14th December 2018

Skyward Readalong: Day 5

Stunning photo by @acourtofcourtsandquills Welcome back fellow readers! We're on to day 5! And boy, a lot of happens between chapters (Interlude) + 30-36! Let's just jump right into it.... Read more
13th December 2018

Skyward Readalong: Day 4

Wonderful photo by @mayushiibooks Hello Dear FairyLooters! Just wanted to take a quick moment before we get into it to thank you so very much for joining. I can't express... Read more
12th December 2018

Skyward Readalong: Day 3

Stunning photo by @drawingandreading Hello friends! How are you today? How's your week going so far? I absolutely loved reading your thoughts yesterday! Especially all the lovely stories explaining your... Read more
11th December 2018

Skyward Readalong: Day 2

Beautiful photo by @loweonbooks Happy Tuesday! Before we get into this, I got a question for you - what would your callsign be?? I'm dead curious so do let me know!... Read more
10th December 2018

Skyward Readalong: Day 1

Beautiful photo by @br.enda Hello FairyLooters! An official welcome to our very first day of Skyward Readalong. So pumped to have you back, and if this is your first Readalong... Read more
18th November 2018

Girls of Paper and Fire Readalong: Day 4

Photo by @myfriendsarefiction It’s Day 4, baby! It’s the middle of our readalong, can you believe that?? It’s going so fast! Do you have any Sunday traditions? For a while... Read more