Finale box!) and I’m not sure I can trust him! When she does meet him there, we find out he wants to make her immortal! 😮  She declines, and whilst they’re in the maze Legend is attacked by the Undead King and Queen, and the maze goes up in smoke. IS LEGEND DEAD?

Scarlett goes to mean Nicolas to tell him the game is over, which is great of her to do but super risky considering everything that’s happening! She gets kidnapped, and she’s going to be taken back to her father. And poor Nicolas has been killed by the Fallen Star. We’re in the middle part of the book now and there is just SO much happening!

What do you guys think of today’s chapters? Are Tella and Legend going to get their happy ending? What is Legend’s weakness?

I cannot wait read chapters 27 – 37 with you tomorrow!

With Love,





  • Jenny

    Omg I was in shock through these chapters! Legend CAN NOT be dead (please). I agree, I think Paloma stabbed the fallen star because she thought he was mortal.

  • Nina Hilden

    I also think that was the reason Paloma stabbed him. There is so much going on in these chapters that I can’t even…
    I hope Legend is not dead…he can’t be.
    I never thought Fallen Star would be Scarlett’s father. That was a total plot twist.
    Can’t wait to read further. I need answers!!!!

  • Abby

    These chapters were an emotional rollercoaster! The Midnight Maze scene was crazy, I’m really glad Tella didn’t let herself get caught up in the fantasy of Legend and instead looked at it realistically. I also understand why Legend would want her to be immortal but it just seemed a bit selfish…
    Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!

  • Beckirey

    Woah! So much going on!

    I agree Paloma must have thought The Fallen Star was in love in that moment, what a relationship they must have had!

    Legend and Jacks both in Tella’s dream was a great moment. I wonder if Jacks has worked out Dante and Legend are the same person, although I’m sure when Legend recovers from death all the Fates will work it out.

    I’m really enjoying meeting all the Fates, they’re all such interesting characters.

    I love all of Scarlett and Julian’s moments. Was not expecting Scarlett to be the Fallen Stars daughter though, what a twist. So both of the sisters have an immortality option! Go Tella though choosing love, hopefully by the end Legend will too (soz Jacks) x

    • Tasmia

      Scarlett being the Fallen Star’s daughter was a verg u expected turn of events. Enjoying everything thats happening so far 🙂
      Love Jacks too ♠️

  • Tasmia

    *very unexpected

  • Ninni ♡

    Now it makes more sense why Paloma sacrifised herself so (in my opinion) carelessly ?
    Scarlett was kidnapped back to her father, but this is not the father we know! So well planned through the whole series, Scarlett has dark hair and Tella has light hair. They may have different fathers ?
    Excited to read what happens next in the love drama between Jacks vs Legend. Poor Nicholas died before we really got to know him :/

  • Ninni ♡

    Ohh btw anyone notice the lady prisoner shares her name with Anissa ??

  • danica.brnot

    So Anissa how does it feel to be Faith this explains all the things that you do you must have super powers
    Uh Legend is soo frustrating it is clear that he cares about Tella but is somehow afraid to let go and than poor Legend gets killed luckily he’s immortal but I love how he protected Tella till the last breath
    Ah Scarlett It’s so nice seeing the tender moment between her and Julian
    And then she gets kidnapped by her feather Fallen Star from one crazy father to the next poor girl at least that explains her powers. Can’t wait to see what will hapoen with her new daddy
    Oh poor Nicholas that is a terrible death
    Oh yea I just loved Tellas dream dress soo gorgeous well at least in my mind
    Lastly I love the candle you put in the box it has got such a unique smell fresh but yet mistirious

  • Aurora Sofie

    So much happened during these chapters but at the same time I feel like it has happened too little compared to how far we have gotten in the book. I can’t wait to find out how it ends but at the same time I really don’t want it to be over!
    I am so excited to fin out what happens tomorrow! I just love the way everything is described in such a magical way and I never want to leave this world<3
    It is such an intriguing book and I almost can't resist putting it down for the evening.

  • Cecilie Tiljevang

    I am so pumped for the potential alpha male battle between Jacks and Lengend.

    I love them both though

  • Victoria

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy this book!

    Every time I finish a chapter I want to read even more, and though my days are pretty busy, I think I’ll manage to finish Finale this weekend.

    Mistress Luck was the ultimate revelation! I believe she told us what Legend’s weakness is by saying that if immortals fall in love, their immortality ceases to be.

    This practically makes it easier for Jacks to win this game and holy cow! I used to hate the Prince of Hearts, but now I love to hate him and for some reason I think I’d choose him over Legend, if it ever comes to that. Unless of course Legend becomes mortal and therefore Legend is actually Dante. In this case, Dante… I’m all yours! ?

    Oh my… I’m stressing!

    I can’t say I felt bad about Nicolas because we didn’t actually learn many things about him, but I’m officially worried about Scarlett!

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